Containment of the Forsaken


War in the North


The Draenor Offensive

War of the Light

Spring 30 B.P.


Winter 31 B.P.


Greater Ebontide Region.


Royal Army victory.

Major battles

[W] Battle of Silverlight Point
[E] Battle of the Weeping Forest
[W] Blockade of Blue Harbor
[W] Battle of Oaksfall Tower
[W] Siege of Oaksfall Tower
[E] Second Siege of Tulloch
[W] Battle of Blue Harbor
[W] Battle of Kynessa
[E] Battle of the Maneater Tower
[W] Siege of White Haven
[E] Battle of the Broken Tower
[W] Siege of Silverligt Keep
[E] Siege of Stranglehold
[W] Battle of the Ebontide
[W] The Night of Three Terrors
[E] Battle of the Raging Hollow
[W] Ambush at Marshlight
[E] Battle of Willowwood


Royal Army

Argent Crusade

Allies of the Royal Army

Allies of the Argent Crusade


Viktor Romel
Paul Beauregard
Edevyn Bayne
Kauthryn Roland
Marjorie Galawain
Khas Smythe
Aldaim Ward
Harold Hargrave
Terrien Ashmoor
Rhosmera Evethier
William Glendover
Orazio Garibald
Asmarjine il-Azathor

Jackson Benedictus
Braxton Hughes
Calder Rothary
Harriet Clayton
Garston Susan
Murdoch Hill
Jonas Mitchell
Gwendolyn Galawain
Pierre Vicieux
Brooke Presley
Madison Janesworth

Godryc Northwold
Velana Dawnwhisper
Malcolm Westmoreland
Angethad Blazehammer
Brjynna Odek

Admiral Fiske
Owynn Trueflame
Crown Knights

The War of the Light (also known as "the War of Argent Aggression" and "the Ascension of the Crown") was a war fought between the forces of Queen Madelynne I and the Argent Crusade.  It took place during the year of 30-31 AP (6 Q.C) and lasted the duration of two years, in which time more lives were lost in the contest than in two of the preceding wars.  Though initially sparked as a conflict between the Argent Crusade and Lordaeron, eventually the Scourge-Forsaken alliance birthed by Commander Chillings and Lich-Lord Archaemian divided the Lordaeronian forces.

The aftermath of the war was a devastating one, seeing the creation of the splinter, Silver Fist and greatly weakening the Crown's immediate control within the Greater Ebontide Region.  Despite this, Lordaeron is considered the victor of the war, largely because it solidified its borders even at the cost of a great many lives.   The renegade Crown Knights were also present for several fights and led an offense against Dawnholde. 

Victory was eventually obtained through a series of alliances being called upon and the return of Queen Madelynne to the field following the decisive Battle of the Willowwood.   Because the war was such a large endeavor, it is often broken down into the "Western Front", pertaining to territories west of the Ebontide (River's Eye, primarily) and the "Eastern Front" (Myrwood and Crownwood specifically).  Although the War in the North could also be considered part of the war if Jonas Mitchell's machinations hold true, it is largely not considered part of the same campaign as it dealt with a separate continent. 


Since first her sovereignty was declared, the showdown between Argents and the former Scarlets was destined to occur.  Regardless of her past affiliations, Queen Madelynne represented an uncontrollable asset in the north and Tirion Fordring, certain that she would invite discord became wary of her presence.  Proxy battles were fought between the two sides, but their animosities came to a head following the Massacre of Gryphongate, where Royal Army soldiers butchered Argents in the wake of a hotly contested battle.  In the battle, Marigold Susan, the adoptive sister to future Silver Fist commissar, Garston Susan, was killed brutally. 

Apologists for the Crown state that the Royal Army's forces had no choice to defend themselves, citing the aggressive posturing and intentions of the Argents as provocation for battle.  Regardless of whose fault the attack was, however, the massacre when revealed to the court was devastating.  Several harsh punishments were delivered by King Prestor, who had taken the helm of the war in his wife's absence as she searched for the heir to Highpass.  Despite these harsh punishments though, the Argents placed forth a list of demands that would have spelled the effective end of the burgeoning kingdom.  Unwilling to relent in the face of them, King Prestor dispatched a delegation to see if the demands might not be lessened but though a stirring effort was made it was all for naught.  While uncertain of the decision for war, Commander Benedictus declared it necessary to heed Hearthglen's words and set forth on the offensive.


Battle of Silverlight Point (Western Front)Edit

Battle of the Weeping Forest (Eastern Front)Edit

Battle of Oaksfall Tower (Western Front)Edit

Siege of Oaksfall Tower (Western Front)Edit

Second Siege of Tulloch (Eastern Front)Edit

Blockade of Blue Harbor (Western Front)Edit

Battle of Blue Harbor (Western Front)Edit

Battle of Kynessa (Western Front)Edit

Battle of the Maneater Tower (Eastern Front)Edit

Siege of White Haven (Western Front)Edit

Battle of the Broken Tower (Eastern Front)Edit

Siege of Silverligt Keep (Western Front)Edit

Siege of Stranglehold (Western Front)Edit

Battle of the Ebontide (Western Front)Edit

The Night of Three Terrors (Western Front)Edit

Battle of the Raging Hollow (Eastern Front)Edit

Ambush at Marshlight (Western Front)Edit

Battle of Willowwood (Western Front)Edit


By the war's end, the Argent Crusade was forced to consider further investment into the region or withdrawing.  With morale far from broken in the Royal Army as the queen returned, Commander Benedictus made the decision to surrender his command.  He defected to the Royal Army, was made Count of River's Eye, and his men used to restore order in the region.

Queen Madelynne, having discovered the heir to Highpass in her travels, saw Caerwyn Trueflame elevated to the position of heir, which greatly restored order in Highpass.  The Ebontide was bloodied and exhausted; however, the Royal Army's actions was a boon to the feeling of security the people felt within it.  Many forgot or forgave the incident at Gryphongate and the whole of the land was, momentarly, placed at ease.  

Unfortunately, the arrival of the Iron Horde saw the peace short-lived.  Madelynne dispatched her husband and several veteran champions into the portal, beginning the Draenor Offensive. 

Because of the great deal of suffering and the lack of concern that the nobility seemed to show on both sides, Harriet Clayton took it upon herself to declare the nobility a tool of past corruptions.  Along with those that had fought primarily in the Eastern Front she formed the Silver Fist, a group dedicated to erradicating injustice wherever it might be found.

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