Oswald Lichter (previously "Wald Digger" is the adoptive son of Arval Lichter.  Formerly a ward of Madelynne I, he was adopted officially during the Winter's Veil ball when his father chose to grant him admission to the Dawnhaven Academy.  Prior to this, he had served as a squire to several commanders:  Prestor Falomyr, Jeremaes Edrickton, and Jothaem Albrecht for a time.

Wald is noted for his quick wit and affability, marking him as one of the few people that have been able to win the queen over with little effort on his own behalf.  He appears to be a middling swordsman though and does not ride particularly well, though by Arval's estimation it is because no one ever properly saw fit to instruct him. 

He was shown to be friends with Haela Harefoot for a time.

Until his father has a blood heir, and because he attends Dawnhaven Academy, Oswald is officially the heir to the county of Dawnholde.  In Lord Jothaem's will, Oswald was awarded his sword and armor, though he is still too small to wear them. 

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