The Elementium Order


300 years BCE

Grand Master

Balni Stonehaft




The Grand Alliance

The Elementium Order is an unofficial order of blacksmiths who have made their names by forging weapons with the use of the once rare elementium ore. The order once only contained Dwarves, but after the Second War began to take on Gnomes, Humans, and High Elves. It now accepts all races of the Grand Alliance, along with other individuals from races outside of the Alliance, so long as they pledge themselves firstly to the Order and the Alliance.

While the Elementium Order was founded on the mastery of blacksmithing with elementium, over time the Order expanded with working with other materials, such as Arcanite, Khorium, or any other rare materials.



Gaining MembershipEdit

Gaining membership into the Elementium Order requires a background in blacksmithing. The candidate must apprentice under an adept, artisan, or master of the Order. The candidate must be chosen solely at the discretion of a master, artisan, or adept and sometimes a proving is necessary in order to show the candidate has the potential to improve up to the standards of the order is necessary.

As soon as the candidate is chosen and passes the proving, the candidate becomes an apprentice. The amount of time that an apprentice will train with his mentor is solely based on how fast and well the apprentice learns. The shortest amount of time that someone has been an apprentice was achieved by Balni Stonehaft, who apprentice for six months before achieving mastery of elementium.

During the apprenticeship, the mentor and apprentice will forge several elementium weapons together. Over time, the mentor will impress a style of blacksmithing upon his apprentice, but encourages the apprentice for create his own style.

The apprenticeship ends with the forging of an elementium weapon. It is a ritual knowing as The Watching, where the apprentice takes command of a team of blacksmiths to forge his or her own elementium weapon. The mentor must be silent towards the apprentice, giving no advice or guidance during the forging. Once The Watching is complete, the apprentice gains the rank of Adept.


Grand Master - Leader of the Order. Elected by the Council and typically leads for life. The Grand Master must have a specialization in Elementium Smithing.

Master - Elite member of the Order. Few in number, they make up the Council. Masters are handpicked by the Grand Master and the Council. Only five masters may be chosen at any time. Must take at least one apprentice, but how many is under the discretion of the Master.

Artisan - A long standing member who has crafted more than seven items over the course of his lifetime. May take on several apprentices.

Adept - A member of the Order. Earned after apprenticing with a Master and creating an item under the watchful eyes of either an Artisan or a Master. May only take on one apprentice.

Apprentice - A recruit of the Order, taken on by a member of the Order.

Known membersEdit

Balni Stonehaft - Grand Master, specializes in Elementium and Arcanite smithing.

Murridoc Ironedge - Master of Elementium smithing

Durinin Lightbeard - Master of Arcanite smithing

Dervon Currginton - Artisan, specializes in Khorium smithing

Gadarn Thald - Artisan, specializes in Arcanite

Gaerret Canmore - Adept, specializes in general smithing

Known ItemsEdit

Talon - Forged by Master Aldric Ironfist for Thristen Andro. Became a family heirloom and symbol of power for the House of Andro and Ravenwood respectively.

Stalwart - Forged by Adept Gaerret Canmore with elementium and dragon's blood.

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