Paul Gregory Taylor Beauregard






Stephen Beauregard (father-deceased), Michelle Beauregard (mother)






Councilmember of the Silver Hand, Lordaeron Peerage, The Royal Army


Paul Gregory Taylor Beauregard is a tall muscular Paladin of the Knights of the Silver Hand. He wears his midnight black hair long as was the old tradition. His eyes are blue as the deep ocean, and he wears a goatee trimmed short and proper. The black armor he wears and black two handed sword he carries into battle are reminders of those he lost escaping from Loraderon during the Third War. On his chest and back he bears the standard of Lordaeron.


Early LifeEdit

Paul grew up as the first born son of Stephen Beauregard, one of the major Lords of Strahnbad. In early life Paul wanted for little. He was an inquisitive child who played, was educated from an early age, and had the run of Easthold Castle. All of that changed in his ninth year when The Second War began. While not old enough to realize what his father was doing, Paul could see it was putting a great strain on him. Lord Stephen Beauregard reluctantly followed Lord Perenold's orders to commit treason against the Alliance. He tried to limit the exposure in Tyr's Hand, insisting that the Alteraci men only be there for a few short days and then depart leaving the peasants there to handle their own rebellion. Lord Perenold disagreed and insisted that the rabble there could not be trusted, and that good Alteraci men would stir up the right kind of trouble. The Alteraci insurgents were caught and eventually questioned, which led to the discovery of Alterac's betrayal of the Alliance.

Once that information was made widespread, Lord Beauregard had his wife and son escape out of the kingdom. He sent them northeast, to Darrowshire where they had a winter cabin nestled in the hills. There for a year and a half, a small bag of gold would be placed on the back porch of the cabin, facing the alpine treeline and jagged hills there. Mother and son lived in seclusion, hiding who they were and slowly erasing their minor accents. That all came to an end when a much larger bag of gold was found on the back porch along with a Lord of Strahnbad's signet ring, and a note explaining that the former Lord Beauregard had been killed. Paul hid the note from his mother but showed the ring to her and she immediately broke down weeping.

After a week of grieving, the former Lady Beauregard gathered her wits, put on one of her best dresses and reentered society. After a two short months she entertained a marriage proposal to a Lord Herbard of the Sliver, or as he prefered to call it The Eye of the Needle. It was not the grand union that Michelle Beauregard had hoped for but the man was a minor Lord who promised not to judge Paul or treat him ill.

The former Lady Beauregard was reminded a month after her wedding of an old Alteraci proverb. "Promises, treaties, words. At best, ink on a page. At worst, air long exhaled." Paul was sent off against his and her wishes to the Capital to become a Priest of the Holy Light, removing any chance that Paul might inherit the lands of his step-father. Lord Herbard had a son already from his first wife, a sick weakly boy a few months younger than Paul. The Lord of the Sliver wanted no risk that his vassals might prefer the young and hale outsider to his own son.

The Silver HandEdit

Lord Herbard's plans were derailed when upon entering the monastary in Tirisfal, Paul saw a few of the Paladin neophytes training with wooden swords. Picking up a discarded sword, Paul challeged one of the older Initiates to a duel. After a brief but tense fight, Paul emerged victorious. The stunned Silver Hand trainer immediately requested the upstart boy's transfer to Stratholme, so that he might learn to become a Paldin.

Paladin training was harsh for Paul. It wasn't any more physically demanding than his tutors had been of him since he was very young, but the change in attitude and morality was rough on him. He was late in training to be able to channel the Light, but made up for it with great zealotry when he at last was made an Adept of the Silver Hand at age 18.

The Third WarEdit

When rumor's of the Plague of Undeath began to surface, Paul was immediately dispatched along with a handful of Knights a contingent of healers to help aid the smallfolk across Lordaeron. Village after village in Eastern Lordaeron was checked and found to be unaffected just yet. It was during that time that Arthas sacked Stratholme and left for Northrend, leaving Lordaeron behind.

As the group of Silver Hand made their way to the Southern portions of Lordaeron and to the West, things became far more dire. Grain distribution had taken place much earlier there, and with every village they came to the Scourge were rising steadily. The small group of holy men and women put down the undead and moved on. They heard of Arthas' betrayal and the death of the King. The Paladin's began to gather up what living souls they could, taking near two hundred men, women, and children with them. They pushed towards the South, where no ill news had been heard of.

As they gathered more and more people to the group of Paladin's more of the smallfolk they were caring for changed into the undead while on the journey. While those small groups were easily cut down, afte five days of such attacks, a wave of zombies and ghouls decended down on the group. The smallfolk panicked and all but a scant fifty were cut down before the holy men and women could end the Scourge forces. Of the thirty holy men and women that set out from Stratholme, only ten remained, five of them the Knight's of the Silver Hand sent to guard them.

After a brief moment of conferance the Knights placed Paul in charge of the depleted band and told them to make it South the best way he knew how. They told him that they thought that the freshly created undead gave away their location to the other undead and that the best way to distract the Scourge would be to cause trouble and allow the smallfolk to escape. They would hear none of Paul's arguements and instead took off, heading East where they thought they could do the most good.

Paul later discovered they joined the battle at Darrowshire, eventually losing their lives when Redpath lost hope and turned against the forces of the Light.

The band of survivors made their way south, past the Eye of the Needle and into the Sliver proper, where Paul spoke with his step-father. After speaking of the horrors that lay to the North, Lord Herbard was determined to take the fight to the undead, and rallied his retainers. Ignoring Paul's pleas for the man to join them and escort them southward, the headstrong Lord took off into Lordaeron.

Gathering his mother from Feldar Castle, Paul fled south with what few people he could convince from the surrounding city near the castle. With a little over one hundred men, women and children they made their way south through the Alterac Mountains and making their way into Southshore. Bribing local fishermen with large boats, the men and women of Lordaeron sailed southward, arriving in Menethil Harbor before pooling all of their resources together and booking passage for a long voyage south on two cargo ships. They arrived in Westfall, disembarking on the sandy beaches there before walking into Elwynn Forest and begging aid from the Kingdom of Stormwind.

Restless YearsEdit

Paul was made a Paladin by the Silver Hand branch in Stormwind once it was discovered what all he had done. He secured a comfortable apartment for his mother and himself and stayed in Stormwind for some time, serving in the army. He had no interest in Outland, and instead worked to secure the Kingdom of Stormwind's borders against incursions.

The Argent CrusadeEdit

It was not until the formation of the Argent Crusade that Paul left the Southern end of the Eastern Kingdoms. Not caring about Tirion Fordring's checkered past, the paladin signed on with the Argent Crusade and journied to Northrend, fighting the undead wherever he was sent. He participated in the assault to retake Crusader's Pinnacle, and was a part of the forces that invaded Icecrown Citadel.

With the death of the Lich King, Paul requested to return South to the Eastern Kingdoms and found himself in Hearthglen as the Argent Crusade claimed its ancestral home. Paul began to feel hope for the first time that he could reclaim some of his homeland, even after the Catacylsm rocked the world.

Disgust and ResignationEdit

When the Forsaken retook Andorhol from the human settlers there Paul was incensed, and joined as one of the vocal supporters for actions to at remove the Forsaken menace from Lordaeron. Quietly he spoke to other members of the Crusade, trying to convince the senior members to at the very least strike out surgically against the Val'kyr that were now in the Forsaken's employ. With them gone the Forsaken would be crippled and easily dealt with.

When Highlord Fordring silenced all dissent by stating that the Argent Crusade would continue to play as a neutral actor and not attack the Forsaken, Paul was disgusted. He quit the Crusade a few weeks later, finding himself back in Stormwind. Before he could reapply to the Stormwind Army again, Paul met a man named Jorn Buzan, who convinced him to take up arms for the Queen of Lordaeron.

In Service to her MajestyEdit


Campaign ParticipationEdit

Queen's Landing
Dread Rebellion
River's Eye Campaign
Dove Uprising
Schatten's Freundinnen
Scourge Invasion of Myrwood

Second Grand Crusade
Containment of the Forsaken
Birthday in BoL #1

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