Lord Manfred Faust is the head of the House of Faust and current Baron of The Vigil, a minor barony within The Grave. He is not well known within Blackmarsh, as it was only very recently he came to his seat of power. Eager to prove himself, his ceaseless pursuit of further glory and honor make him a rather interesting man.

Characteristics Edit

Lord Faust stands rather tall at 6'4", yet in spite of this he is not lanky at all, perhaps best described as stocky and muscular. He is ever alert, his steel grey eyes piercing his surroundings for some challenge he can crush or foe he can dominate. His visage is marred with scars, and the majority of his face is covered with a large, bushy black beard. His head is shaven and stubbly, his baldness seemingly out of choice rather than age. His voice is distinctive in that it is very commanding, a harsh, gruff whip that can will men to do his bidding simply out of fear that his bite might be worse than his bark. Though he has a mean look about him in both his caricatures and mannerisms, Manfred does not seem inherently cruel, simply more interested in results than any unneeded discussions.

Manfred is used to commanding those around him, though when in the presence of superior nobility understands his position and forces down any ill-fated words or threats. He makes use of his intimidating presence often, physically dominating a room in order to bring others into line. In addition to this, Manfred is loyal and dutiful to a fault, unable to consider the possibility that betrayal could have any possible benefit to himself or those he is sworn to protect. He is nearly obsessed with furthering his own glory and that of his House, and often seeks to resolve matters through single combat when negotiations seem to be failing. He is most comfortable in the field of battle, as it is there his skill as a warrior and tactician both can shine through, and his faults as a politician are hidden.

Equipment Edit

Though the Lord of the Vigil is but minor nobility, he wears armor fitting of a Knight. Black and red with traces of gold, his armor is clearly well crafted but well used as well. It mirrors the man's own appearance, scars covering the surface trailing from the greaves to the helm, each a tale from a different combat. It has served him well, for no ill-timed defense has left him just another corpse in the dirt.

As his weapon of choice, Lord Faust wields a large bearded ax. Weighted and razor sharp, it is something he meticulously cares after and keeps it prepared for combat at any time. Dark runes run the length of the head, and though the ancient magics within it seem to have faded, it is not impossible they could be awoken again. Despite this, it is a fearsome weapon, and in the hands of a skilled Knight such as Manfred, it can prove truly deadly in single combat. Aside from this, Manfred also often carries a dirk with him for close combat and a family crossbow that sees little use.

History Edit

Manfred is the son of the late Baron Heinrich Faust, and by the ancient Faust rite of passage defeated his father in single combat to take his seat at the head of House Faust. Little is known of his youth beyond that he was knighted at an early age and often showed a dedication to excellence in his endeavors. Though his rule has been relatively short, he has proven an able ruler, sustaining his father's works and further developing both the defenses of the Vigil as well as increasingly reaching out to other parts of Blackmarsh. With the recent expansion of the Silver Fist Revolt, Manfred has begun to prepare his forces for a more active offensive. In addition, he has recently sent word to the Crown asking for more troops with which to crush the Silver Fist and to offer his assistance however it may be needed.

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