Lord Reginald Trueflame was the Lord of Highpass and the second son of Duke Darron Trueflame IV. He was a combatant during the War of the Ebontide. He married Lady Mary Albrecht, joining their families twice over.


Lord Reginald was a tall and lean man, "built like an admiral" as some were known to save of him. Fair haired and with deep green eyes, he was gifted with high cheekbones and a proud chin. His hair was worn long, but stylized into a ponytail. Although possessed an expertly crafted suit of white gold armor, he normally wore doublets and fashionable attires.


Lord Reginald was given Highpass at birth; his elder brother Edward III was destined to hold the dukedom of Hightower as his. This created a sense of resentment in Reginald, though as a Trueflame he bore it with a noble's bearing.

Reginald became an accomplished seaman and though versed in generalship, proved far more suited for the admirality. Studying with Thalassian experts from his youth, once he was old enough to command his own vessel he quickly became a rival to the adventurous pirates of House Hopesfire. Although he was successful in capturing many of their ships, he never seemed capable of snagging an actual Hopesfire.

Upon his twenty-fifth birthday he was approached with a marriage prospect; Lady Mary Albrecht. The young woman's rambunctious nature and lower birth pleased him little, but as House Buzan backed the wedding he saw no option but to accept.

During the War of the Ebontide, Reginald was forced to contend with two armies. When the land siege was broken by Lord Dirk Thorne, to the surprise of many his longtime adversary Azrahil Hopesfire attacked the fleet outside his harbor. The resulting victory brought all the more animosity between the two men.

Despite how prevalent rumors were that Azrahil bedded his wife following the siege, Reginald never took stock in the claims. While his daughter may have been born darker than he expected, he treated her as his trueborn child and threatened to place any who disagreed into the stockades indefinitely.

When the Second War began, Reginald lent his expertise as a admiral to the Alliance of Lordaeron's military. He was killed at sea, having outlived his wife by nearly a decade.

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