Ranerian Starshatter was an elven wizard, former leader of the Exiled of Eastgrove and later their sworn enemy. He met his end at the Battle of the Shrine.

Early Life Edit

Ranerian was born in Quel'Thalas, in the years that preceded the Troll Wars. In the aftermath of the conflict, his parents were amongst those who desired a different approach towards nature and the land, petiotining the government of Silvermoon to consider their views. Unfortunately, the plea fell on deaf ears, prompting an exodus from the unsatisfied towards the south, namely the still unnamed province of Everbright.

In Everbright, despite his few years, Ranerian thrived. With his kin numbering amongst the newly created Sky's Radiance Clan, the young elf quickly showed a remarkable aptitude for the arcane. Although the Exiled chose to abandon some of their knowledge and traditions on the occasion of their departure, most of their magical wisdom was retained. It did not take long for him to learn the traditional ways of Thalassian sorcery, and in time, he began to innovate in many unorthodox fields of magic.

In fact, his works on chronomancy, astronomancy and mana manipulation impressed his betters. They all agreed that Ranerian was destined to great accomplishments.

Retreat into the Dense Wood Edit

When Edric Stokeswood led his band north, towards Everbright, Starshatter had been the leader of the Sky's Radiance Clan for centuries. He supported the retreat into the Dense Wood, a grove largely used by the Leafsong Clan. At the time, the elves feared a conflict between the two races, and the possible intervention of the government of Silvermoon in the matter.

It was also because of this fear that the Sky's Radiance proposed an arcane barrier to be erected around the forest, as a means of keeping outsiders away from the woods. Given that they were the most powerful clan, their opinion naturally carried more weight. The Dusk's Embrace had been the only one to speak out against such maneuver, claiming that there was no reason to isolate themselves from mankind.

Two centuries later, with the elves already in seclusion, Ranerian was chosen to succeed their leader, who had passed away. As First Elder, he was considered to be wise and unbiased, being highly praised for these traits in the years that followed. His friend, Aderian Springmist, took his place as the leader of the Sky's Radiance Clan.

Descent into darkness Edit

During the Third War, the Scourge invaded the Dense Wood and laid waste to the sacred grove of the elves. Unlike what happened to the humans of Everbright and even their kin in Quel'Thalas, the Exiled managed not only to contain their advance, but repel them completely. At the fore of these efforts stood Ranerian Starshatter, First Elder and supreme commander of their forces.

With his brilliance, he was able to mitigate for the fact that the elves lacked a military mind. After all, they had not had to fight for anything in milennia. Those who were old enough to have witnessed the Troll Wars were dead, replaced by the following generation. Nonetheless, Ranerian led his people with serenity and, above all else, making the best use of his magical prowess and the Exiled's ample knowledge of the thick territory of the forest.

Countless engagements were decided by his destructive spells, such as his signature Starshatter, in which multiple flaming meteors fell from the sky to strike down the undead. He also designed a modification of the aura that surrounded the forest in order to inflict damage to the enemy, not unlike the one used by Antonidas in the Siege of Dalaran.

Their victory would eventually come at a heavy price: in the final stages of the war, unbeknownst to all, Ranerian would be cursed by the enemy, falling into madness and despair.

The rise and fall of the Emperor of the North Edit

For more information, see War of the Exiled.


Legacy Edit

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