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Rak'kasa is a saberon from Draenor and currently in service of the Royal Army. 

History Edit

Born of the Snow Clan, Rak'kasa was raised within a small hunting party and taught the many lessons that came with it. Under the tutelage of Rak'sha for many years , he traveled the expanse of Draenor and successfully completed a set of trials which deemed him worthy of the other hunter's approval. Rak'kasa was known to have a relatively short temper, and often fought without remorse against those of his clan. This eventually led to his banishment, after the subsequent murder of a fellow hunter.

Forced to fend for himself in the wilds permanently, Rak'kasa's future appeared bleak, but also presented an opportunity that no one else had. Rak'sha's teachings endured and before long, the forests of Talador became his ally.

Some years later, Rak'kasa made contact with a contingent of saberon that had also been exiled, or simply cast aside for being unworthy in comparison to their betters among the various clans. Rather than see them suffer, Rak'kasa formed what soon became known as the Outcasts, and scoured the land in search of those who had also been in disfavor.

Not long after the established clan, a sickness had fallen upon Talador's forests. What life that had once served as a means for survival had faded, leaving the saberon to starve and deteriorate, physically and mentally. Rak'kasa's suspicions pointed to the rise of an largely unseen force on Draenor, made clear only when he witnessed the arrival of strange, gangly creatures conducting a series of incantations and rituals near and within their home. Determined to see this quelled, he set ahead to establish peace once more.

Man and Beast Edit

One year later... Edit

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