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Countess Tamsyn LaVette Beauregard
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Baroness Lianna






Count Paul Beauregard, husband



LaVette Coat of Arms

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LaVette House Words

Spirit Enduring




The Royal Army, The Blackmarsh Circle, the Barony of Lianna

LaVette Coat of arms

LaVette Coat of Arms

Lady Tamsyn Beauregard (née LaVette) is the Baroness of Lianna and a marshmancer in service to Queen Madelynne I. She’s the wife of Count Paul Beauregard, a member of the Royal Army, and the founder of The Blackmarsh Circle.


Tamsyn is thin to the point of frailness. Delicate blue veins are visible under her nearly translucent skin. In contrast to her pallor, Tamsyn’s long red hair is vivid, and her expressive amber eyes shine. She moves with a fragile languidness.

In public the noblewoman is carefully polished, her smiles practiced and her speech and appearance smooth. In more unguarded moments, her studied grace is replaced by something more melancholy.

She favors the expensive, stylish robes befitting a noblewoman, and clearly takes pride in her appearance. There’s a large diamond wedding ring on her left ring finger, balanced by an equally large black diamond ring on her right ring finger.

Neither evil nor good, Tamsyn is sometimes reviled by both ends of the moral spectrum. Moral-aligned people fear and hate her magic; immoral-aligned people find her empathy a weakness.

Introduction to the Queen’s CourtEdit

After winning the Lord High Chancellor’s tournament at Dreadholme, the death knight known as Lord Caliginous was granted a favor from the Queen. The knight requested nothing for himself, but instead asked that his lady be titled to one of the formerly rebellious territories recently retaken by the Crown. The Queen agreed, and Tamsyn was presented to Her Majesty at Court and given the title Baroness of Lianna. Tamsyn pledged herself to the Queen’s service, as well as to the rebuilding of Lianna--and all of Lordaeron.

Life in LiannaEdit

When Tamsyn arrived in Lianna, the township was recovering from a rebellion. With few citizens and the town in shambles, Lianna was in dire need of assistance. The surviving peasants were suspicious of the outsider named baroness. Tamsyn’s calling to marshmancy, though, helped with her acceptance in the town--as did her slow rebuilding. Though it will always be a small, swampy township, Tamsyn’s repairs (and financial contributions) have brought stability to Lianna. Despite her frivolous nature, Tamsyn flourished in her new role, adapting to her new life with alacrity. She feels a keen sense of responsibility toward her township.


Sale hs 60

By Sir Meo:

Not long after arriving in the Queen’s Court, Tamsyn assisted marshmancer Edevyn Bayne with a magical ritual. Lady Bayne was attempting to summon a marsh maiden and needed Tamsyn as a magical source. After the ritual, Tamsyn started having dreams about a moonlit marsh--a peaceful place where a voice bid her come closer. Tamsyn has always been susceptible to magic; her dreams eventually opened up a new school of magic to her--marshmancy, a dark magic distinct to Blackmarsh, usually inherited, and only practiced by women. Tamsyn relishes the new power--even at the cost of her vitality. A seven-part story series about Tamsyn’s marshmancy is here.

Tamsyn’s first mentor was Brangwyn, a creature of untold age and nature who appears as an old, half-blind woman. More a bog witch than a true marshmancer, Brangwyn believes the Miasma is something to be bargained with rather than something to be manipulated (as marshmancers do), and that the Miasma will regulate and balance itself without intervention. Tamsyn took on these beliefs, finding Brangwyn to be the only marsh-touched woman whom she could talk to. Most marshmancers, she found, were bitter, reclusive women, unfriendly and unwilling to share their knowledge, while Tamsyn had always favored cooperation.

The Council of EbonlochEdit

When the Council of Ebonloch (now called Lordaeron Mage Corps) was founded, under the leadership of Lady Suzanne Garibald, Tamsyn was appointed head of the Office for the Detection and Investigation of Subversive Magics. As such, she handled reports of dangerous magic or rogue wizards. She also kept a watchful eye on the wizards associated with Ebonloch, gauging their magical aptitude and conducting entrance interviews to determine the level of training they still needed. Like others on the Council, Tamsyn kept private quarters in Ebonloch castle as well as an office there for conducting business. Her appointment didn’t last long, but she loved the work, and it awakened in her to share magic and train other young women. She devoted much of her time to the Council and the other mages of Ebonloch.


An in-character portrait of Tamsyn, by Vond Satterly:

The Scourge InvasionEdit

Though neither a soldier nor a commander, Tamsyn led Ebonloch’s forces in Myrwood during the Scourge Invasion while the Archmage was with child. Despite the grimness of the war, Tamsyn found satisfaction in her leadership position; the wizards’ magic was much in demand and it gave her something to focus on besides the fear of battle. While in Myrwood, Kalvive Powers, a young mage, pledged herself to Tamsyn, becoming Lianna’s second knight. Kalvive’s pledge, a result of the friendship between the two women, touched Tamsyn deeply.


By Vegar Black:

Blackmarsh RootsEdit

Tamsyn was born in Lordaeron, near Andorhal, and didn’t know she had Blackmarsh ancestry. It was the witch Brangwyn who first suggested she did, and sent Tamsyn on a quest to find her origins. This led to the discovery that Tamsyn is a descendent of Ylda Meadows, a powerful marshmancer notorious for prolonging her life by draining the Miasma through other marshmancers and a bastard of House Willow. This ancestry explains Tamsyn’s magical aptitude with the Miasma. Due to Ylda’s preying upon her sisters, she was locked away--until Tamsyn’s quest for knowledge and roots led to where she was imprisoned. Not knowing the extent of her foremother’s evil nature, Tamsyn released Ylda, hoping for a mentor. Instead she allowed Ylda the freedom to continue her dark acts. Stricken by what she had done, Tamsyn immediately regretted delving into her past, and also felt anger toward Brangwyn who, she felt, had manipulated her into releasing Ylda--or at the very least been too evasive about Ylda’s nature. (Journal entries about Tamsyn’s quest are here.)

Foxglove Tam

An in-character sketch of Tamsyn, by Dame Valerian:

The Guardian of the MarshEdit

As Tamsyn was learning magic from Brangwyn and exploring her Blackmarsh roots, Edevyn Bayne, under the direction of King Prestor and with assistance from the Archmage, was creating the Pythoness program. Tamsyn, still heeding Brangwyn’s lessons that the Miasma should not be manipulated in such a manner (especially at a man’s behest) and disliking that living women were being turned into weaponized vessels for the Miasma, disapproved of the program. It was this belief, and Ylda’s release, that finally caused Tamsyn to concede to Sir Terrien’s repeated request: He wanted his ancestor, Esilia Grimm (who was the first marshmancy as well as being a long-dead spirit), to become the Guardian of the Marsh. A Guardian would give the Miasma an overseer and stabilizing force. The spirit of Esilia, who dwelled in the catacombs of Grimstone, was willing, but she needed assistance from four marshmancers to complete the ritual. Tamsyn and Terrien gathered marsh-touched women to help (as described here) and performed the ritual.

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Marshmancer Tamsyn, by Kelzack:

Once created Mother of the Marsh, Esilia was able to vanquish Ylda, much to Tamsyn’s relief. She also asked Tamsyn if she’d like to end the Pythoness program. Tamsyn, pleased that more of Blackmarsh’s women wouldn’t be turned to Miasma-powered weapons, said yes. The cessation was short lived, however. Soon after, Edevyn Bayne made her own agreement with Esilia to be allowed to continue their creation. Also, to Tamsyn’s despair, her choice to end the Pythoness program enraged the Archmage and caused her to dismiss Tamsyn from the Council of Ebonloch after nearly a year of service.

Still, Ylda is no longer a threat, and the Miasma has a stabilizing force now. Esilia--despite her Grimm blood--seems fair minded and lawful.

The Cleansing of MyrwoodEdit

After the scourge had been driven from Myrwood, King Prestor left Sir Terrien there to ensure that no undead remained. What should have been a simple mission turned into a violent altercation with the Argent Crusade called the Cleansing of Myrwood. Though Tamsyn argued for saving the civilians and imprisoning, rather than killing, the Argent instigators during the conflict, Sir Terrien determined that, to keep word of the dispute from the Argents, they must be killed. The events at Gryphongate would have divisive effects on everyone in Lordaeron--and especially tragic results for Dame Kalvive, who had command during the initial confrontation with the Argents.


By Rhosmera:

Proficient at secret keeping, Tamsyn kept silent about Gryphongate--and intended to do so indefinitely.


The baroness had two political engagements, first to Count Augustin Stondarr, which was kept secret and lasted only a few weeks, and next to Count Paul Gregory Taylor Beauregard, an alignment which lasted nearly a year and seemed affectionate. Tamsyn ended the union, believing a paladin and a marshmancer weren’t compatible and worrying about the count’s reaction to having marsh-touched daughters as heirs. She was also concerned that the events at Gryphongate would come to light, and was sparing the count involvement.

The Argent War and MarriageEdit

Through acts of either treason or goodness (opinions differ), the Argents were informed of what had occurred at Gryphongate and war was declared. The fighting, taking place in Myrwood, River’s Eye, and Stranglehold, was lengthy and bloody. Lordaeron’s victory was costly, especially since the Royal Army was fighting the undead forces of Archaemian and Commander Chillings in Northrend at the same time.

Leave me here to die

By the player:

After the war, The Queen held Court to proclaim her justice on those who had been at Gryphongate. Both Terrien and Kalvive were stripped of their titles, leaving Tamsyn without her knights, and Tamsyn was publicly commanded to marry Paul Beauregard, Count Sliver and recently appointed Count Myrwood--and the man she had previously been engaged to. As a paladin, the Count was to provide an upright, stabilizing force for Tamsyn, and her marriage was designed to destroy her reliance on Terrien. Other secret demands were placed on Tamsyn as well.

Tamsyn and Paul married privately soon after Court.


By Diermina:

The Blackmarsh CircleEdit

Fearing another Black Purge due to the current mood of the Court, Tamsyn decided there would be safety in numbers for spellcasting women. After the Argent war ended, the countess began gathering Blackmarsh’s assorted witches, wisewomen, and nature healers together and founded The Blackmarsh Circle.

Gossip and RumorsEdit

The information here is fairly commonly known, and other characters reasonably might be aware of it.

  • Tamsyn doesn’t speak of her past, except to claim that, as a child, she was taken as a ward by Baroness Kelwynn LaVette. The LaVette family held land east of Andorhal, and was known for moderate wealth (mostly from mining) and extensive stables. Lady LaVette, having no children of her own, named Tamsyn her heir, but when Lordaeron fell, all records were lost. (In some versions of the tale, Tamsyn claims to be Kelwynn’s natural daughter.) Regardless, the LaVette line and holdings were decimated by the scourge. Tamsyn sometimes vaguely mentions “a cousin” in Stormwind, but other than that, she seems to be the only LaVette remaining.
  • Tamsyn practices her magic openly, hiding neither her marshmancy nor nethermancy. Being outside Blackmarsh for too long makes Tamsyn fatigued and weak--a side effect of her reliance on the Miasma for her magical power.
  • The link is tenuous, but Tamsyn is a scion of House Willow.
  • It’s no secret that Tamsyn drinks a lot, though the extent of her addiction is generally unknown.
  • The relationship between Tamsyn and Paul seems fond. Tamsyn divides her time between Lianna and Myrwood, traveling (usually magically) between the two.
  • Though not yet in confinement, Tamsyn has told several people that she’s pregnant.


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