The Sons of Her Eternal Glory


Madelynne I


Ors the Elder


Kingdom of Lordaeron
Church of Lordaeron


Light's Grace

The Sons of Her Eternal Glory (also "Order of Her Chosen Sons") are a sect of warrior-monks dedicated to the worship of Her Most Blessed and Revered Holiness.

Officially recruited by members of the Sect of Fair Magda under the auspices of Her Sacred Holiness, Mother Lucia,  this extremist faction of the Church of Lordaeron has given birth to a form of zealot that to this point, has not been seen within Blackmarsh.

Composed of a mixture of those devout priests that could no longer serve in their former capacity as men of the cloth and reprobates that were reformed in the Light’s name, the Sons lack the training of a paladin and the ability to command the Light; however, their righteous zealotry has seen them granted with unnatural strength.  Routinely outfitted with two warhammers, they are capable of swinging these weapons without tiring and in a devastatingly precise manner.

The ritual to become a son involves staring in the sun until one is blinded entirely.  It is believed that only once the false light of the world has been removed can one truly embrace the Light’s glory.   Because of their belief that in death they will be granted true sight eternally, Sons lack fear and often rush willingly into what might prove to be certain demise.

In strife they are tested and proven, and it is with the sinful souls that they purge in steel and blood that they praise Her Most Blessed and Revered Holiness, eternal.  Sons are known to chew upon a rare root called Her Favor, which increases their strength to untold levels and permits them to forego injury in the name of glory.

Their leader is Ors the Elder, a former priest of the Light turned to a higher calling. 

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