Prestor Falomyr

King of Lordaeron

Prestor Falomyr


King-Consort of Lordaeron (claimant)
Lord Protector of the Realm
Margrave of the Falomyr Marches


Consort Lianne Menethil
Margrave Alfred Falomyr


Scourge of the Scourge

Date of Birth

17 B.P.


Lordaeron Peerage
House of Falomyr
The Menagerie

Previous Titles

Margrave of Falomyr








Madelynne I (Wife)
Princess Morgana (Daughter)
Balian Rothe (Bastard son)
Vance II Pendleton(Bastard son)
Agnes Falomyr(Bastard daughter)

King Prestor of the House of Falomyr is the king-consort of Lordaeron and current Lord Protector of the Realm.  Born the son of Alfred Falomyr and his sister-wife, Marigold, he has fought for control of Falomyr for most of his life. 

The third cousin of his wife, Madelynne I, he was initially introduced to her during the Queen's War when he, along with commanders under Henry Trueflame rode to his future wife's rescue during the Battle of Dawnhaven.  He was later chosen as one of three potential candidates to rule alongside her.  After the deaths of Harold Trueflame and Heinrich Lichter, he became the only candidate to remain and was chosen by default.

Prestor is regarded as a hard man by many, but also a fair one. 


Prestor Image

Prestor by Macbethoff

An austere man whose experiences are worn plainly upon his face, Prestor has never been called a particularly handsome or becoming man to look upon.  His features are worn though strong, much like a statue that has weathered the elements far longer than it might have been expected to.  With skin that is nearly bloodless, as per his Albrecht heritage, he presents a grim sight to most that would meet him afield.  His cheeks are well defined, chiseled and severe and his general expression, far more one of disinterest than disdain.

There has been attributed to him, on numerous occassions, a particularly haunted look.  His hair is black, though lighter than it was within his youth.   His eyes are a pale blue, similar in shade to those of Albrecht descent.  

Despite his father's infirmity, he is remarkably similar to his grandfather in both appearance and manner. 

In battle and at home, he almost always is found in a thick suit of plate armor made of blackened iron and bronze he took from a defeated orcish commander during the Battle of Blackrock Spire.  After having it resized  to fit him, he has worn it without humor for some time.  He is rarely without his familial sword, Trollflayer, which he recovered personally from Tylan Bloodjoy.  Additionally he favors a bulwak with the Falomyr sigil and an axe of draconian nature.

Early LifeEdit

Prestor Falomyr was born the third of five children to Margrave Alfred Falomyr and his sister-wife, Marigold.  His father was the younger brother of Richard Falomyr and the son of Auric Falomyr, as well as the older brother to his own wife, Marigold Falomyr.  His grandmother, Agnes Albrecht, was the younger sister of Wilhelm Albrecht, 3rd Viscount of Blackmarsh.  He is the first cousin to Efa of the Oaks and Ferric Falomyr, the first cousin once removed of Wren Frey and Terez Falomyr, the second cousin of Leonie Thorne, and the third cousin of Madelynne I, his wife.  With his wife he has had one daughter, Princess Morgana of the Dawn.  Prior to this, he has had two illegitimate children, Balian Rothe and Vance Pendleton. His father's great-grandmother was the direct descendant of Frelidhe Doerr, elder sister to Olnarf Doerr and the Lady of Dragonsbane. 

As a lad, Prestor lived in constant fear of his father's wrath.  Though Alfred was remembered as a frail man, his presence was a sickening one that cast a gloom over Dragonsbane Keep.  With his eldest brother being the heir presumptive, Prestor was left to train with his armsmaster, Sir Gustav.  This bond was one of the few ones he cherished, as his mother was a woman far removed from sense and withdrawn form the world unless she was pulled into the present by necessity.

There were no tales of joy for young Prestor, though he proved quite capable with sword and shield.  A robust lad, it was at times rumored that he had been sired by his uncle, Richard, rather than Alfred himself.  These words reached his father, who had him severely beaten while he watched to great satisfaction.  Prestor eventually recovered from his wounds, but seeing the disgusting satisfaction in his father's eyes haunted him for years after.

It was not long that he had to endure the evil that was Alfred Falomyr, though.  Weeks prior to his ninth birthday, the lords of Falomyr rebelled against Alfred in what became known as the Bloodjoy Uprising.  Led by Tylan Bloodjoy, the rebels claimed much of the land tenuously held by the margrave and then pressed inward upon Dragonsbane Keep.  While the fighting outside claimed the lives of many, the lives taken within were of a far more nefarious nature.

Marigold, whose wits had long left her, had a harrowingly logical moment of clarity.  After suffering at the hands of her father and brothers, she assumed that the newly arrived men would abuse her as well.  So it was that she took to killing her children to spare them what horrors awaited.  Prestor alone manage to escape, knocking his mother off balance and retreating into the hall where Sir Gustav was preparing to lead his men into the field.  When informed of what happened, he and those loyal to him took Prestor and fled idnto the wilds.  

Alfred the Abhorrent was killed not long after.

Survival of the FittestEdit

Within the Falomyr Wilds, there was little that could survive without a strong core.  Prestor continued his training under Sir Gustav and acted as his squire.  Devoted to the idea of reclaiming the lands lost to him, Prestor was not motivated by a need for revenge for the sake of a family he had never much cared for, but rather the obsession with removing whatever shame might have been visited upon the name of Falomyr.  The castle and lands were his by birthright and he vowed that one day he would see those responsible for their loss made humbled before losing their lives.  Mindful of his claim to the lands they had taken, the Bloodjoy Council sought him out but were incapable of finding him when he and his mentor fled into Lordaeron proper.

Prestor offered his sword to many lords, becoming all but a border knight in these early years.  Squiring for Sir Gustav, the two served Baron Augustus Grimm and proved to be valuable assets.  Sir Gustav did not take kindly to being placed under the command Lord Grimm's favored champion, Terrien Ashmoor, but there was little to be said of the man save that he was both practical and effecient.  After witnessing his wrath and seeing how it gave rise to a legend about him, Prestor learned a lesson in warfare that he never forgot: an enemy that fought with fear was destined to also know defeat. 

By his sixteenth birthday, Prestor believed himself ready to reclaim his homeland and despite Sir Gustav's cautioning, set forth to see the matter brought to its end. 

Return of the MargraveEdit


Art by Rhosmera

A skilled swordsman at this point and a commander of middling ability, Prestor knew well that he was facing an uphill battle.  The common cause of the Bloodjoy Council had been the defeat of Alfred though and with his father dead, they quickly took to bickering with one another.  Beginning his return by landing at Bloodjoy, Prestor found the ancestral land of Tylan Bloodjoy had since been abandoned in favor of Dragonsbane Keep.  Heeding Gustav's advice, Prestor launched an attack against the smaller of his enemies and made certain to do one of two things: accept the surrender of those that offered, and remove the hands of those that did not.

This tactic, learned from his former commander, immediately galvanized his foes but when they came to meet him at Bloodjoy, they found he had abandoned the fortress.  It was not until they separated that the weaker of those afield was challenged and, in a brilliant showing of arms, defeated as well.  With two startling victories, Prestor had effectively reclaimed the lost mystique of his name.   People likened him not to his father, but the awe-inspiring and fearsome Auric Falomyr long past.

It became readily apparent that despite Prestor's ability to see where the battle should be fought, there were not many places that provided him with a chance for expansion.  By the end of ten years of warfare, he had only retaken a third of what once belonged to the House of Falomyr.  The rest was heavily entrenched and so he, bereft option, was forced to bide his time.

During a scouting assignment, he was delivered information that made it appear a supply train from Lifesbane would be in Two-Rivers.  Prestor took the initiative and led an attack against it, but an ambush soon occurred.  Sir Gustav, now an aged man, sacrificed himself so that Prestor might survive.  This emotional blow sent Prestor into a blood craze that turned to several swift and surprising victories against Tylan Bloodjoy's men. 

By the end of the decade, he had taken back half of what was once his.

When King Terenas called for the lords of Lordaeron to assist in the Second War, Prestor and his men left immediately to see what might be done to further secure support from the crown.   It was during this time that he met his cousin, Magnus Albrecht as well as many other men of Blackmarsh's peerage.  The two cousins did not get along very well, with Magnus' boastful nature proving far too much for Prestor.  Once, when in their cups, it was mentioned that Richard would have won had Magnus not killed Aldrich Crowe, to which Prestor replied that some men die long before they are dead. 


Tumblr n42tb1MnK31qh7s0uo1 1280

Art by Rhosmera

The situation in the Falomyr Marches remained bloody, through supposed peace treaties and blatant assassination attempts.  The remaining factions between Bloodjoy, Falomyr, and lesser lords became a status quo that was only ended when the greater portion of Lordaeron fell to the Scourge.  Prestor quickly began to accept the surrender of neighboring lords for protection against the Scourge, though the undead did drive deeply into his lands.  For some time after the emergence of the Scourge, he took to a brutal campaign of warfare against the undead.  In many ways, his acts were likened to his grandfather when faced with the trolls of yore.

Prestor's expertise proved great, but his ability to appreciate the value of others far greater.  He gathered a band of disenfranchised and downcast warriors, come from all walks of life and all species -- human, Vrykul, Arakkoa, dragonkin, to form a coalition known by many as the Menagerie.  With a small but extremely skilled force under his command, he broke the Scourge in Falomyr and when joined with the Queen's Men, managed to take Dragon's Bight and end Scourge activity in Lordaeron.

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