The arrival of Margrave Falomyr's men brought with them a new chapter in Blackmarsh's history. While the forces of both sides fought for control of Honor's Point, Margrave Falomyr won the war in a single blow.


Unlike Willow, Dreadholme was a very defensible fortress surrounded in swamp water to prevent progression of siege weapon. However, Margave Falomyr used the distraction at Honor's Point to move his men into position and began to assemble trebuchets from previously prepared pieces. By midday his siege weaponry was prepared, and the assault began.

The defenders of Dreadholme attempted to meet the margave's men in the field, but were quickly butchered. Before the gate could be closed, they surged inward where acts of gross depravity were committed upon many within. None lived through the day. The savagery displayed went far beyond the imaginations of any within Blackmarsh.


As a result of his crushing victory, Margave Falomyr developed a sense of superiority over those of Blackmarsh. He was also wed to Agnes Albrecht, a very beautiful woman, who would later become the cause for her nephew Hadrian's War.

In addition to winning Dreadholme, Margrave Falomyr's victory caused the rebels to surrender as they did not wish to have their families butchered as well. Wilhelm was not satisfied with this outcome as he wished for all the rebels to be put to the sword. He went to Capital City to demand imperial support, and was met with an answer he did not favor.