Willhelm Stokeswood was a Lord of Silverstone. During his rule, Everbright was engulfed in a civil war that lasted for years. He is considered one of the worst lords of his House by traditional History. He became known as Willhelm the Reckless.


Willhelm was greatly spoiled during childhood by his lord-father, Ulrich Stokeswood. As a result, he grew into an irritating and easy to slight man. It was said there was no easier feat than making Willhelm lose his temper.

Despite that, he had a good mind for warfare and a natural strategical acumen.  

The warEdit

For more information: Everbright Civil War

It was during Willhelm's reign that House of Clatter achieved the peak of its power. Eventually, the war broke out between the two prominent forces in Everbright. 

Lord Vincent Clatter exploited the well known impatience and recklessness of the Lord of Silverstone, successfully baiting him to a war.

In spite of inferior numbers and technology, Lord Willhelm proved to be a competent commander. His House suffered heavy losses in the first period of the war, but through trickery and coordination with his son Jakob, he made sure Vincent's forces sustained great damage.

Willhelm eventually met his end on the hasty retreat from the battle at Vanderholde, with the hopes his son had brought doom to Norveau's Plateau, seat of House of Clatter.

A new visionEdit

Willhelm is usually spoken as the worst head of House of Stokeswood. However, revisionist historians have been questioning this fact as of late.

No one questions the fallen lord's recklessness. Nevertheless, they claim the weakened state of the House was not entirely his fault, but rather a collection of sucessive bad administrations. These scholars point out Willhelm's father, Ulrich Stokeswood, as an example of overconfidence in the family's tradition and idleness.

Additionally, the defenders of Willhelm cite that Jakob only had enough leverage to bring about the end of the war at favorable terms because of his father's ideas to lure the House of Clatter's host out of Norveau's Plateau.

Independently of which side is correct, there is no doubt the debate has raised up many interesting questions of Everbright ancient history.

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