Lord Throstan Andro
The Spellbreaker

Viscount of Ravenwood








Viscount of Ravenwood
Patriarch of the House of Andro


The Spellbreaker


Order of the Silver Hand
Kingdom of Lordaeron Restored
House of Andro



Immediate relatives

Alexandros Andro (Father)
Mary Andro(Mother)
Alekander Andro(Eldest brother)
Mikhal Andro(Bastard younger brother)
Jon Sparrow(Bastard younger brother)
Aldwin Sparrow(Nephew)
Bathor Sparrow(Youngest bastard son)


House of Currington
House of Solarus
House of Ceyne(Defunct)
House of Atkinson(Defunct)

Throstan Andro reigns over the Viscounty of Ravenwood, owing fealty to the Kingdom of Lordaeron Restored He inherited the Viscounty of Ravenwood from Alekander Andro upon his death and has served with many Alliance factions and organizations.

NOTE: Throstan Andro is going to go under heavy reconstruction. I'm going to rework his backstory, but major parts should be relatively the same.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Throstan stands at approximately 6’ 2” off the ground, at approximately 237 pounds of a combination of fat and muscle. His build is muscular; average for a Knight of his stature. He’s not bulging or rippling with muscle, but he keeps himself trim.

Throstan has features that indicate that he’s of Lordaeronian descent, and due to his noble lineage, he has rather good features when compared to the smallfolk of Lordaeron. His crimson hair and beard is well kept; his hair goes down to just above his shoulders, and his beard is kept from growing too long. A black headband, which is signature to him, is always around his forehead, no matter the circumstance.

If one were to find Throstan shirtless, they find that he is no stranger to battle. He has many smaller wounds, which one might find on a Knight. Small scars from swords, axes, arrows, and minor spells have all tested his body, and he’s managed to pull through. The worst of the scars was a burn that is approximately 1 inch wide, moving from his left shoulder down to his right hip, and up halfway his back moving back to his left shoulder.


Under construction

Weapons, Armor, and TomeEdit

Throstan's weapons and armor are all crafted by the blacksmiths of the Dwarven House of Lightbeard. Their craftsmenship is typically recognizable.


Throstan has three weapons which he carries with him.

The first and most recognizable weapon is the Claymore Talon. It has been in Throstan's family a generation after the official founding of the House of Andro and has been passed down to each Count of Ravenwood after that. Throstan has never parted with the claymore, and has been adamant never to leave it behind on the battlefield, claiming that if Talon is lost, so is the House of Andro.

The second is his longsword. Throstan carries it on his left hip, indicating that he is right handed. It is meant to be used either with or without a shield, and it is one of two weapons he has on him no matter what he wears.

The third is a recently crafted weapon. It is a dagger made of bronze with golden lettering in Draenic that says: "RIGHTEOUS" and with a garnet in the pommel. It was made by his sole Draenei friend Suvarii.


Throstan has used several sets of armor.

His first real set of armor was a set of armor that was given to him when he became a full brother of the Templars. It was a set of simple black plate with gold trim. On the armor were various runes that were actived by using a seal, to which Throstan called 'sealing his armor'. Once he activated a Seal, the runes on his armor would begin to glow with the Holy Light. He had three runs that served as auxiliary for when he used up his own power, two runes for interrupting spells, three runes for warding and negating, and one rune on his shield for reflecting a spell.

His second set of armor was a set of armor given to him when he became a Knight of the Silver Hand. It was a generic set of plate and chainmail with blue shoulderpads. It was meant to match with his Tabard of the Silver Hand. He only wore it during the Civil War in Stromgarde and the Reclamation of Ravenwood.

His last set of armor was made as a gift from the Dwarves of House Lightbeard. They spent many months on the armor for the reclamation of Ravenwood and the Dwarves' role in it as a reminder of the friendship between the House of Lightbeard and the House of Andro. The armor was black with gold trim, but much more intricate and durable than his Templar set of armor. A shield was also made in conjunction of the armor, which holds the House of Andro's Coat of Arms.

Tome of the RighteousEdit

The Tome of the Righteous is forever chained to Throstan's belt on his right hip. It is a rather large, leatherbound tome with a faded Scarlet Crusade insignia in the background with the words 'TOME OF THE RIGHTEOUS' over it. It was a Tome that was written by Sir Alekander Andro and his small cavalry detachment. Every member of the regiment added an entry, with Alekander having the last entry(resulting in a total of thirty-six entries).

It was written during the time of the Scarlet Crusade and was blessed three times over by several Chaplains and Priests. It emanates a small amount of Holy Light, and is capable of healing very minor wounds.

Early life and ChildhoodEdit

Throstan was born the second and last legitimate son of Alexandros Andro. He was born in the Capital City rather than traditional Ravenwood. Until the age of ten he was raised in Ravenwood. He was given a very good education; he excelled in reading, writing, and arithmetic when compared to his peers. At ten, he was sent to the Silver Hand Chapter of Lordaeron in order to start his training as a Paladin.

Because of his Silver Hand training, Throstan became very pious and idealistic. He would very often spend many nights reading about the theology of the Holy Light and its champions, and various Saints. Some said that he would've made a better priest had it not been for Sir Erren Clarke, who drilled Throstan eveyr day in order to increase his martial prowess.

Throstan was not at the top of his class when he was knighted and became a full-fledged Paladin. There were much better and more pious men than he. As a gift, Alexandris gave him the Andro family blade: a two-handed claymore made from black steel named Talon. While it usually went to heir to Ravenwood (which at the time was Alekander, Throstan's older brother), ALekander had said "Give it to Throstan. My weapon is the sword and shield. I have no need for a two-handed sword."

At the age of nineteen, Throstan decided to travel the Eastern Kingdoms.

The Spellbreaker and The Templars of the LightEdit

Throstan's world travels and Silver Hand training colored his vision when it came to mages.

A year into his travels, he had met a mage of the Stromgarde Circle of Magi named Eulilia Chetwood. At first, their meeting was contentious: the two had starkly different viewpoints and philosophies. Despite this, they became fast friends and eventually lovers. Eulilia wasn't noble born, but was a very powerful mage with a moderate rank in the Stromgarde Circle of Magi. Little to Throstan's knowledge, Eulilia had been dabbling in the Dark Arts. When it was discovered that she had been researching and practicing the Dark Arts, she fled. Throstan was tasked to finding her and bringing her to justice, much to his dismay.

When Throstan found Eulilia, she begged him to let her go and live in the mountains where she wouldn't bother anyone. When he refused, quoting his duty, she threatened to expose that they had been lovers which would put a black mark on Throstan's reputation. Appalled that the person he loved would blackmail him, they began a duel. The duel was hard fought for Throstan, but he eventually subdued the rogue mage. Rather than immediately reporting back to Stromgarde and coupled with his grief that she betrayed him, he burned Eulilia alive.

He returned Eulilia's ashes to the Stromgarde Circle of Magi and vowed that he would not allow another rogue wizard to remain alive to hurt anyone else. He began learning and developing his own techiques for countering mages, attaining knowledge in the Kirin Tor and various Circles of Magi across the Kingdoms. In order to practice these techniques, he began to hunt down all the rogue magi across the Kingdoms.

This period lasted ten years and Throstan began popularly known as "The Spellbreaker" among his peers. When Lordaeron fell, he became a powerful counter to the Warlocks and Necromancers of the Scourge and the Burning Legion. When the Kirin Tor fell to the Legion, Throstan fled to Ironforge. After the Third War, he continued to travel the Eastern Kingdoms to hunt down the various Cult of the Damned covens. He had a small band of Lordaeron and Stromgarde Silver Hand Paladins who were either rescued or joined Throstan. They became known as The Templars of the Light.

Throstan regularly wrote to his older brother, Alekander Andro, who had joined the Scarlet Crusade. A few months after the War in Northrend, Alekander stopped responding to Throstan's letters. The Templars went their seperate ways and Throstan went south to Stormwind to investigate Alekander's silence.

The House of AndroEdit

The First RegimentEdit

Throstan's first goal was to find out exactly what had happened to his brother, Alekander Andro. They freqeuently wrote to each other since they were twelve, and the last letter he had received, he had written that he had sworn the House's fealty to a Viscountess by the name of Madelynne Albrecht I , with Ryordan Landis and Erren Clarke with him.

He arrived at Westbrook Keep, to which he found Lord-Marshal Maxen Montclair and the First Regiment. The first logical choice in his investigation, he met with the Lord-Marshal and two other knights that knew his elder brother very well: Sir Aliaes Lamente and Sir Ismond Laldere. From this point, the Lord-Marshal told him much, as did Sir Ismond Laldere.

They told him that Alekander and his two retainers died in the North, and that Ismond came across Alekander's hawk and Tome -- the Tome of the Righteous -- but they did not immediately tell him how how they came across such a Tome or the hawk. Maxen told Throstan that everything would be revealed in time, but their upcoming campaign would have to come first. Throstan made a deal with the Lord-Marshal. With his skills as a Templar and Witch-Hunter, he would aid the First Regiment and they would tell Throstan the details of Alekander's death.

Throstan aided the First Regiment in various campaigns in the Kingdom of Stormwind: The first was the Stranglethorn Campaign. He met various people in which he would become friends with for a long time: The Duchess Rennali Sunwhisper, Sir Ismond Laldere, Tinuvial Lacroix, Joelarshan, Duchess Hellissa Brisby, Kelric Stoneshield, and many others.

He was eventually told the circumstances of Alekander's undeath, along with that of his retainers. He was given the Tome of the Righteous and during the campaign in the Barrens, he left the service of the First Regiment with his retainers: Sir Aelrid Borrell, Sir Harkeion Havenport, and Dame Ofillia Delligatti.

Civil War in StromgardeEdit

Throstan and his three retainers began to build up Throstan's personal retinue. Throstan began to accept his lordship, which he began to consolidate his power among his vassals. Gaining a new vassal, the House of Borrell, he began to seek alliances amongst the Houses of other Kingdoms, such as the Arathi houses of Ravenshadow and Ouestrelin.

During this person, Queen Madelynne Albrecht I returned from Lordaeron in a successful campaign. While he inquired d of his brother, he did not reswear the oath of fealty to her right away. He was hesitant, meeting a few of her sworn swords such as Lord Jorn Buzan and Sir Jeremaes Edrickton.

He was called by the House of Ouestrelin to aid in the rising tensions of Stromgarde. The letters between the Lord's hand, Sir Binor Dungalion, claimed that a Duke was claiming to be the King of Stormgarde. Things were starting to get heavy and soon swords would be drawn.

Throstan and his small retinue went to Stromgarde, only to find themselves embracing a civil war. Throstan called the forces of one of his vassals, Lord Dervon Currington, but his forces and the combined Arathi forces alone. On the eve of the first battle, Lord Jorn Buzan and many members of the Brotherhood of the Flame came to Stromgarde, telling that they were here to aid the loyalist forces.

In all reality, Jorn's men were there to show that they would aid those lords in Lordaeron that required it. With the Brotherhood of the Flame at their side, the loyalist forces and their allies decimated the Stromgarde rebels and the Mad Duke. The final battle of Avenford's Hill was the largest of said battles, and saw the destruction of the Duke's forces. He was eventually executed.

Throstan and the rest of his vassals swore fealty to Queen Madelynne Albrecht not long after that.

House of OathbreakersEdit

A few months after the Civil War in Stromgarde was ended, the pact between House Ouestrelin and House Andro began to wane. Throstan began to gather his allies and prepare for the campaign that would reclaim the Viscounty of Ravenwood. Gaining the support of the Dwarven House of Lightbeard and the Stromgarde House of Havenport, Throstan called upon the House of Ouestrelin to honor the pact and prepare for a campaign to retake Ravenwood from the Forsaken.

After talks with Lord Ouestrelin and his hand, Sir Binor Dungalion, it was made known that Lord Ouestrelin did not support the self-styled Queen of Lordaeron. They would not take the field if they were going to be retaking land in the name of Queen Madelynne I. This strained alliance between the two Houses, and future talks were scheduled.

Unfortunately, those talks never took place. A confrontation took place between Throstan and a knight of the House Ouestrelin. When Throstan and his retainer, Sir Aelrid Borrel attempted to defend thier liege lord, the knight of House Ouestrelin intercepted and drew steel. He threatened to attack the two men if they did not put their swords away. Just for any attack took place, Queen Madelynne ordered Lord Throstan and Sir Aelrid to calm and put down their weapons.

Throstan called on Lord Ouestrelin for reparations for the knight's actions, asking monetary and military support for the campaign to retake Ravenwood and for the the kngiht to be stripped from his knighthood. After the Lord's Hand and Lord Ouestrelin refused Throstan demands, Throstan sent Mikhal Andro and his company of thugs to attack House Ouestrelin in their lands. The surprise attacks took place a few weeks before the campaign of Ravenwood began, and the military conflict ended when many House Ouestrelin soldiers were dead.

The Reclamation of RavenwoodEdit

After the conflict with House Ouestrelin, MIkhal and his Black Company were sent to lay siege to the port city of Light's Crossing. After a week of travel through Stormgarde and Hillsbrad, they arrived and began to lay siege to the port city. Mikhal and his Black Company were there as distractions. While he and his two-hundred men assaulted the walls and gates, Throstan, along with Lord Currington's men, his personal retinue, and with ships from the Stromgardian House of Havenport landed in the port itself. Finally, with the Forsaken garrison were a group of Blood Elves who were troops sent by Lord Ryorith Solarus to "reinforce" the Forsaken garrisons in Ravenwood, when in actuality they were sent to betray each of the garrisons as they were being sieged.

The city of Light's Crossing was taken within one week. After the Dwarven Lord Lightbeard arrived with a force of almost two-hundred Dwarves, Throstan split his force in two. Lord Currington's men, Throstan's retinue, and an assorted group of mercenaries, Bloodfang Worgen, and Scarlet Crusaders (led by Alladran the Blackwolf) moved to siege the Barony of Ravenwood while Havenport, Lightbeard, and the Black Company went to siege Woodsdale. The Barony of Blackvale was to be taken by a force of Solarus Elves and Lord Borrell's men, and reinforce the siege of Ravenwood.

The Forsaken commander, a Dreadguard by the name of Sir Fleetwood, led the garrisons of both Ravenwood and Blackvale to meet Throstan in the field. He left behind a skeletal force, and took with him eight abominations, ten meatwagons, and a mixture of crossbow and dreadguard. They received "reinforcements" of almost two-hundred more Dreadguard, led by Sir Alekander Andro. The entire force numbered more than eight hundred Forsaken.

The two forces met on a field where the House of Andro and the House of Fleetwood were to do battle several generations before for soveriegnty of Ravenwood. With Lord Currington taking the left, and the ragtag forces of Alladran the Blackwolf on the right, it was up to Throstan and his retinue to bring up the middle.

The battle was grueling. Lord Currington's retinue stood strong against the Forsaken onslaught, while the right flank broke the Forsaken towards the middle of the battle. Unfortunately, the middle of the battle was where the Forsaken Commander Fleetwood focused his troops. Towards the end of the battle, Throstan took a grevious wound and Sir Aelrid Borrel, known as The Gryphon, took command of Throstan's Honor Guard and the rest of his forces and managed to halt the beginning of a rout. The Magnificent Seven were decimated, but the forces managed to hold on long enough for the Elves and men of Lords Borrell and Solarus to take the field behind the Forsaken. It was also at this point where the faux Dreadguard reinforcements led by Sir Alekander Andro revealed their true colors. They were the last remaining Remnants, a group of Scarlet Undead who had been taking revenge upon the Forsaken several months prior.

The battle was won, but Sir Aelrid Borrell and five others of the Magnificent Seven perished.

Order of the Golden HawkEdit


The Grand Master with two Ordermen

The Rise of the OrderEdit

A few months after Ravenwood was reclaimed, Throstan and the last remaining member of the Magnificent Seven, Sir Branor the Bold, went back to Stormwind with Alladran the Blackwolf and Ofillia Delligatti. There they created the Order of the Gold Hawk, whose main purpose was to begin a new crusade and protect Ravenwood from the Forsaken. The intention was to create a knightly order for the men of Ravenwood to call their own, who looked up to Sir Alekander Andro and Sir Aelrid Borrell as their exemplars.

The Order was very selective in who it recruited. Only Humans, Dwarves, High Elves, and Worgen were allowed in the ranks. All other races, along with any sellswords, were brought in under the guidance of the hedge knight, Sir Hershel.

The Order saw great gains and victories. It participated in campaigns across Pandaria and Lordaeron, and gained the respect of many men and women. It opened chapters in Ironforge, Stormwind, and Stromgarde, which saw many recruits into the Order.

The Order TodayEdit

A few months after an assault on Woodsdale by The Dawnfury Concordant, Throstan close the chapters in all Kingdoms but Lordaeron. Many Ordermen took this as an abandonment by Throstan, and promptly left the Order in pursuit of other secular Orders. The rest of the Golden Hawk became part of Throstan's personal retinue and now serves as an elite cavalry divison for the forces of Ravenwood. They now are known by many as 'The Golden Templars', and continue to serve Ravenwood. They operate out of Fort Ironjaw.

Current ActivitesEdit

Throstan took the opportunity that the Horde Civil War presented to attack and secure resources in HIllsbrad and Gilneas. After the Horde Civil War, the Forsaken began to take back the gains of that Ravenwood soldiers worked so hard to secure, and have now cut off Ravenwood from any ground support. Naval activies continue to dominate all of Ravenwood's trade, and the Viscounty enjoys some security, as all the major passes that lead into Ravenwoood are blocked by either a Barony or a Fort.

Throstan remains silent to Blackmarsh.


Throstan committed suicide a few months after his permenant return to Ravenwood. He had never been truly happy in inheriting Ravenwood upon his brother's death and felt as if his life was spiraling out of control too much. He began to drink heavily and eventually decided that he no longer wished to live. He revealed it to no one, and after he sent Ofillia Delligatti and her Blackguard to assassinate Mikhal Andro, his legitimized bastard brother, he shot himself in his office.


  • Changed 'Edber Sparrow' to 'Aldwin Sparrow'. Also, I changed from bastard son to nephew.

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