Master Necromancer of Grimstone


Mid-30s, though looks older




110 lb


Pale gray

Former Affiliations

Cult of the Damned, the Scourge, Archaemian's Scourge


Master Necromancer

A powerful necromancer obsessed with his art, Xanven is an asset to the Royal Army under Terrien Ashmoor in Grimstone. While prickly and arrogant, his mastery of fleshcrafting is perhaps second to none in Blackmarsh.


Though he is only in his mid-thirties, Xanven's endless experiments have twisted his soul and wasted his body, reducing him to a nebulous state between life and death. Though he breathes, his body is nearly skeletal, and his skin is a sickly gray. His face is marked with tattoos signifying his membership in the Cult of the Damned, and he wears magical robes inscribed with runes that enhance his power over the dead.

Xanven's appearance leaves little doubt as to his profession.

Early LifeEdit

It is known that Xanven was once a mage of Dalaran, and probably born there. While brilliant, with a focus and drive that made him stand out among his peers, Xanven was driven by an unhealthy interest in death magic from an early age, seeing restrictions as invitations.

As a result, Xanven was one of the earliest mages that the disgraced archmage Kel'thuzad whispered to upon his return from Northrend, and he soon joined the budding Cult of the Damned.

Master Necromancer of the ScourgeEdit

The Cult of the Damned made many promises to the downtrodden people of Lordaeron, offering a utopia with the elimination of class, loss, and wealth. Xanven never cared for such promises, however, seeing the Cult as a vehicle to improve his art, and he willingly learned from more experienced traitor mages like Noth and Gothik, adding their knowledge of plagues and necromancy to his own. His greatest gift, however, was in the realm of abominations and fleshcrafting, and he made significant advances to such dark sciences. His method of imbuing wights with intelligence made them useful laboratory aides rather than mere brutes.

Xanven's gifts made him an effective lieutenant, and he trained dozens of Scourge necromancers in his techniques during his time among the Scourge. However, never with any true taste for battle, Xanven fled his ziggurat in the Plaguelands when the Argent Dawn came to destroy it, and had to hide out from his former masters and the growing Argent Crusade for several years.

Under ArchaemianEdit

Years after the Lich King's downfall, Xanven was found by the Lich Lord Archaemian at a small cave in eastern Lordaeron, where the necromancer survived on rats and mushrooms while he continued to practice his arts alone. The lich's forces surrounded the cave, and Archaemian himself entered to speak to Xanven.

The necromancer recognized the lich lord from the Scourge, and realized he had little choice but to aid him. For his part, Archaemian knew Xanven to be something of a coward, but he also knew his skills, and allowed the necromancer to join his coalition as a junior partner.

Xanven's skills helped Archaemian's rogue Scourge army grow, but with the madness of Anub'Azzar and the disastrous battle at Tulloch Hold, Xanven slipped away quietly.

However, after Archaemian's defeat, the occupation force under Terrien Ashmoor found Xanven, and confronted him after destroying most of his undead creations. Tamsyn LaVette and Kalvive Powers offered Xanven a chance to serve Terrien, and the necromancer, unsure of his chances of victory and really just interested in continuing his work, accepted to save his life.

Starkholme and GrimstoneEdit

Xanven transported his work to the temporary Royal Army headquarters of Starkholme. His first request to the field commander, Dame Kalvive, was for not only for more bodies for his necromancy, but for a single strong soul that he could use to guide a nearly finished abomination. After an Argent Crusade unit attacked her in the field, Dame Kalvive handed their captain, Sir Leonus, over to Terrien, who questioned him and looked for ways to spare him, but found the paladin obstinate.

Terrien gave the knight to Xanven, who used Leonus's soul to power his mightiest creation to date, a flesh titan he named Hrimnir. Hrimnir's immense strength proved decisive at the town of the Gryphongate, allowing the Royal forces to divide and seal in the Argent Crusade entirely.

After evacuating Myrwood, Xanven continues his work in Grimstone. Recently, he invented a set of saronite soul conduits to harness the fury of the chaotic souls at the old battlefield of Honor's Point.

War with the Argent CrusadeEdit

When the Argent Crusade invaded River's Eye and Myrwood, Xanven was largely kept back from the front lines, but when a rotting disease spread in Grimstone, he analyzed it and offered a weapon against the Crusade's Forsaken allies.

Xanven traveled to the front to unleash a concentrated form of the disease against the Forsaken at the Battle of Blue Harbor, causing grievous damage.

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