Sir Jedric Altimore
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Alorentor (brother, alive)

Zidale Graelson (half sister, alive)






Queen's Gilnean Legion

Sir Jedric Altimore is a knight and member of the Queen's Gilnean Legion.

History Edit

Jedric was born and bred in a small cottage overlooking Gilneas' less than savory waters. His parents, Lydia and Alastor were well established within the kingdom, and served as dutiful soldiers until his father retired to become an archivist for the esteemed House of Greymane.

His brother Alorentor, twenty years his senior, kept watch upon Jedric as their parents were away on duty - though his dream of fighting alongside Lydia in the Gilneas military had eventually come to fruition. Left in the care of a nanny from that day on, what time Jedric spent with his family were short and often uneventful.

Jedric was ambitious as a lad, but unlike his parents and brother, longed to experience the world by sea. Alastor eventually took notice of this, and hired a local friend and privateer to sail out and engage in frequent trips around Northern Lordaeron. While it was not the ideal life his parents had foresaw, it was something he considered taking up well into his teenage years.

What dreams and goals he may have had in the years ahead were crushed when The Greymane Wall was constructed, the populace left stranded and fearing for the future of their kingdom.

The Cataclysm Edit

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