Tabitha Morrow, also known as "Commander Morrow," is the commander of the Forsaken contigent at Direpoint.  As such, she is the chief antagonist during the Containment of the Forsaken.  

She is presently stationed in Direhold, from which she coordinates the Forsaken movements in the region.  


Direguard Tabitha copy
Little is known of Commander Morrow prior to her death. Although it is certain that she died sometime during the fall of Lordaeron, only conjecture can state where her skills in originate. She believes that she was a mercenary at one point in her life, though if this is an accurate recollection or simply a dream that has become her reality, it is not certain. Her origins remain a mystery, but her motives do not: the complete subjugation in the name of the Dark Lady.  She has served in several Forsaken theaters, claiming victories for her sovereign wherever she might.

A ruthless and efficient commander, she has fortified Direpoint in the event of invasion. 

She fought during the

Queen's War and saw both the fall of Stranglehold and the death of Eugine Pendleton.  During the final battle her column held through Queen Madelynne I's charge, though the arrival of reinforcements saw them retreat.  In the wake of Commander Chillings' defeat, she has was promoted and has yet to fail.

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