Marigold Falomyr was the daughter of Margrave Auric Falomyr and his wife Agnes Albrecht. She was also the wife of her own brother, Alfred the Abhorrent.


Like her mother, Marigold was a quiet and unassuming woman. Though gifted with becoming features, she often underplayed her attractiveness in favor of seeming as ordinary as possible. Her hair was strawberry blonde, a rarity amongst Dedrick Albrecht's descendents. She was fair skinned with slightly large ears that were angled in a manner vaguely elven. Soft of features and voice, she seemed born to play a cruel role in a morbid tableau.


Marigold was born to live a life of misery. After her father's war with her cousin, Hadrian Albrecht, her mother died and she became the target of his depraved obsessions.

It was not until the successive war in the conflict that her father took ill, and upon his death she was allowed to believe she was freed from harm. This belief was quickly abandoned when Alfred proved to be as much a sadist as their now deceased father.

Marigold bore for her brother five children. When she saw that her eldest son, Martin, looked at his sister Agatha with desire in his eyes, she is said to have gone insane and smothered her daughter to protect her. From that day forth, Marigold's sanity was largely in question.

When her brother was deposed, she feared that the rebels would arrive to kill her as well. Although the rebellion was partially begun because of her cruel treatment, her mind was so far gone that she could only see the worst in men. As her mother had supposedly done, she hung herself before Falomyr fell.

Her children, born of incest, were all killed save for Prestor who escaped during the siege. Several years later, Prestor returned to reclaim the castle after defeating the council left in charge of the march.

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