Vance II Pendleton


House of Pendleton


Brianna Pendleton


Prestor Falomyr


6 Q.C.
31 A.P.

Vance II Pendleton is the heir-apparent of the duchy of Blackwood and the first born son of Brianna Pendleton. Though the duchess's late husband, Ferric Falomyr, is officially recognized as his father, he is in fact an illegitimate child sired by Prestor Falomyr during Madelynne I's campaign to find the true heir of Highpass.

The truth of his lineage is a closely guarded secret.

History Edit

Vance II Pendleton was born in the last winter month of the Queen's calendar in Dawnhaven's Secluded Gardens. The birth was long, difficult and painful for his mother, who refused the comforts of all but a single devoted midwife, but was free of life threatening complications. His health and heartiness, even for a babe, was remarked fondly upon when Lady Brianna finally allowed her chambers to be entered so that she might be given but an hour to rest.

Shortly after Lady Brianna was sent away from Blackmarsh to parley with the kingdom of Alterac, he was afflicted with a strain of the Black Lotus then traversing her province that prompted the Queen to leave Dawnhaven so that she might care for him. Vance spent much of his time recovering in her company while ill and developed an attachment to her that did not see him far from her arms.

Though it is not certain how the Queen feels about him, her loving and attentive care has all but designated her as his mother in his young mind during Lady Brianna's absence.

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