The Queen's Gilnean Legion
Art by Diermina


Duke Viktor Romel


Dame Alhertine Moreau


Sir Fálki Vondel



The Queen's Gilnean Legion is a group of Gilnean expatriates that are armed and garrisoned by the queen in an effort to help retake the north. Most recently, there are those allowed to pledge themselves in name and in service to the Queen - some, however, yet remain loyal wholly to Gilneas. The Legion was formed within months of the fall of Gilneas City, and constituted as a formal regiment of the Royal Army by the time of Queen Madelynne's coronation.

The Legion is composed of both non-cursed Gilnean humans and cursed worgen alike, allowing for a mix of formation and shock tactics. The Legion is also well-versed in asymmetric and nonlinear warfare.

Since their commander's elevation in status, the Legion has taken root and garrisoned in Stranglehold. Now tasked with maintaining a watch over the Grasp as a whole among other duties, the Legion maintains a notable presence throughout the entirety region.

Additionally, the Legion as a whole handles most other dark, grim tasks best left from public view. Rumours of their violence and savagery have cultivated a stigma of fear in their name.

Dread RebellionEdit

The Legion first performed with note and great distinction in the Dread Rebellion, hotly engaging insurrectionist forces at Brunshire, Thorn's Hill, and Dawnholde. Following the capture of Chancellor Caernough at Thorn's Hill, the legion's own commander - Viktor Romel - assumed overall command of the war effort until the fall of Dreadholme.

Dove RebellionEdit

With the rise of the rebels and the Dove and their commander's titles as the Master of Law and Justice to Her Majesty's Realm, the Gilnean Legion were among the first to respond to the rebellion that took root first in the Grasp. With a distrustful populace, the rebellion spread gradually despite the efforts of the Gilneans - though never broken, the sheer difficulty in finding their enemy proved nigh impossible.

It was not until the slaying of Ashanna Creed that any notable ground was made. Without leadership and lacking its head, the rebellion was swiftly brought to its end under the might of the Queen's Men and their commanders.

However, Viktor Romel was suspended to Stranglehold, his knighthood revoked, and command of the Gilnean Legion temporary stripped of him due to the murder of Ashanna - Sir Falki Vondel, a close friend of the Gilnean lord, found himself leading in his stead throughout the remainder of the campaign.

River's Eye CampaignEdit

The Queen's Gilnean Legion, with Her Majesty's blessing, set forth into River's Eye to reclaim the lost territories of the House of Stondarr, and in particular Riverspire. Commanded on the field by Falki Vondel, the Gilnean Legion and the Silver Hand most notably fought admirably and bravely.

Though troubled by an unfamiliarity with both the land and their enemy, the campaign - through the assistance of Augustin Stondarr and Vaelinn Stondarr - was brought to an end with minimal losses, largely in part due to information that might have otherwise been unattainable.

The Legion held Riverspire in the name of Her Majesty until the keep was willed to be governed by the Count of the Sliver, Paul Gregory Tyler Beauregard. Later, stewardship of the county was given to Viktor Romel and the Legion garrisons the castle once more.

Scourge InvasionEdit



Duke Viktor Romel -- [Commander of the Q.G.L.]
Sir Fálki Vondel -- [Captain of the Q.G.L.]
Sir Sucellus Wallack
Dame Rhosmera Evethier
Sir Jedric Altimore
Sir Riccardo Rossi
Sir Vaike Marsh
Sir Hugoh Sinclair
Dame Rinnaelle Ravensald
Mister Cedric Belcarthe
Miss Blythe Atwood
Miss Katarina Boucher
Miss Emmalyne Harper
Mister Derreck Oswyn
Mister Coedwig Baron
Miss Clegane Marsh
Miss Allessane Tarasind
Miss Anne Herrington

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