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The Blackmarsh CircleEdit

The Blackmarsh Circle is an organization of female magic casters in Lordaeron. It was founded by Lady Tamsyn Beauregard as a social, educational, and charity group. Fearful of another Black Purge, Tamsyn hopes the Circle will improve the reputation of “witches” in Blackmarsh and prevent future violence.

The Circle meets every month or so in Lianna. Tamsyn’s office, with its books, magical reagents, and alchemical concoctions, is open to members of the Circle who wish to use it for research or a quiet place to study.

Those seeking membership should inquire with Lady Beauregard in Lianna.

Mission StatementEdit

The goals of this group are thus:

  • Assist the less fortunate in Blackmarsh through acts of charity.
  • Study the magic and creatures native to Blackmarsh.
  • Promote the acceptance of women’s magic and provide training for girls and women who seek magical knowledge.
  • Create bonds of trust and cooperation between the Circle and the Holy Church, Royal Army, the nobility, and other organizations.
  • Establish a sisterhood where women can make friends, share magic, and support each other.

The Book of ShadowsEdit

To better share magic, record lore and research, and offer improvements and alterations to each other’s spells, the Circle is compiling a Book of Shadows. It will be available to all members of the Circle to study and contribute to.


  • 12/9/14: The first Circle meeting was held. Introductions were made, the purpose of the group was discussed, and names for the group were considered. Information here.
  • 1/20/15: Summary here.
  • 2/17/15: Summary here.


  • The Barghest: After two deaths and several panicked reports of a “monster” that attacked at night in Lianna, the Circle and volunteers from the Royal Army worked together to find this mysterious creature and end its rampage.
  • The Binding: Terez Falomyr was being overwhelmed by the demon she had conjured; the Circle and friends assisted her in binding it to her control.
  • The Lianna Faire: An attempt to create goodwill in the community, the Faire provided food and fun for the locals. It also featured a healing center, magical demonstrations, potions for sale, and recruitment in an attempt to convince local peasants of the Circle’s good intentions. The Faire was disrupted by an infestation of gremlins intent on creating havoc, but overall the villagers enjoyed the Faire--and liked the Circle. Summary here.

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