Dame Rosemary Moreau
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Knight-Captain of Lordaeron
Champion of the Crown


Gilnean Peerage
Forlorn Hope
Royal Army


The Revenant
The Noble

Date of Birth

02 AP




Alden Evethier (husband)
Elise Evethier (daughter)
Godwyn Northwold (adopted son)

Dame Rosemary Moreau is a champion of Lordaeron and the lady of a lesser Gilnean line of heraldry, the House of Cromwell. Nobility by blood but commoner in poise, her preference for the simplicity of service as a knight has earned her a myriad of commendations, but her code of honor saw her burdened with a grievous consequence when the time came for her loyalties to be tested. She is universally regarded as a difficult woman whose pragmatism is flawed by hardheadedness and bursts of unbecoming boldness. Her reservations do not extend to her companions, who she cherishes and cares for quite deeply.


Fair of complexion, dark of hair and often taken by an expression of melancholic contemplation, Rosemary's picturesque countenance lends her the allure of storied Gilnean figures ascribed classical beauty. Of all of her features, what most remember is the steel blue of her eyes: intense and incisive when settled by duty or soft when taken by more wistful spirits, her gaze makes no secret of her inner nature and reveals - almost to a fault - near all of her tribulations. Though her high cheekbones and straight nose speak more to the austerity of a noble line, her sharp chin, plump lips and uncertain smile hint towards a bloodline spoiled by a creature of lesser affluence.

Clad in a black set of plate and chainmail that serves her as well in matters of protection as it does in matters of intimidation, the dame exemplifies the solemn mien of the knightly caste, her stance indicative of a preference for physical prowess over deft lethality. Though her shoulders are a touch broad and the manner in which she carries herself is lacking in the coquettish charm of more delicate women, the power of her frame has not yet made her sleek curvature unfeminine by conflict. In times of peace or war, a great two-handed zweihander hangs at the line of her spine, the pommel cast in the image of a wolf in memoriam to the nation whose sigil she proudly bears.

Early LifeEdit

Rosemary was born the daughter of Lord Cenric Cromwell and his divorced wife Acacea a year or so before the construction of the Gilnean Wall. Conceived during the pregnancy of Lord Cromwell's second wife, Eliza, it was made plainly clear by both lord and lady that neither had any want of her. Her birth was unexpectedly sudden, violent and tragic, killing her mother in the process, heralding her arrival and presaging the path her life would take.

Rosemary was taken in by a man named Davy Alston after her mother died. Davy had been her father's cook for years and had raised several of his bastard children, but he lacked the gentleness of true parentage. She enjoyed a simple life as a scullery maid, blossoming from a chubby-faced babe into a skinny youth and snatching at what little freedom was given to her. She reveled in the exploration of the Blackwald that lay at the base of Stormglen and spent much of her youth in the forest or at the edge of the sea.

Cenric's son Edward, her half-brother born just a few months after her, was struck by a sudden and inexplicable bout of disease and fever when Rosemary was ten. Eliza was soon to follow the death of her son, rumored to have died from heartbreak when she had lost her only child. Cenric mourned their deaths for a year's time and then eventually took another wife, a beautiful Kul Tiran woman named Sarah. Through Sarah's grace, Rosemary was granted legitimacy as Cenric's daughter. Feeling an obligation to make the wild girl into a woman deserving of her surname - and Sarah's surprising affection - her lord father set her to the task of becoming a lady.

Life was not easy for her after her father's surprising show of generosity. Rosemary was sent away from her home to that of Lord Lawley Evethier, a knight who had earned his nobility through outstanding performance in the Second War. She sat with girls half her age earnestly learning lessons of courtly conduct. The carefree openness she had enjoyed became subject to criticism and it seemed that trying her hand at anything a lady would excel at resulted only in failure. Despite this, her perseverance saw once clumsy hands into artful tools and a wiry child into a blossoming beauty, lending to her some direly needed grace and elegance. She studied literature, weaving, music, dancing, riding and archery, all of which she excelled at given the time to practice.


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Art by cut-box.

It was when she had returned to the Cromwell estate that Rosemary learned that her hand had been promised to Alden Evethier in exchange for the education that they had provided her. Alden was a man all ready well into his twenties in comparison to the still blooming sixteen year old girl, yet he had earned prestige and wealth and in all respects it seemed a smart match. Rosemary bore Alden's courting and found him somewhat charming, despite his often aloof and volatile temper that emerged at times, and finally agreed to be married to him in late summer.

Rosemary moved away from Stormglen to a manse deep within the bowls of Gilneas City following her marriage. In comparison to the wildness of the forest, Gilneas City was loud, crowded and dirty, and she disliked leaving her home for much other than the occasional visit to her family. Her marriage was strained - though it was clear he was fond of her and she him, Alden's temperament soured their relationship and he disapproved of her growing interest in blade play. Rosemary insisted on tutelage until the knight finally broke down and engaged her, adapting to the duty of teaching his young and willful wife the ways of the blade with certain measures of aggravation and hesitance.

Years passed in peace. Alden hosted a tournament in Rosemary's honor when he believed her ready for knighthood, yet pitted her against some of the best fighters he knew in order to dampen her spirits. Needless to say, she was trounced quite handily by one of the best knights she had ever met - Sir Landon Hawthorne of the famed Black Knights of Gilneas - but for her potential he offered to take her as his squire. Enraged by his peer's selfless display and obvious infatuation with his wife, Alden demanded a duel of him and denied her, breaking her blade and tossing its pieces to the side as she watched.

Their marriage was for the most part loveless after that moment. Alden turned to the bottle and whores for his comfort, forsaking the honor that he had always touted as supreme for his own vices, and Rosemary poured herself into honing her body into a true weapon and earned her way through blood, sweat and tears into Gilneas's caste of respected knights at the side of Landon. The years passed quickly and her knighthood came even quicker; she found love in Gilneas that she did not before and protected those who needed it within the city's walls as a guard for several years.  

Rosemary grew enamored with handsome and strong Landon, believing him to be as brave and chivalrous as the knights in the old tales, and found peace and happiness when her affections were returned. Forsaken by and neglected by her drunkard of a husband, she broke her oath to him and spent the most of her time in the company of her mentor, returning only when she was called upon to perform the duties expected of a wife. When Landon found that she was pregnant and believed it was the child of her husband, he left her, leaving the young mother in an uncertain position and with only a little girl named Elise to love. 

The Fall of GilneasEdit

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Art by Shirexia.

Gilneas was on the brink of civil war. Like many of her fellow knights, Rosemary sided with King Greymane during the Gilnean civil war and the Northgate Rebellion and took heart when the traitorous Darius Crowley was imprisoned. Gilneas's internal quarrel became less about justice and more about opportunity when the Worgen flooded into the city and across the land, infecting all that they could reach with the curse and sowing ruin. Rosemary was among those to avoid the touch of the curse but Alden and Elise were not as lucky as she. Elise met her end in the midst of the curse's transition and Rosemary carried her deep into the Blackwald to a secluded meadow to bury her despite the obvious danger, feeling she should be in the place she had loved. She never found out what happened to her husband, as the Worgen attacked the small settlement the remnants of the unafflicted had holed themselves into and she fled with the remnants of her people.

The Forsaken followed the sweep of the Worgen and destroyed Gilneas as she knew it and she was forced with the brunt of her people to abandon the home that she had cherished since birth. With the hand of the Alliance offered to the Gilneans in their time of need, she hastened from her homeland and soon found herself freely giving service to the Alliance as a mercenary, though she found little joy in the work or the world without her daughter. Some time during her service to the Alliance, she adopted the name Rhosmera as a means of separating herself from the life she had known, believing she was never to be the same woman again.

After what seemed like an eternity of service, she heard of a radiant Queen who bade loyal men and women to strike the Forsaken from Azeroth so that she could take her rightful position as ruler of Lordaeron. Though initially doubtful of the queen and her claim to the throne, Rhosmera resolved herself to a goal uninvolved with the fall of her nation, easing the burn of vengeance and rage that had flickered within her with her undivided attention placed upon the Queen's will.

Service to the CrownEdit

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Art by ammyfr.

Shortly after joining the Queen's Gilnean Legion, Rhosmera discovered a sect of appointed knights in a sworn brotherhood known as the Order of the Wolf. She was intrigued by both the rumors she had heard of its vicious leader and the potential to spread the code of honor that had been drilled into her since her own squiring under her husband. She rushed to meet the commander but was surprised by a familiar face - that of her husband, who she had thought had been lost in the crumbling of Gilneas.

Their reunion was short and bittersweet. While her mind made it more than abundantly clear that there was no good in seeing him, her heart was relieved to know that he was alive and well - as alive and well as a Worgen could be. However, shortly after their reunion, it soon became more than obvious to her that his nature had not changed. Alden's knighthood had begotten him a squire named John and she pitied the boy all the more as he beat him for what seemed like small, unimportant mistakes. When he asked why she had come and she responded that she had come to be a knight in truth, he laughed at her and after some coercion agreed that he would ask for a trial on her behalf.

Predictably Alden pitted her against Falki Vondel, the leader of the knighthood and the same brutish man that she had heard so many things about. Though Rhosmera fought honorably against him, he was always two or three steps ahead of her. While Falki might have ordinarily scoffed at a knight who had shown him such a weak performance in their attempt to gain his favor, the commander found himself impressed by her endurance and persistance. No matter how many times he struck her down, she got back up and defended what she believed in as ardently as any other man. Even when Falki cracked half of ribs with his strike she rose to meet him. Much to Alden's fury, he asked her to kneel before him and knighted her there.

Now a sworn member of the Order of the Wolf and in the good graces of its commander, Rhosmera left the scene of the battle with her goal accomplished and her head held high despite her bruises and injuries. Furious by the repeat in history, Alden tailed her and attempted to launch an attack on her when her back was turned. Turning to meet him in his charge, Rhosmera slew him. Falki expressed his confidence in her as the duke's second, remarking that he'd been unsure so soft a woman could kill if it was required of her, and though their relationship intimated a rivalry he gave his endorsement of her capabilities to the duke.

After some months spent in the service of the Order of the Wolf, a particularly violent outburst between Falki and Rhosmera prompted her to leave it. The duke named her his second shortly after his departure, solidifying her position in the Queen's Gilnean Legion with title and command. During her tenancy, she served him nobly in the Scourge Invasion of Lordaeron, the ensuing Containment of the remaining Forsaken and the campaign across three different fronts known as Ascension. Following the end of Ascension, she was stationed in Maiden's Cross, a fortified keep within Gilneas captained by Alhertine Moreau in order to maintain communication between the duke and her as tensions in the northern lands began to come to a head.

Northwold Edit

It was in Northwold that Rhosmera’s moral mettle was tested. Sent to parlay with Lord Byron Bankston, a baron who had only come into power by occupation, she expressed distaste with the lack of peace within the barony. Viktor committed to the command that the Queen had given him and pledged the Legion’s service to Bankston’s name, endeavoring to serve for the sake of the kingdom. Rhosmera’s protests, while initially quiet, became fierce when they came to Alhertine Moreau’s occupation of Maiden’s Cross, a place that she had come to learn housed Gilnean refugees who did not want to be involved in the ongoing war between Byron and Gideon. She believed her capable of cooperation: the baron, flippant as he was, all but stated he had not a care if she met her unfortunate end.

She was relieved when the Legion took sanctuary within Maiden’s Cross following a particularly violent encounter. She believed Alhertine could be brought to understand the duke’s value as a combatant, if she could find little in his person to agree with. Her idealistic view of the hatred that existed between Viktor and Alhertine did not account for the fervor with which it burned, but at her request, Alhertine asked the Legion was asked to swear an oath of steadfastness to the desperately stretched forces that she led. Viktor agreed, but ultimately turned his attention towards freeing the daughter of Harry Meadows from her captors when it was discovered they dwelt in Northwold and broke the accord to assist Maiden’s Cross when the Legion regressed back towards Northwold after the costly battle.

Rhosmera feared for the common people, who had proven the victim when the opposing sides met. Her dedication to the duke came into question as growing discontent with Byron Bankston manifested into true hatred, and as the Legion once more sought to flee a pitched battle, she asked Viktor to reconsider his allegiance and stated that she could not in good conscience continue to obey the word of a unjust man. She laid her loyalty, something that she had known even before she had met the Queen, before him and begged he listen to her and turn back towards the people that they had left bereft protection. Viktor had only a few words for her: “She is your Queen.” He commanded the Legion march on to Northwold as Rhosmera and a few others returned to Maiden’s Cross to prepare for their inevitable demise.

It was during her second occupation of Maiden's Cross that she came to learn that Alhertine had hidden a bastard of Godryc Northwold from Gideon named Godwyn, fearing the loss of his life for his birthright. She swore to her that she would protect him, and despite all impulse she had to remain, fled the field the day the Legion set to attacking the keep with the child in tow. While the Legion nursed what wounds they gained, she fled from a huntress sworn to Gideon until she could not run anymore. It was Viktor's timely arrival that saw her life and the life of the child she carried saved. Despite the position that she found herself within, Rhosmera protested the necessity of Gideon's grim decision to end the life of his nephew's son and provided a solution: if he were to take the boy as his heir, he would be guaranteed rule of the barony until he came of age. After some consideration, Gideon agreed.

Return to Blackmarsh Edit

Following her return from Northwold, she regressed from the Grasp and made her way into the Dawn, where she got her first and foremost audience with the Queen, though the circumstance of their introduction proved only what she and the rest of the kingdom thought that she deserved. Though a woman of particular sensibilities, Madelynne I listened as she endeavored to explain why she had done what she had, but the candid picture she painted of the dame’s future following the close of her willfulness was the rightful reproach of a monarch who had a hand in giving her all that she had. She confessed that she wished to have her executed but remembered a time in which she had stood for and defended her daughter, Princess Morgana, and passed a sentence upon her bidding her to worship her for the reprieve that her elapsed love had provided.

The position she was in when she donned the colors of the Forlorn Hope was clear: sentenced her to a year’s service in which she could not speak or bear her face in public for the shame that she had brought to the name of the Duke of the Grasp, Rhosmera agreed to forfeit her life for her crimes and act as the dead. She took up residence within Fort Pentinent and acquainted herself with Commander Terrien Ashmoor, whose grim and uninviting likeness provided her the opportunity for introspection and repentance in solitude, and has served among the damned as the first line in defense of the Queen’s champions. Many of the residents of Blackmarsh have since come to know her as the Revenant for the silence in which she stalks its black roads and rids the common people of fear.

Following the reclamation of her name and voice, Rhosmera decided to take the surname of her beloved in recollection of what her heart knew with utmost fondness. Not for the first time, she cast off a name that she felt bound her to someone she no longer was, resolving herself to rising to a path of chivalry from the ashes of dishonor she'd come.

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