Viktor Romel,

Duke of the Grasp



Duke of the Grasp
Master of Law


The Queen's Justice
The Queen's Hound
Commander of the
Queen's Gilnean Legion

Date of Birth

05 B.P.


Lordaeron Peerage
Queen's Council
Queen's Gilnean Legion
Brotherhood of the Flame
Underworld of Stormwind
Company of the Golden Hand
Gilnean Loyalists

Previous Titles

Governor of Stranglehold
Lord-Steward of River's Eye




New Blood


Rose Eveligh (Spouse)


Godric Otto Romel

Viktor Romel is the Duke of the Grasp and the first lord of the House of Romel. Born a baker’s son to a Gilnean man and his wife, his blood is common through and through and his birth low. Initially, it was Gilneas he fought for and served from the age of sixteen and onward until - as fate would have it - his nation and fell and his people were displaced.

Both his foreign nature and his low birth have been a topic of contention and criticism from nobility and the commoners of Her Majesty’s kingdom alike, though few have ever had the gall to voice such to the Queen or the man himself. Despite this, however, his people have found a solid and secure position within the Grasp and the kingdom, with the Legion’s achievements heard far and wide throughout the realm.

A veteran of a great many wars waged in the name of Lordaeron and the betterment of Her Majesty’s kingdom, there are those who could criticize the man for his actions in war and the brutality of his leadership. In truth, there have been a great many times where despite the cost he has done what he had to in order to see his men to victory. No matter his questionable morality, however, there is little room for argument that Viktor Romel has not done all he can for his duty and his queen.

In the midst of the War of the Light, Viktor Romel wed Rosie Josanna Eveligh - a confidant of Her Majesty’s - as a means of settling the discord of the people through their union.


With copper hair cropped short and a thick, full beard both graced by occasional grooming, the duke is a moderately handsome - if not rough - man of slowly aging features, though ballads have never praised him for his comeliness. The somber blue of his eyes have dulled over the years to an almost steeled gray. Though his features have been worn by time and often show his years, a strong jaw and a healthy, ruddy hue ascribe some hint of youthful vigor to the man.

Though smaller in stature than most of Her Majesty's champions, there is a thickness to his frame that leaves Viktor Romel most describable as stocky. With a broad chest and a build molded by war, though decidedly shorter, his lethality in combat is borne from what strength he does possess and the skill gained from years of combat. Though strong still, he has doubtlessly felt the building weight of battles both won and lost take its toll.


Art by Macbethoff.






Art by Rhosmera.




Art by Kelzack.




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