Taking the Trinity was a term for accepting the Three Virtues as the guide to absolution and purity. Although not everyone that fought in the Grand Crusade accepted the Trinity, it was believed that they warded off harm and protected from the Plague.

Champions of the Grand Crusade

Crusader Queen:

Madelynne I

Crusader Lords:

Lord Nikephoros Coldsorrow
Lord Throstan Andro
Lord Jothaem Albrecht
Lady Lilandriel Neville
Lord Lurvantis Sunwhisper
Lady Rennali Sunwhisper
Lord Jorn Buzan

Crusader Knights:

Sir Aelrid Borrel
Sir Alladarn Swiftmantle
Sir Aldaim Ward
Sir Malak Dawnfire
Sir Karob Colting
Sir Viktor Romel
Dame Catelynne Mallister
Sir Jeremaes of Strahnbrad
Sir Dorick the Steadfast


Isaelin Llyric
Menedi Lutherman

The Crusader Champions were broken into groups depending on the number of soldiers they brought with them and their organizational relevance.

The act itself was bestowed by Crusader Queen Madelynne I when it was that she painted the forehead of each crusader with a triangle symbolizing the Three Virtues. Though the prayer often changed slightly, they were indicated primarily as follows:

1. Have the Respect necessary to fight in the name of the Light and man; to never think of straying from the righteous path as to do so would be to disgrace one's brothers and sisters in combat.
2. Have the Tenacity to overcome the enemy, no matter how numerous and fierce he may be. Insurmountable odds face the Grand Crusade, but it shall be the wrath of the righteous that brings them to their knees. Mediocrity has no place within this collective, as the enemy's strength in numbers will never stop the pious' ascension.
3. Have the compassion within your soul to bring to an end the suffering of those for so long lost in shadow. It is not to be with hatred and rage that the Forsaken are stricken down, but rather the love of a sibling that would see their afflicted brother or sister brought to a merciful end.

The painting was depicted with the Blood of Fallen Heroes, held by Lady Rose Eveligh during the anointings. When it came time for Queen Madelynne's anointing, she poured what remained over herself and declared that for however long it was she lived, those that had died before her would be remembered and honored with her every action.

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