Duchess Rose Eveligh-Romel
Art by


Duchess of The Grasp










Thomas Eveligh (Alive)
Hannah Luckett (Deceased)
Nathaniel Eveligh (Missing)
John Luckett (Deceased)
Abigail Stanleigh (Deceased)

Past Affiliations

The Crimson Redemption
Brotherhood of the Flame

Rose Josanna Eveligh serves as Duchess of The Grasp, having been thrust into the role following her sudden marriage to Duke Viktor Romel. Once a close confidant to Queen Madelynne I in the earliest days of Her rise to power, Rose seeks to utilize her newly elevated status to remind the people of the purpose behind their hardships—of the struggles that came before, and the triumphs that are to come in the expansion of the Kingdom of Lordaeron Restored.

Appearance Edit

With movements that speak only of practiced grace and composure, Rosie Eveligh could be described as a woman who values appearances. Though not blessed with the tallest of statures, her delicate chin remains high with unspoken pride, shoulders set back and posture held upright in such a rigid fashion so as to inspire envy in the most disciplined of soldiers. The lady favors thin, flowing gowns of simple designs and brilliant hues made to complement her olive complexion, long fingers frequently sweeping the fabric upward as she glides with a stride so precisely gentle that at times it may appear nearly weightless.


Her head is crowned with loose, golden curls which are often meticulously twisted and pinned into high buns adorned with fresh flowers. Several tendrils are allowed their freedom alongside her face, framing a pair of stunningly green eyes made all the more striking by the thick eyelashes that encircle them. Dark, winged kohl may also serve to give one the impression of a predatory feline, though there is an unmistakable softness to her expression that betrays intentions far less hostile. One of her most identifiable features continues to be her large ears, slightly turned outward and shamelessly ornamented by jewels. 

A rounded nose rests above full lips painted crimson, and wide, courteous smiles are often freely given. When without the cover of gloves, it can be seen that her left ring finger has been somehow removed and replaced with a gilded cap. She is also never without a beautiful ruby pendant about her neck, rectangular with rounded corners and hanging from a white gold chain.

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