Wolcott James Throckmorton-Viers (also known as "Wolcott T. Viers," "Wolcott Viers," or simply "Mr. Viers") is the primary valet within the Bayne Estate.  One of the few men to be found within Baneridge, he occupies a spot of particular favor under Lady Bayne's care.  As there are not many men to be found in the state, his primary duties as a valet are not readily discernible though the confidence his lady places within him seems to be without question.

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

Mr. Viers is a very pale and fragile looking man.  With severe cheekbones, a pointed chin, and a prominent and almost hawkish nose, his disposition at a glance might be one of severe condescending though when he speaks it is not infrequent that a smile finds his lips, almost as though his mind and body are not congruent with one another. His hair is waved and parted at the middle.  An impeccable dresser, his every button and latch is well polished and maintained. 

Something of a milquetoast, he leaves little impression upon many and seems to quite enjoy that.

Brief ExplanationEdit

Mr. Viers was the first attempt that Edevyn Bayne made toward combining a spirit of the dead with a recently deceased person.  The advances in the Reaper Program can invariably be tied back to the successful combination of a shade captured during the mapping of Blackmarsh's leylines, and the demise of Waltyr Trench.

Mr. Viers does not appear to share any memories with his host and instead, fawns specifically over his creator whenever he might.  He has often been sent as an envoy between herself and those potentially hostile to her.  Quite unlike the reapers, he also appears to lack much combat ability and serves almost entirely in diplomatic roles. 

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