Magnus Albrecht,

5th Viscount of Blackmarsh

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Viscount of Blackmarsh


Hadrian Albrecht


Madelynne Albrecht


Margaret Pendleton


Madelynne Albrecht
Hadrius Albrecht


Marcellus Marsh



Lord Magnus Albrecht, 5th Viscount of Blackmarsh was the son of {Hadrian Albrecht} and his lady-wife {Mathilda}.  He was the father of Madelynne I and Marcellus Marsh, as well as the unborn {Hadrius}.  His younger brother was Sir Jothaem the Just.  Magnus was the only viscount to serve both as viscount and Falconheart.  He is remembered as a champion of chivalry and enjoyed extreme popularity throughout his short life time.  

He served in several wars: The War of the Ebontide, Midday War, First War , and Second War chief among them. His legacy is one of strife and conquest, with victory ever on the lips of those that followed him.



Art by xape.

By all accounts, Magnus was a very becoming man.  Tall and well built, he enjoyed the admiration of women and men alike for his robust nature and boundless strength.  Gifted with the high and pronounced cheekbones of a Trueflame, he nevertheless provided the strong and sturdy features of an Albrecht which created an interesting mixture of handsomeness and a touch of comely resplendence.  Naturally born to the pursuit of war, which hearkened back to Wilhelm if not Helmuth, Magnus seemed to have inherited his father's disdain for slovenly lifestyles and wanted for the corpulence of the former or the ruggedness of the latter.

As with all Albrechts, he was a man of fair skin, dark red hair, and light blue eyes.  Throughout his life he kept his beard trimmed and allowed his hair to reach the nape of his neck.  In battle he wore a suit of red plate, challenged by white gold in the breastplate at several places.  From the time of his knighting he coveted the Falconheart, which he eventually wielded with an expertise that rivaled that of his grand uncle, Sir Anders.


Although his father may have wished for him to perform as a lord as he did, Magnus was born with a warrior's heart. Too young to participate in Hadrian's War, he was a squire for his cousin Dame Marcelyn the Falconheart during the War of the Ebontide.

As legend holds, the first man that he slew was Lord Aldrich Crowe during the Battle of Dawnpoint. Upon realizing that the man was flanking his cousin, Magnus took a standard and ran the lord of Crowe's Nest through. Ever since that moment, his popularity soared and his father knew it was hopeless to expect him to mold him into the man he was. Instead, he played to his son's strengths.

Not since Helmuth Albrecht had Blackmarsh enjoyed the prospect of a viscount with a warrior's prowess. Hadrian's own father, Wilhelm, had been more a tourney knight than an actual warrior, but within Magnus it was evident that battle was within his blood.

Seizing upon his son's popularity, Hadrian arranged for him to wed Vance Pendleton's eldest daughter, Margaret. The Pendletons had long been relatively supportive of House Albrecht, but this union would fasten them together as kin once more. Magnus found the prospect of marriage hardly interesting and agreed to do whatever his father wished so long as he was permitted to continue his fighting.

Magnus, his younger brother Jothaem, and their cousin Azraegar traveled the whole of Lordaeron. Assisting Lordaeron forces in engagements between Gilneas and Alterac , the trio even traveled all the way to Kul Tiras where a drinking game found Magnus and Azraegar with bastards left unclaimed for many years. Upon hearing news that his son had sired a bastard, Hadrian was so disgusted that he threatened to remove Magnus from the line of succession and place Jothaem in his place. But Jothaem was no leader and Magnus no follower; Hadrian relented but kept a tighter watch on his son from that point onward.

Five years prior to the First War, Magnus saw his wife Margaret with child. The soft spoken and gentle Margaret Pendleton was very much a lady of Lordaeron's own, and though he was accustomed to a rowdier sort, Magnus found that life with her was not at all difficult. Their first born daughter was named Madelynne after the ancient batllemaiden, Magda. Two years later, Hadrian died.

As viscount, Magnus was forced to contend with the arrival of orcs upon Azeroth. He assisted during the First War with enough distinction to gain a royal command. During the Second War he and his brother served valiantly; however, only the latter would return from battle.

During the Assault on Blackrock Spire , Magnus was killed by a rampaging ogre. His body was recovered by his brother and returned to his daughter. Shortly after his death, Margaret too passed away in childbirth.


Due to the longevity of Hadrian's life and the shortness of his own, the majority of Magnus' decisions were largely based upon military aspects of Blackmarsh. The majority of his expenses were used maintaining a standing army for the viscounty, and his martial pursuits greatly burdened the commonfolk. Despite this, unlike economic reforms that may have had lasting effects the ability to see their toil paying off instantaneously greatly pleased many of the peasantry, although nobles disparaged his reckless spending.

Quite unlike his father, Magnus cared little for the peasants despite the enormous popularity he had amongst them. He was once quoted to having said that for a dozen good knights he would have sold a hundred into slavery. Removed from the common man as much as could be expected of a commander in the field, he nevertheless did call upon them to assist in the Bloodjoy Uprising, which proved to be his only major act of foreign policy.

Because of his impressive showing in the First War and the Second War, as well as his lifelong dedictaion to martial prowess, Magnus is remembered as being a knight of classic distinction. His early death greatly romanticized him, and not wishing to lose the favor of their subjects, many of his detractors in life sang his praises.

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