Madelynne I,

Queen of Lordaeron



Queen of Lordaeron (claimant)


King Terenas Menethil II
Viscount Magnus Albrecht


The Merciful
The Merciless
The Light's Right Hand
The Red Queen
The Mercy-Giver
Conqueror of the Dread
The Blessed

Date of Birth

05 B.P.


Lordaeron Peerage
Knights of the Silver Hand
The Scarlet Crusade
The Crimson Redemption
Brotherhood of the Flame

Previous Titles

Baroness of Falconrest
Viscountess of Blackmarsh
Lady Paramount of the North




Sacred Blood


Prestor Falomyr (Spouse)
Caerwyn Trueflame(Bastard)
Princess Morgana(Daughter)


Princess Morgana

Madelynne the Merciful (born Madelynne Albrecht) is the reigning Queen of Lordaeron and head of the House of Albrecht.  Born as the heiress presumptive to Blackmarsh, she ascended to the title of viscountess at the age of sixteen.  Following the Queen's War, the title was awarded to her uncle, Jothaem Albrecht, who would be the final Viscount of Blackmarsh before the title was abolished.

Due to her questionable affiliation with the Scarlet Crusade and the zeal in which she has dispensed justice upon those deemed criminal, the smallfolk have taken to referring to her as "the Red Queen". This has led to dueling epithets: the official Merciful, and the more accurate Merciless.

Although initially mocked for her lack of land to substantiate the claim she made and being placed in a precarious position in hostile territory, through a series of military and political intrigues did Madelynne amass a growing kingdom that though still quite smaller than Lordaeron at its prime, nevertheless presented hope for those that wished to see an end to the Forsaken occupation of their homeland.  Often viewed as an unfortunate ally or an undesired enemy, Madelynne has carved for herself a promising swathe in a land bereft hope.

Following the Scourge Invasion she wed Prestor Falomyr, naming him King-Consort and Lord Protector of the Realm in her absence. 


Madelynne Face

Art by Kelzack

For all of her detractors, Madelynne's is an appearance that is generally lauded as quite becoming.  A woman tall with a complexion quite fair, she stands at 5'10 and maintains a desirable figure.  As of late, age and a change in her lifestyle have begun to catch up to her, rendering a figure once perfect (in her mind) flawed to an extent where her corsetry compensates for what extra poundage she might have gained.  Despite this, she retains a regal air that she carries effortlessly from one day to the next and seems impervious to the disdain of those about her.

Her eyes are a pale blue, nearly grey in appearance, and seem to glow in certain lights albeit as little more than a trick of the beholder's eye.  Rich and deep and red as the blood spilt in her name, her scarlet tresses border upon the sanguine and often are allowed to fall past her shoulders with some attention to the intricacies involved with properly presenting the look of a woman high born.  While many of her features might be attributed to Albrecht favors, her high nose and delicate jawline are decidedly Pendleton in appearance precluding her from the more austere look of her ancestors.

Of a pedigree that appears nigh impeccable, Madelynne's appearance is tailored for perfection through upbringing and the features of her ancestors.  Nigh objective in her beauty, she is a strong case in favor of the careful maintenance of bloodlines in favor of prosperity over love.  As with many women of her family, she generally favors apathy though she can feign mirth with ease.  This causes her expressions often to appear quite becoming, but cold and nearly glacial in execution.

Early Life

Madelynne was the first child of {Magnus Albrecht} and his lady wife {Margaret}  five years before the Dark Portal’s opening. Her father was the first son of Viscount {Hadrian Albrecht} and Lady {Mathilda}, and her mother was the second child and first daughter of Lord {Vance Pendleton}, Lord of Blackwood, and his wife Lady Melinda. She was the second born child of Magnus Albrecht, who had supposedly sired a bastard upon a tavern wench seven years prior to her birth. Hadrian Albrecht cherished his granddaughter, and during the last days of his life, was said to have had his best days when in her company.

Madelynne’s only living sibling is Marcellus Marsh. While Madelynne does not consider the bastard to be her true brother, when they were younger she found herself attached to him and readily accepted his charming nature. As she was born within a relatively peaceful time in Blackmarsh’s volatile history, Madelynne became the center of attention for her mother’s efforts.

Due in no small part to the painstaking diligence Lord Hadrian took in developing Blackmarsh, the House of Albrecht’s prestige was at its zenith. Marriage proposals for Madelynne’s hand began to appear almost instantaneously, with the ages of potential suitors ranging from those nearly as young as she, to almost ten-times her age. Prior to her birth, the matter of succession had never been relevant to the Albrecht line: males had always been born first. Now, in a male-primogeniture, Madelynne’s inheritance could potentially place Blackmarsh in the hands of another if a son was not born to take her place. It was a situation similar to that which her great-grandmother, Lady Claudia, faced upon her own wedding. The eldest female child could very well mean lineal extinction should she not be followed with a brother. Reportedly, Lord Magnus had little qualm with seeing to the matter personally.

The first years of Madelynne’s life were quite typical of a child born into high society. Eventually, she was betrothed at the age of five to Jorn Buzan, scion of the House of Buzan. She began her training in her role as a lady and excelled in all that she performed. Granted a Thalassian tutor, she learned not only how to speak but also write in the elven language. She also studied needleworking, etiquette, falconry, histories, and equitation. Along with learning to play the harp, she was taught poetry and songs relevant to most nations. Accompanied by her elder cousin Nonia Pendleton and her sisters, Madelynne’s most valuable lesson was in learning how to become a leader.

It was often said that she was “quite the little lady”, though some noted a particularly “magisterial and unyielding” quality to her. A young lady through and through, she was never one to argue with her tutors and always gained their approval. Soft spoken and dignified, Madelynne carried Albrecht poise effortlessly. Lady Margaret once remarked that her daughter’s tutelage had begun within the womb.

Expectedly, she took to her pursuits with effortless grace. A young lady through and through, she was never one to argue with her tutors and always gained their approval. Soft spoken and dignified, she carried the Albrecht poise effortlessly. Lady Margaret once remarked that her daughter had begun her lessons while still within the womb.

War and the Deceased

Prior to the First War, the only time in which Madelynne encountered war was the distant Bloodjoy Uprising. Aged five at the time, she could hardly comprehend the implications of men leaving and not returning. It has been assumed her flippancy with the deployment of troops began at this point, as her father hardly considered the welfare of the men beneath him beyond demanding they fight with dignity and valor. Most of the knights and footmen that left for the war returned; those that did not were commemorated as heroes.

Lord Magnus led a contingent of Blackmarsh’s finest men southward to assist the beleaguered survivors of Stormwind. Madelynne noted her father’s absence only passingly and before he was long absent, he returned with his men. The savagery of the orcs, he said, was unlike anything he had ever encountered before. But there was excitement in his voice and she greatly appreciated how lively he appeared.

The first of Madelynne’s many perceived slights suffered by her bastard brother came following the return of Blackmarsh’s gallants. Overcome with pride at his son’s showing in battle, the viscount had Marcellus seated beside him as not only the guest of honor, but also his prized son. Madelynne had always believed that her position as her father’s favored child had been nigh sacred, and yet that evening men and women of Blackmarsh revered the bastard as though he were her better.

There was little time for revelry, though. Lord Magnus was summoned to lead a second host during the Second War not more than half a decade later. Having seen his wife with a child by then and certain it was a boy, he vowed to return with an orc’s armor as a gift for the son he had already named Hadrius. That boast as one of the last things Madelynne heard as she and her cousins watched the gallant men of Blackmarsh answer King Terenas II’s call to arms.

All gathered, the host was an impressive sight to behold: Magnus Albrecht, Viscount of Blackmarsh; {Eugine Pendleton}, Heir of Blackwood; {Vann Creed} , Lord of Dreadholme; {Helmuth Thorne}, Lord of Thorn Hill; Sir {Hector Marshal}, Sir {Jothaem Albrecht}, her uncle, and many more fine and talented men. Beneath her breath, Madelynne only hoped that Marcellus might not return.

It was not long after her father’s march that Lady Margaret took ill. Always a soft spoken and slight women, she became frail with alarming alacrity. Madelynne watched as healers and priests failed to rouse her mother. Though frightened, she bore it with as much courage as she could and continued what lessons she might learn at her mother’s behest. It was not until she was bedridden that Madelynne allowed herself to mourn.

Lady Margaret entered labor far too early; both she and the baby died as a result. Madelynne’s unborn brother, Hadrius, was such a small thing that she could have held him in her hands. Shortly thereafter, the Horde was broken and the men of Blackmarsh returned once more. Many had died in the Battle of Blackrock Spire, amongst them her father – the victim of an ogre’s wrath. When Marcellus brought their father’s bloodied standard to her, Madelynne cursed him and stated that it should have been him that died.

Now orphaned by war, Madelynne was taken in by her uncle Sir Jothaem, who had recently been trained in the ways of paladins to become Jothaem the Just. Though his claim to the title of viscount was stronger than his niece’s, he instead chose to allow her to retain it as he had devoted himself entirely to the Light. Her maternal uncle, Sir Eugine Pendleton, became her castellan until such a time when she might rule in her own right. It was a great time of suffering and anguish for the young girl; a time that would forever mark her.

Three Champions and a Bastard

Sir Jothaem sat Madelynne down after an appropriate period of grieving and asked her what she wished for her future. But eight years old, she had enough coin to her name to be considered affluent and enough prestige to remain desirable. Her betrothal to Jorn Buzan lingered, but it was a betrothal that had been advantageous only so long as there was a strong male claimant to contend with any Buzan claim to seat of Blackmarsh. Her uncles agreed that for the time being, it would be best to stall on any further advancement of the nuptials of the children.

But Madelynne’s was a heart that had grown cold after seeing her father’s corpse, and she cared little for harps and manner lessons. So difficult was it for her to reconcile the image of her boastful father that she at first claimed it to be a cruel trick. After an even longer period of mourning she stated that she knew what she wished to do – she wished to see knights fill the land that might punish all those who harmed her father. When told that the ogre responsible had been slain, she is quoted to having said: “then we shall kill all those that remain.”

At her behest, Blackmarsh became an additional training ground for paladin hopefuls in Lordaeron. The Knights of the Silver Hand found the shadowy land to be the perfect means for practicing their arts of the Light, and as war veterans took up her call soon the courtyard was filled with hopefuls. Of those that trained in the castle, three stood out: {Darron Trueflame}, {Gevin Hopesfire}, and {Eldanesh Kurnous}. The former two both held themselves as nobles, while the third seemed little more than an upstart.

Marcellus, though proven with mace, sword, flail, and axe was precluded from training as a paladin. Though he was allowed to squire and even accept a knighthood, Madelynne’s disfavor for him was without equal. When Sir Jothaem raised the matter to her, she once stated that she would sooner see all of Blackmarsh set to the torch than a single heroic deed come from it to lift the bastard’s name.

Viscountess of Blackmarsh


Art by Kelzack

Although she may have wanted for her father’s name or her mother’s etiquette, Madelynne soon found herself functioning in a capacity similar to both. Guided endlessly by her uncles, she managed to stabilize many problems that arose within Blackmarsh while at the same time preparing or others. Her first and most prominent policy was the further enforcement of the Light’s tenets in Blackmarsh.

But with the arrival of puberty came a shifting in her focus, and although she tried her best to remain the guileful lady that her uncles needed her to be, a girl’s wistfulness at times got the better of her. She was fond of games of flirtation though they rarely went above coy implication and as squires aged alongside her, many began to take her eye in a manner different than they had once before.

There existed the continued threat of a Buzan marriage, something that both of her uncles strongly advised against. Madelynne had only once met her intended and at the time she had been little more than a babe and he not much older. The prospect of their reunion was often mentioned in letters from the Buzans, who viewed her youth as something to be exploited. Little did they realize that this desire to force a meeting between the two would invariably bring about that which her uncles sought.

The Tournament at Shimmervale


Art by Kelzack

The tournament at Shimmervale was held to mark the marriage of {Lanna Creed} to {Duncan Lark}, a lesser lord of lower nobility. The hastilude that took place proved to be a fine venue for showing what the Blackmarsh trained knights were capable of. Madelynne attended the joust on the pretense of supporting her knights and saying farewell to a childhood friend; however, hers was a role far darker.

Once more, the Buzans had begun to pressure her for a meeting with her intended. Sir Jothaem took Madelynne aside and informed her that the best means by which to bring about the marriage proposal was to force the Buzans to call it off. Unfortunately, they were all but salivating at the prospect of acquiring Blackmarsh. It was then that Madelynne was told her part to play.

It was a part that would forever change the dynamic of her knights.

After Sir Darron performed admirably in the joust and topped the listings, Madelynne took Azgevin aside and began to ply him with drinks. Soused and with battle lust already upon him, it took little effort for her to convince him that they were meant to be together – at least, in the span of that moment. Just as they began to become intimate, Jorn Buzan was shown into their pavilion and witnessed something that went beyond words for an honorable young man.

The Buzans were furious and Madelynne did what she was told – she claimed that Azgevin had made untoward advances upon her and that Jorn had seen her resisting him. Though the deception was successful, Azgevin was banished from the order to further prove that it seemed authentic. Eldanesh, aware of what was happening after the fact, never forgave Madelynne for her actions.

The Third War

Madelynne served as a benefactor for two orders of knights: the Knights of the Silver Hand and the Scarlet Crusade. Her development as a woman and patriot are largely influenced in turn by each.

The Silver Hand

Madelynne by supa cho-d5rdcdr (1)

Art by Kelzack

Although feeling guilt over Azgevin's expulsion from the order, Madelynne did not disband her dealings with the knighthood. Offering her lands and citizenry to assist the preparation of further pages, squires, and knights, she became an administrator that assisted in properly placing children of various families and abilities in the proper holdings. It was not until the trial of Lord Fordring that she was given any reason to doubt the goodness of paladins, though when she saw the sad state that the man's son was in she offered to help deal with his lands. Briefly, the notion of a Fordring marriage occurred but was dismissed on the basis that it was a family disgraced.

As the Third War began, Madelynne remained in Blackmarsh and assisted in preparing for potential orcish uprising. She the majority of her life she had prepared her lands for that very moment and felt a wind of vindication rising when the first of their revolts began.

But the enemy to be faced by the gallants of Lordaeron was not their old enemy. Creatures born of shadow and death, the Scourge presented an enemy unlike any Madelynne had ever encountered. Assisting in the defense of neighboring Hearthglen, she dispatched her knights to break through the Scourge line; however, Hearthglen was not isolated and though they may have warded off the enemy, it was not entirely broken. The nightmare was only beginning.

Folllowing the Culling of Stratholme, the Knights of the Silver Hand were disbanded by order of {Prince Arthas}. But the resistance effort was not to be abandoned as the delusional prince sailed north. {Lord-Commander Saidan Dathrohan} and Highlord {Alexandros Mograine} emerged as two symbols for hope amidst the scattered remnants of the Silver Hand. Madelynne, greatly drawn to their strength and conviction, immediately moved to assist their efforts.

It was not until Arthas slew his father that the whole of Lordaeron was consumed in the darkness it had been battling. As though the Light had abandoned it, the entirety of the kingdom was left in shadow. Sir Darron died shortly thereafter, making the first loss Madelynne was to endure of the war. Many followed.

The Scarlet Crusade


Art by Kelzack.

The Scarlet Crusade's formation came about at the behest of Lord Commander Dathrohan. Though her patronage of the Silver Hand had been unfailing, when she offered her services to the Scarlet Crusade she knew that she had found her calling.

Blackwatch Keep became a hospice with Madelynne working tirelessly to assist the afflicted but finding that each one was beyond being saved. It was not until she encountered a young girl by the name of {Grace} that she took matters into her own hands and killed her. From this act she was granted the title the Merciful, though it was later changed to the Mercy-Giver (pejoratively) when she began killing without question.

Seeing that her work was eating away at her soul, Sir Jothaem requested his niece accompany her on his excursions through what remained of Lordaeron. Madelynne met many heroes in this time such as Sir Jeremaes Edrickton and Sir {Eshkandar Anushirvan}. The latter became her enforcer in matters of importance in coming days, while the former her titled champion.

The battles fought by the Scarlet Crusade were those which kept a pulse within Lordaeron; however, it was also the beginning of the end for a great thing. With Alexandros Mograine's death, the Crusade descended into gradual madness. Madelynne, isolated in Blackmarsh at most times, was kept away from the madness of Tyr's Hand and Stratholme, while at the same time doing all that she might to ensure that her comrades were prepared for battle.

Although she had little formal military training, she was given her first squire at this point, her cousin Ivoire Roarke, who acted in his best capacity to assist her with maintaining Blackmarsh's defenses. As the war became less about battles and more a continuous grind, Madelynne fought with all of her might not to allow herself to succumb to the same mindless fervor that consumed so many others. Aware of it, she ensured that neither she nor her ward would fall so far.

Shortly before the Battle of Lake Mereldar was the second to last time that Madelynne ventured into the Eastern theater. Though she missed several engagements, she used what influence she had with {Crusader-Lord Valdelmar} to attempt to protect Gevin and Eldanesh from the coming battle. Unfortunately, her charms were little match for Eldanesh's bravado.

The final time that Madelynne visited Tyr's Hand was in response to a meeting called by High General Abbendis. Together with her uncle and a procession of veterans from the Crimson Legion she attended the summit and listened to what was expected to become of the Crusade. Although progress was being made, the Argent Dawn was an endless thorn in the side and Commander Malakov Brightgrasp's efforts in the south were met with mixed results.

Eldanesh Kurnous, now styled Lord of Corrin's Crossing, suggested that Madelynne and Gevin defect to the newly formed Argent Crusade. Though Eldanesh left, Madelynne's derision for the self-proclaimed Ashbringer proscribed her from joining as well. The heated argument was to be the final exchange between them, and years later proved to something Madelynne greatly regretted.

Madelynne remained within Blackmarsh until finally the High General took her chosen soldiers to the north as the Scarlet Onslaught. With the Crusade deprived of its resources, Madelynne was sent south by {Scarlet Commander Marjhan} to draw what expatriots she could from the citizenry of Stormwind.

The Crimson Redemption

Accompanied by her squire to the south, Madelynne ordered Ivoire to remain in Redridge until such a time that she was certain the city would prove save for him. Alone, she ventured into Stormwind and began the process of slowly searching through potential recruits. It was in this way that she met Gorni Odek, Amaliana 'Midnai' Bradford, Menedi Lutherman, {Katyushka Cavendish}, Dame Amanda-Jane, and many others that had been scattered following Lordaeron's fall.

While gathering supplies and men for an expedition back to the north, Madelynne became a rival to a more traditionalist and deranged sect of Scarlet Crusaders. Though she largely won over the affection of the city, their continued antagonism would undo much of work. While it may have been rare to witness, Madelynne took to the field against them and claimed several victories. In the end, an assassin nearly claimed her life as a result. The scar upon her throat is a reminder of how close she came to death.

Sir Jeremaes Edrickton was dispatched to the south shortly thereafter, accompanied by the newly knighted Ivoire Roarke. As Madelynne recuperated outside of Stormwind, the Crimson Redemption's maintenance fell to her subordinates. They effortlessly maintained until she was once more on her feet. Certain that the time had come, she and her soldiers marched north.

The Northern Campaign


Art by Baenhoof.

Establishing their base camp in the remains of New Avalon, the Crimson Redemption drafted battle plans to contend with the Argent Crusade, Scourge, and Ebon Knights. Though initially morale soared, wartime discipline quickly saw it diminished. Madelynne, forced to contend with the eventuality that her champions may not have been as ready as she thought, was given a second surprise when their grain rations proved to be spoiled.

With her childhood adversary, {Amorceos Trueflame} , as her advisor, she had the grain shipments burned and the captains killed to prevent word from spreading. As a means of replenishing storehouses, she sent her most trusted men to raid outlying farms while dressed as Argents. This deception worked to feed her men, but also revealed to her that she would need to be practical and not pious if she wished to achieve victory.

At this time, she was also informed by Sir Jothaem the Just that Gevin had been killed by the Forsaken. This may have been a partial cause for the disaster that was to follow.

The Battle of the Pestilent Scar revealed Madelynne's inexperience with commanding battles. Though her soldiers fought valiantly, her ineptitude inevitably saw many fall. Distraught, she called for a complete retreat and returned south where she held funerals for each soldier lost and seemingly took leave of her senses. When finally she recovered herself, Madelynne announced she would be returning north to see to the Crusade's final push for Lordaeron.

Madelynne, with only those who wished to follow her what would surely be their final battle, marched toward Stratholme. Arriving late, she was confronted with the newly turned Risen forces and given her chance to flee by Sir Ivoire's noble sacrifice. Madelynne broke immediately for Blackmarsh. The lands had been greatly ravished by the Scourge, though some houses still remained. House Creed, House Pendleton, and House Marshal greeted their absent viscountess with wavering degrees of warmth.

The Brotherhood of the Flame

Feeling ill at home amongst most in Blackmarsh, Madelynne then turned her attentions to Hearthglen. It was her hope that with men from Blackmarsh she might regarrison the gates, but upon arriving she was horrified to see the Argent Crusade had already taken it. She considered suicide with the Falconheart; however, the sword was too heavy.

The art of bench sitting by kelzack-d55hqvp

Art by Kelzack.

Madelynne made her way back into Stormwind alone, seeking additional arms so that she might raise a second army to retake Lordaeron. But the atmosphere of Stormwind had changed and with it a new hatred for the Scarlet Crusade was born. Madelynne found herself quickly under the influence of the charming though deceptive Count Remington Ridgewell.

Practically a political prisoner, Madelynne began penning letters in an attempt to find her former champions. As the Light would have it, Sir Jeremaes Edrickton returned to Stormwind not long after she had been instated as Count Ridgewell's mistress. Certain that this was a sign from the Light, she set a task to her champion that would become the beginning of a new knighthood.

With Sir Jeremaes as her hands, Madelynne began to craft together those that remained loyal to Lordaeron. Piece by piece, the Brotherhood of the Flame was born with reverence for what Lordaeron had once been and what it once again might be. She has since refused to refer to herself as a crusader, believing that with the end of the Scarlet Crusade came the end of any claim to their glory.

Following a feud with a minor noble by the name of Graict Therenn, Madelynne was awarded half of the man's land, which she then named the Barony of Falconrest. Her mismanagement of the province led to a small uprising that was eventually quelled by her bannermen in the Battle of Falconrest.

With Falconrest molified, Madelynne and her bannermen continued to grow in influence and power. Madelynne became an instrumental part in the relief effort to free Bishop Johannes Moorwhelp, and later contributed her influence to bringing an end to the tyrannical ambitions of Terick Baulvet. Ultimately, these actions culminated in a generous gain in public appeal from the masses, who saw the Flame as protectors rather than oppressive outsiders.

Quest for the Crown


Art by Kelzack.

The time eventually came for the Flame to march north. Accompanied by her uncle Eugine and cousin Nonia, the ranks of the Flame were the largest they had ever been. By horseback the brotherhood traveled from Stormwind to Arathor, and then to the remains of Durnholde. Upon arrival, Isaelin Llylic began repairing the town's fortifications with his craftsmen while Madelynne and her retainers prepared for an attack against Southshore.

Shortly before the Flame was to march, reports arrived to indicate that bat riders had located their position. Madelynne turned to Grand Crusader Eshkandar Anushirvan, who suggested they attack Southshore while it was undefended and seize further land for a potential defensive battle against the Forsaken. Although the initial progress of the march proved fortuitous, the Battle of Southshore became a crushing defeat. Were it not for the arrival of the Silver Company, the Flame and her bannermen may very well have been slain.

A hasty retreat by sea enabled the Flame to land on Purgation Isle, where Madelynne felt her resolve sorely tested. Believing that she may die before her cause did, she was close to giving into her despair when news of a battle at Durnholde met her ears. Fearing that many of her men had been lost as they were in the Plaguelands, she retired to her pavillion and refused to speak with anyone. Eventually, the despair was lifted when the survivors of the battle arrived at the island. She named her uncle, Eugine Pendleton, Falconheart for the coming war.

With Commander Chillings of the Forsaken Army preparing to sail against them from Azurelode Mine, Madelynne knew that her men would require every ounce of confidence within her to prevail over their enemy. The night before the battle she made apparent her desires and announced that she would become a queen in Lordaeron's time of need. At Count Jorn Buzan's insistance she was declared Queen of Lordaeron to the elation of her banners.

The Battle of Azurelode Mine was a resounding victory for the Flame and the newly named queen. Following their victory, word reached Madelynne that the Forsaken were preparing a direct assault upon Blackmarsh. She was forced to make a decision that only a queen could: those too injured to continue forth were to return to Stormwind, anyone else capable of walking must march with her to the north.

Reign of the Merciful

The Queen's War


Art by Kelzack

Not long after declaring herself queen, Madelynne found herself once more facing off against Commander Chillings and a resurgent Forsaken host.  From Dawnhaven, she began to coordinate a defensive force but found her attempts futile: wherever Chillings attacked, the Royal Army was defeated. 

Assistance was sought from Grand Duke Henry Trueflame and her cousin, Margrave Prestor Falomyr.  With Lord Eugine Pendleton acting as her vanguard commander, Madelynne sent forth a summons to all the Great Houses of Blackmarsh, encouraging them to lend their aid in a final stand.  All save for the House of Vine answered, whose leader had previously been killed in Stranglehold. 

With Commander Chillings' victory in Falcon's Rest and the death of the Falconheart, Madelynne fell into a moment of despair and fled to the crypts within Blackwatch Keep.  There she was met with Sir Jothaem, who spoke with her of the nature of their family and told her that she must either act as viscountess and protect Blackmarsh, or queen and protect her people.  She rode to the frontline as a result, prepared to see the battle to its end.

Madelynne performed a successful charge with her Dawnguard, effectively crushing one part of the Forsaken offensive though losing a great deal of men in the process.  Defeat was ultimately averted when a joint offensive from Margave Falomyr and Duke Trueflame pushed the Forsaken back.  With the end of the war, a great deal of Blackmarsh lay in ruins.

Queen's Landing

Dread Rebellion

Dove Uprising

House of Nobles

Marriage Proposal

Myrwood Invasion

Regnal Claim

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Madelynne Pose
Though it is extremely weak, there is some legitimacy to Madelynne’s claim to the throne of Lordaeron. Six-generations ago, when Helmuth Albrecht was married to Morgana Menethil (herself the last in line for the throne), the houses of Albrecht and Menethil were joined. Since then, countless Menethils were born with a truer claim than Madelynne’s.

But the Third War saw the death of the king and crowned prince. With Lordaeron in political upheaval and mired in civil strife, a vacuum was created to allow nearly anyone to declare his or herself the reigning monarch in the ensuing anarchy. Madelynne, utilizing her distant relation to the Menethils, staked her claim because her army was stationed in Lordaeron and the opposition was presently preoccupied.

In truth, it is more a matter of Madelynne taking the throne than claiming it, though its continued vacancy does make it appear to be a prize easily acquired. As with many pretenders in the histories, the legitimacy of Madelynne’s claim falls to how long she can maintain her army and how readily others are to challenge it.


Regardless of how a person views her, there is little doubt to the fact Madelynne leaves an impression upon those she interacts with. She has been considered ambitious, arrogant, duplicitous, cruel, ladylike, kind, and compassionate. The verity in any one claim is difficult to assess, though certainly there is truth to a degree in every aspect. Often times adopting more than one trait to convey her point, she is an expert at both complimenting and insulting a person within the same statement.


Art by Kelzack

There is no denying that pride and honor mean a great deal to Madelynne, though the extremes to which she takes them may be for show. Rarely allowing a slight to go unanswered, she has set her guardsmen to beating the uncouth and set her champions to chastising the honorless. Despite her years afield, Madelynne refuses to contend with others physically. Believing that a lady ought have champions to fight for her, she will frequently instigate matters only to call upon a champion. Although it may not be a crass sensation, she certainly derives some satisfaction from seeing others fight for her.

But no person can be entirely without earnest emotion, and Madelynne's pettiness is certainly the means by which her attention can be drawn. She will overstep herself in the attempt to diminish another's attributes should they compete with her, and has more than once caused a disturbance so that attention might return to her. Quite comfortable with eyes on her, when they are absent she feels at a loss.

She is most out of sorts when around children, often viewing them with the absence of kindness most should. Even when presenting her kindest face, a child will often cause her to become awkward and standoffish. Whatever the reason for that may be, she rarely converses with a child unless she absolutely must.


Madelynne is above all else an absolutist, believing in extremes in nearly every theater. Though nuance may appear at the fringe aspects of her views, for the most part they are largely separated and held with an unyielding grasp of what is right and wrong.

A classist through and through, one might ascribe a form of dharmic pragmatism to her view of how classes and stations ought to be maintained. In her view, there is honor to be held in a person fulfilling the role they were born with: a peasant farming is worthy of honor, as is a knight in the battlefield. Naturally the former receives fewer honors than the latter, but neither deserves to be ridiculed when they uphold their duty by birth.

But this view strongly clashes with the egalitarian rhetoric of the day, in which all people should be treated as equals. Despising social climbers more than any other (despite her own ambitions), she views them as an attack against the natural order. Once questioned on why it was that nobles felt they were better than the smallfolk, she was quoted as saying: “I do not question why fish swim or birds fly. We are that which the Light meant for us to be.”

In addition to her strong classism, she also expresses marked views considered sexist by many. In response to the rising tide of aggressive feminism perpetrated by the newly empowered female warrior class, Madelynne has several times stated that men are simply superior fighters to women. Despite having limited military experience she freely admits that a man of equal training would be able to defeat her on the merit of little more than their sexual differences. However, she is also quick to point out that this is not a matter of believing one sex is superior to the other.

Believing that men are intended to fight, lead, and protect, Madelynne naturally places a great deal of faith into their abilities. However, with mind for her classist rhetoric she also contends that a man of a similar station should lead a woman of the same, but that those of higher stations – regardless of sex – are born with the responsibility to guide their unlearned and lesser associates. Often describing the difference between social classes as a difference between species of animals, Madelynne’s elitist rhetoric has several times caused controversy.

Above all else, she values the notion of honor and oaths sworn upon them. Though many may have forgotten the importance of the notions in relation to knighthood and nobility, Madelynne greatly takes offense when her honor is called into question or that of her order. As honor is the heart of any organization, an attack against it must thus be seen as an attempt to slay it. She has several times demanded her champions strike down those that would flippantly attack one's ideals, be they young, old, weak, or simply foolish.


Viscountess of Blackmarsh

As the youngest vicount(ess) to come to power in Blackmarsh since her grandfather, Madelynne has had ample time to influence the politics of the day. As a strong advocate for the furthering of the Light's teachings, she saw a chapter of the Silver Hand opened within Blackmarsh and encouraged the sons of nobles to study within Blackwatch Keep as a means of unifying a people traditionally at war with one another.

Ostensibly, she proved to be a conservative ruler that lacked the extravagence seen within many of her predecessors, though her personal vanity did ensure her champions were always outfitted in the finest of armor and granted expensive steeds to ride for show more than battle.

When Highlord Tirion Fordring was brought forth on charges of treason, Madelynne saw a chance to potentially gain land for Blackmarsh, but upon witnessing the desolated state that the man's son she turned instead to offering him assistance and guidance where she might. Improving trade relations with Hearthglen enabled for Blackmarsh to further increase its revenue.

It was with Lordaeron's fall that she was given more freedom to exercise her ideas. With Blackmarsh fracturing into sectional strife once more, she turned her attention to the whole of Lordaeron and managed to unite her lords in a push to resecure Lordaeron with the help of the Scarlet Crusade. Many devoted life and land to the cause of the Crusade, though in the end its collapse brought with it a backlash that saw Blackmarsh fracture once more.


Art by Kelzack.

Madelynne's views were largely based on restoring not only Blackmarsh, but the whole of Lordaeron. With the throne vacant and imperialists such as the Argent Crusade signing non-aggression pacts with the Forsaken, she saw it as her duty and right to chastise both of the invasibe groups. Strongly patriotic, she first gathered support in Stormwind before returning to the north in an attempt to break her enemy.

But her need to right wrongs has often led to wrongs being created. As the commander of the Crimson Redemption she saw fit to burn a shipment of corrupted grain, kill the crew that delivered it, and raid nearby villages with soldiers in disguise to feed her men. When she came into possession of Falconrest, rather than build it up she instead stripped it of its resources so that she might resupply her army. Were it not for a rebellion, the barony likely would have been left barren.

In relation to the southern kingdoms, particularly Stormwind, Madelynne has shown an ability to ingratiate herself with those she requires while remaining distant from nearly all others. Finding the people of Stormwind to be largely boorish and uncivilized, she remains largely isolated from their politics. She has found herself at odds with the Clergy of the Holy Light several times, though Sir Eshkandar's fondness for their leader greatly diminishes her desire to see them erradicated entirely.

Queen of Lordaeron

More found at Declaration of Infallibility

Picture by Diermina

As the queen, Madelynne has shown an ability to rise above her arrogance and view the world with some degree of humility. Upon her return to Stormwind she first sought an audience with King Varian and returned to him the barony of Falconrest, which had by that point regained luster lost in her absence. This was followed by her approaching the Clergy, where she sought to reconcile herself with the Church and to become a champion of the Light in both action and word. These acts have gained her some public sympathy, though her grasp is still far shorter than her reach.

What is unquestionable is that Madelynne has inherited a strong sense of justice from her grandfather. Often considered barbaric of unfair by those raised within the questionable democracies of Azeroth’s hidden republics, she rarely allows offenses to go without answer and holds a person accountable for their actions. Those found guilty of serious crimes have been sentenced to death by hanging, burning, quartering, and impalement.

She has tirelessly devoted herself to securing holdings and securing good relations amongst Stormwind’s peerage. As of late, in an attempt to repopulate the north, she has entered negotiations with the king’s council in an attempt to take the destitute from Westfall and offer them lives in the north.

Romance and Relationships


Art by Kelzack

Despite what misgivings and reservations she might have had pertaining to the notion of marriage, as the queen Madelynne was keenly aware that her legacy had to be protected by blood.  Three men were determined to be of proper stock and position: Sir Heinrich Lichter, Prestor Falomyr, and Harold Trueflame. 

Initially intending to have the three men prove themselves in battle during the invasion of Highpass, she eventually allowed her court to determine which she should wed.  Harold Trueflame, largely the moderate candidate, won the most votes.  A handsome and charming man, he was without question the most physically appealing and presented the least potential for change in the realm.

But Madelynne, ever one to meddle when she felt poorly done by, set to setting things right by first seducing her betrothed and then venturing to Hightower.  Meeting with the ailing grandduke in person, she negotiated a peace that included a secret yet to be revealed.  Having served his purpose, Harold was assassinated by her Gilnean Legion and she returned to Dawnhaven to bring the news of peace to her retainers.

Unfortunately, upon hearing of the deal brokered Owynn Trueflame killed his father and set Highpass to anarchy.  Subsequently, the viscounty of Myrwood was invaded by a Scourge forced led by the lich-lord Archaemian.  Sir Heinrich was dispatched to answer the threat but killed in the ensuing fighting.  When it appeared that her army might be destroyed, Madelynne dispatched Anais Coullet to the Falomyr Marches, where a marriage proposal was offered in exchange for his generalship and manpower.

Prestor Falomyr became the king-consort of Lordaeron and Madelynne retained her position as queen regnant.  Although the two are second cousins once removed, there seems to be little concern of consanguinity.  At present, they have not met since their marriage and with Madelynne in seclusion, are not likely to for some time. 


  • Prior to her birth, {Magnus Albrecht} was stated to have little interest in seeing his wife with a child. There were rumors started that {Hadrian Albrecht} may have impregnated her mother, if not Jothaem Albrecht who had for some time had feelings for her. There is little proof behind this, but the rumors remained for several years following Hadrian's death.
  • It was alleged that after being crowned the Maiden of Beauty during the Tournament at Dawnpool, Madelynne was deflowered by {Aedalas Blackmoore}, the Lord of Durnholde Keep. While the rumors did not have much life to them on their own, they were the first of a string that greatly clouded the nature of her youth.
  • Madelynne was also publically called into question when at Shimmervale she was caught in a state of undress with one of her champions. {Gevin Hopesfire} was denounced for the action and Jorn Buzan broke his marital contract with her.
  • For a time, she was referred to as the "Barracks of Blackmarsh" because she was said to have allowed any soldier to rest within her. Although most claims were unsourced, there was a belief that her cousin Lord Dietrich Lichter as well as several other influential members of Blackmarsh nobility had been with their viscountess. These rumors were all silenced when Sir {Darron Trueflame} fought a series of honor duels in defense of her honor.
  • Maintained a hospice during the outset of the Scourge War. While initially she attempted to resuccitate and properly care for those afflicted, it was later alleged that she delivered mercy to anyone even suspected of having the Plague. The majority of her victims, allegedly, were children. Most of those, young girls. The title "Mercy-Giver" came from this period in her life.

Retcons and Revisions

  1. Madelynne's knighthood has been removed.
  2. Madelynne is no longer Magnus' only surviving child.
  3. More to come at a later time.


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