The Nimble
Art by Hawke


Clan Leader (Bhageron)







Sidha the Nimble is the leader of the Shadow Clan. A skilled tracker and spymistress whose abilities are humbled only by Bhageron the Shadowed, she operates as the eyes and ears of the Saberclaw Empire. She is one of the oldest surviving children of her predecessor and fulfils her role with the expected efficiency and mystery befitting her clan. 


Since she was young, Sidha's temperament has been best described as unflappable and inscrutable. Even before her mind was elevated to a higher state of sentience by the Sun Stone, she possessed an intelligence that greatly complimented her prowess in subtlety. Prior to her clan merging with the Saberclaw Empire, she was tasked with gathering information on the Empress whose forces had begun to enroach their territory. However, when Bhageron decided to join with her instead of fight or flee, Sidha followed unquestioningly behind him. 

Until the Matriarch was betrayed, she assumed a position of respect within the Shadow Clan, resembling what humans might view as second in command of the panthron. Though no such thing was formally specified, she was often privy to matters Bhageron trusted to few others. Upon his disappearance, she sought to temporarily assume his responsibility as clan leader with the encouragement of Blythe Atwood and, after learning that he had been killed, embraced it in full. 


Art by Rhosmera

Her reserved nature may be mistaken as disinterest to an outsider's eye, but her loyalty to her people is unflinching. Though she lacks the arrogance displayed by former peers such as Dumela and Tsavo, she ascribes to a practical idealogy to further benefit the saberon. Sidha is known to speak plainly, if sometimes in a brusque manner, though rarely forgoes her composure or raises her voice to be heard. Her desire for the empire's best interest has occasionally coincided with a natural urge to protect and nurture the skills of those she cares for. It is not uncommon for her to designate herself to shadow hunters who have not yet proven themselves, the most recent and notable of which is Isoba the Silent.

In the summit to determine Empress Saberclaw I's successor, she initially harbored doubts about Dumela's ability to lead the empire following his long year of captivity, but was convinced of his competence and ultimately supported his claim. 

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