New Duskenhill is a town in Lordaeron outside, but close to the Blackmarsh border . Despite that, its citizens have taken Madelynne I as their rightful sovereign.

Originally, the city was called merely Duskenhill. It was there that Cedrik Wolvesbane with a handful of soldiers held the line against a marauding orcish force in the Second War. For this deed, he received the alias of "The Bastion of Duskenhill".

Unfortunately, the township did not escape the cruel fate brought by the Scourge during the Third War. Much like the rest of Lordaeron, it was razed by undead forces and nothing more than smoldered ruins remained.

Years later, a few of its old inhabitants decided to return and rebuild the once proud settlement. In honor of the fallen, they kept the name, but added the word "new" to dawn a fresh beginning. The first noteworthy buildings to be repaired were the Town Hall, the Chapel and Cedrik's statue on the central plaza.

Recently, the city came under attack by Dovemen rebels, who sought to not only retrieve the Bastion's artifact, but also destroy the Chapel. The Royal Army stood its ground and repelled the invaders.

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