Lord Richard Currington

Baron of Blackvale







Baron of Blackvale
Knight of Ravenwood




Kingdom of Lordaeron
Viscounty of Ravenwood
Barony of Blackvale
House of Currington



Immediate Relatives

Walter Currington (Father, Deceased)
Mary Currington (Mother, Deceased)
Dervon Currington (Uncle, Deceased)

Richard Currington is the Baron of Blackvale and a knight of Ravenwood. A capable swordsman, shrewd tacticatian and strategist, he is known amongst the smallfolk of Ravenwood to truly be a descendant of the Currington line and thus is expected to do great things for the Kingdom of Lordaeron. He was involved in the Atkinson Rebellion, the Ravenwood Rebellion, and the long Siege of Woodsdale. 

He has succeeded his Uncle, Lord Dervon Currington the Last-Lord, as Baron of Blackvale.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Richard truly comes from the loins of a Currington, as he is a tall, well-built, comely man with long, black hair organized by hair bracelet things. His armor is modeled after his uncle's and he wields Squirrel's Paw.


Richard among his two best friends is normally very jovial and carefree, though his demeanor at all other times is serious and stern. He is incredibly organized and plans almost everything through to the detail and gets angry when things become out of his control or they don't going according to his plan.


Aldwin SparrowEdit

Aldwin Sparrow has been Richard's best friend since they were very young. Born around the same time, they shared the same wetnurse, were eduacted and taught the ways of war, and even squired for the same knight together. They have largely been inseparable in their youth, but as they grow older their paths have begun to split apart, where Richard is moving towards a lordship and Aldwin to become a knight of the realm. Despite this, the two share a deep bond that will last for the rest of their lives.

Harkeon HaveportEdit

When Ravenwood was evacuated, the Stromic House of Havenport took their entirety of the population in. The House of Currington was assigned to help keep order in the Earldom of Havenport, thus the family stayed in Havenport's keep as guests. There he met the young Harkeon Havenport, who he at first mistook as a daughter of the Earl, but they soon became very good friends. Harkeon was brought into the fold by Richard, introducing him to Aldwin.



Third War and StromgardeEdit

Atkinson RebellionEdit


Richard Currington in armor, wielding Squirrel's Paw

Ravenwood ReclamationEdit

Current EventsEdit

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