Mason Pendleton was one of the Pendleton commanders during the Blackwood Uprising . He held the Ebon Hill Pass for the majority of the war and is said to have haunted it following his demise.


Mason was considered a handsome young man. Tall and dashing, he was in many ways compared to Arval Albrecht. He wore light mail into combat and favored a broadsword as his weapon of choice when not using a bow.


A young man at the time of the Blackwood Uprising, Mason Pendleton quickly became a commander in his father's cause. A gifted swordsman, he was given a token force and sent to hold the entirety of the Ebon Hill Pass from potential Menethil support. Having spent his childhood learning the pass along with many of his soldiers, his expertise in navigation gave him a major advantage over the offenders.

For months, Mason managed to keep Menethil forces from breaking through the Pass. Following the defeats suffered at Shadowvale, Mason greatly wished to avenge his brothers and chased the Menethil forces further than he should have. Unfortunately, this exposed him to a secondary army that was approaching and, caught between the two, he was killed in the ensuing melee.

His refusal to surrender gained him acclaim among many. Although hatred between the Albrechts and Pendletons was high, upon hearing that Mason had died Dedrick was said to have wept.