Luciela Rathis-Benedictus
Lady of Silverlight


Countess of River's Eye


Lordaeron Mage Corps
Royal Army

Allegedly one of the last surviving members of House Rathis,

Luciela Rathis has only recently resurfaced in the public eye. Claiming that the threat of war has forced her untimely bid for River’s Eye, she contends that she has lived in anonymity for over a decade near the ruins of Silverlight, unable to claim her birthright due to her age and the state of her province. Despite documents and family heirlooms that suggest her legitimacy, she seems willing to support Viktor Romel’s stewardship for now, instead amassing allies in court and Ebonloch, where she is developing her unique brand of magic.

History Edit

Although few public records from River’s Eye remain, surviving documents confirm that Luciela Rathis was born to Lord Edward Rathis and Lady Sarah Baylor Rathis during their residency at Silverlight keep. Their eldest surviving daughter, Luciela was quickly followed by another daughter, Amelia Rathis, who survives to this day.

Little is known about Luciela’s childhood, as the sacking of Silverlight followed several short years after her birth. The castle and the surrounding grounds where razed to the ground, and its denizens were either butchered or raised by their Scourge invaders.

Although there were believed to be no survivors, the elder Lady Rathis unwittingly preserved the House line when she fled the castle with her two children. By some unseen hand of fate, they were hidden by the thick forests surrounding Silverlight for some years before Lady Rathis finally passed. Since that time Luciela has cared for her younger sister in anonymity, waiting for the proper age to declare her independent ascendency. 

Appearance Edit

Despite her apparent youth, the girl is nevertheless striking. Haughtiness only accentuates the tilt of her head, the impertinence of her nose. Her long, dark waves—brown as rich, undisturbed earth—are styled carefully but worn loose. Her approach to dressing mirrors the same studied unorthodoxy:   antique gowns tailored daringly to her form, cravats tied loosely around her neck like a present’s bow. She frequently wears bone-button kid gloves, which somehow render her every gesture even more insolent.

However, beneath her careful packaging there is a certain savage note to her beauty, something off in the wild wing of her dark brow. The calculation in her biting blue eyes adds an edge to the saucy school girl smile, perhaps lending new meaning to the old adage that the devil is in the details.

Personality Edit

Willfull, clever, and proud, Luciela has brought the force of her indomitable personality to bear on a singular goal: the reclamation of her home and family. While others may be immobilized by such a rigid fixation, Lady Rathis has instead thrived under its influence, wielding her determination like a weapon. In fact, years of intensive study in seclusion have led to the formation of her own sect of battle magic utilizing the role of will in shaping the arcane.

However, the trauma of the Third War and a childhood spent caring for her sister in isolation are not without their scars. Rumors circulate among the servants that the Lady suffers from some sort of demonic possession, as she often rouses the hall with blood curdling screams in the thick of night. They say there is madness is in her eyes when she rushes down the hall, insensible, babbling about the torments of a life passed.

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