Mother Matelda
By Rara10


Church of Lordaeron

Year of Birth

01 AP.








Pure Blood


Mourning Sisters


Amoral Realist

Mother Matelda (formerly, "Matelda Trueflame") is a mother of the Church of Lordaeron and a controversial figure in her own right.   Previously the wife of Duke William Glendover, Matelda was a woman known to be the mistress of Count Harold Trueflame, himself the prospective king-consort of Lordaeron prior to his untimely death.
During the War of the Light she rebelled against the crown and fought at the Siege of White Haven, where bolstered by Argent Crusade forces she was able to defeat the Royal Army.  Despite her victory though, she was eventually forced to surrender and was taken into custody after Duke White Haven returned from captivity she reclaim his castle.  Because of her fine bloodline and relation to the queen she was spared the gallows and instead made into a sister of the Church.
Expected to die in obscurity, Matelda has instead worked carefully to build favor for herself among her fellow sisters.  She became a mother with surprising support from those under her and was the last promotion made before Her Most Sacred Holiness, Lucia I died.  
Though it is often stated as something of a joke, Matelda has been considered as one of the replacements for the Sacred Mother of Blackmarsh.  This joke, however, does not meet with much humor from the queen.


Matelda is a comely woman, tall and very dignified.  Of pure and true Highpassian blood, she carries herself with a sense of distinction that many feel readily willing to follow.  She is noteworthy in her formality and will often correct others even if it means ignoring what they had to say until the matter is properly addressed.
When she became a sister, to remove her "pride," the Mourning Sisters cut her hair short. However, since then it has grown once more and she wears it as she did when she was a woman freed of blame.  

Life before Dishonor

Matelda Trueflame was born the daughter of Sir Sebastian and Lady Clemence (née Bellamy) in Highvale.  She is the second cousin of Harold Trueflame and the third cousin of Madelynne I.  As a child she and her cousin, the future count of Highvale, spent a great deal of time together and became fast friends.  As their attachment to one another grew so too did their intimacy, though even for those of noble blood their closeness in age (and some might say, appearance) made them appear far too close to be actually wed. 
From an early age, Matelda was known to be something of a particular person and rarely allowed others to perform to a lesser extent than she expected.  She held little love for her cousin, the Viscountess of Blackmarsh, who she saw as petty, vain, and troublesome and was more than content to remain on her side of the Ebontide whenever she was able to do so.  Matelda's quiet nature as a child saw many find her to be somewhat slow, but in fact it was a shyness that she overcame only when Harold encouraged her to sing for the first time at Grand Duke Henry's court.  Her voice, as clear and fine as the morning's day, saw her receive great praise and adulation.
But the happiness in her life, it seemed, was doomed to come to an end.  By her eighteenth birthday, Matelda was betrothed to the future duke of White Haven, William Glendover, who proved to be a good man but one that bored her and wanted for the romance and intrigue of her beloved Harold.  Harold promised to continue to speak with her though and to write her as often as possible.  With time, she would come to visit Highvale more than she was to be found in White Haven.  People often had reason to gossip but little was to be done of it.

Assassination and Rebellion

For the duration of her marriage to Glendover, Matelda knew many lovers though she remained constant only to Harold.  A common favorite of hers, Edgar Sumner, was a lowly ranking son in a meager household, but proved to be a consistent thorn in her husband's side and performed well enough at tournaments to receive some praise.  She relied on this sort of jealousy inspiring behavior to gain some attention from her husband, though he often placed it aside and prided himself on his devout ways.
Matelda was present in Highvale when Madelynne I, having selected Harold as her consort by acclaim of her kingdom, sent her assassins to kill him.  She is perhaps the only person to be aware of what transpired on that evening that has spoken of it.  Spared because they required a witness and told to lie to defame Williert Stokeswood, Matelda was haunted by the death of her beloved and allowed it to fester within her.  She turned to openly disgracing William then, to little avail, but saw her chance for vengeance during the War of the Light.
After Grand Duke Henry died, Matelda conspired with those in White Haven to surrender the castle to the Argent Crusade.  This was plan was greatly expidited when William was captured in battle, permitting her to defect immediately with the castle's garrison.  Not to lose such a valuable port, King Prestor sent the Royal Army to retake it but they were beaten back.  Matelda, dressed for battle, commanded the castle's defenses and vowed to see Harold's killer brought to justice.
But the rebellion was doomed, she knew, and even with Owynn Trueflame at her side, she was certain the castle would be taken.  She surrendered when William was returned from captivity and without apology, accepted her place in the Sect of the Mourning Sisters.  Surprisingly, William begged leniency for her and considered his wife even in disgrace.

In the Church

Matelda's intellect and determination have seen her gain allies and accolades as time has gone on.  A shrewd woman capable of capturing the minds of those she finds talented, she was made a mother after speaking with Lucia I shortly before her death.

Her position is laughable to some, though it should be noted that Queen Madelynne's was no less prior to her great success in breaking the Forsaken blockade of Blackmarsh.  If Matelda aims to achieve similar greatness in the church remains to be seen, but her life and experiences certainly have not shown her to be a woman of lacking desire for greatness. 

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