The Siege of Highport was the first naval engagement of Albrecht history and a resounding victory.


The strength of Highpass may have been blocked, but it was far from defeated. Lord Reginald Trueflame was forced to make a decision to either protect his shores or repel the approaching army of Bayner Dowes. Still capable of crippling one force, he was made well aware that the other would fall upon him.

To his rescue came Lord Dirk Thorne and his brother-in-law Sir Harold Ward. Attacking Bayner Dowes from the rear, they broke his army nearly instantaneously; the might of Sir Harold in the battle seemingly to be without equal. He thrice broke shields provided to Bayner before claiming the man's life.

But relief had not come to its end then. Lord Reginald's brother-in-law, Azrahil Hopesfire arrived with small, manueverable crafts to begin boarding Admiral Fisher's larger galleys. In the ensuing fighting they were forced toward land, where Lord Reginald's veteran marines overtook them quickly.


Admiral Fisher was drowned in his attempt to land upon the shores. Highpass, now freed to assist its allies, immediately began sending forth its ships toward Dawnpoint.

It is also said that while in Highport, Azrahil Hopesfire began a brief affair with Lady

Mary Trueflame, which led to the birth of her only child - Margine.

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