Early Years Edit

Sherlia was born to Ludwig and Karline Weimar, a noble family in the Dawn. Though Ludwig had many wives, Karline seemed to be unusually favored by the aging and infamously old fashioned baron. When Sherlia's legitimacy was called into question along with his wife's fidelity, he had the accusers thrown in the stockades where his previous wives were exposed and executed with haste.

Sherlia demonstrated an unusual intelligence and level of bravery for her family, seeming to be overly aware of her status even from an early age. She became known for her very haughty attitude, and she would frequently insult servants, children from the town, and even knights. One such knight became so incensed by the young lady that he threw the six year old girl over his knee and spanked her. When she told the Baron, he forced the knight to act as furniture for her under armed guard for an entire year.

She is notably the younger sister of Holy Mother Ermentrud Weimar, who became concerned for the child's moral fiber after hearing of her exploits. She proposed that she enter the church but she had no intentions of doing so and indeed seemed sickened by the prospect. The Baron commanded that Ermentrud no longer speak with his child, to avoid upsetting her.

Early Career Edit

When the Baron passed on the Barony to Ekkehardt, the new Baron had very little interest in indulging his father's spoiled pet. When she began questioning his authority and ability in court, he had Ermentrud placed in charge of her education and the 16 year old girl was shipped off to Dawnhaven.

She became only more troublesome for a while, determined not to become a career priest like her sister. Ermentrud had no intention of forcing Sherlia to do anything, but convinced her to put her considerable brain power to use pursuing the arts of magic. Sherlia was then sent to Ebonlock, where she remained fairly well behaved (all things considered) until the Council fell apart. She took it upon herself to continue her studies in Dalaran, where she would spend the next two years until what she saw as a suitably qualified Archmage would come to Lordaeron.

This criteria was eventually met by Archmage Sertorius, whom she followed back to her homeland to continue her studies there and also show off everything she had learned.

And everything she had figured out on her own.

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