Llyth Dawnwhisper
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Thalassian Ambassador






Blood Mage


Dawnhaven, Blackmarsh




Alonsyus Dawnveil (Father)
Melia Dawnwhisper (Mother)
Zesalys Dawnwhisper (Adoptive Father)
Evaniel Evenflare (Cousin)
Vaelrin Firestorm (Cousin)
Idriil Dawnveil (Half-Sister)
Cythe (Partner)
Velana Dawnwhisper (Cousin)


Renalus Duskhallow
Vespasia Sunshatter


40 HP / 1d12



Llyth Dawnwhisper is a Thalassian diplomat dispatched by the Magistrate to improve relations between the emerging political entity known as the Kingdom of Lordaern (Restored) and Quel'thalas.  Due to the precarious nature of her mission, which both requires her to acknowledge that Lordaeron is a resurgent kingdom as well as deny the legitimacy it would place over the Forsaken, she is often considered a thoroughly mistrustful person despite her kind words and seeming interest in the maintenance of positive relations.

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

Llyth Face

Art by Rhosmera

Llyth is a woman known as a woman of becoming manner and appearance.  With hair nearly as fair as her complexion, she presents a vision of douce beauty that in many ways denies the intellect that belies her decorous exterior.  It is for this reason that she is often underestimated and generally why she proves to be a skilled diplomat.   While her appearance has been lauded by some, in truth as her physique is not of the typical elven stature she posseses something of a diminished view of herself. 

In casual conversation, Llyth is noted as being exceedingly gracious.  Rarely saying things that can be construed as offensive, she is both polite by nature and expression and relates very little in the way of genuine disdain.  Even when upset, it seems, she relies more on the exclusion of mirth rather than the emphasis of ire.  

Because of her young age, Llyth is often considered to be something of an upstart; however, despite this perception her dedication to hardwork and careerminded nature have provided her with opportunities she constantly exploits.



Art by Rennali

As the only known child of her adoptive father, Lord Zaselys Dawnwhisper, Llyth was afforded a great many opportunities which her mother ensured she took advantage of.   Trained in Dalaran alongside her future partner, Cythe, Llyth was an academically gifted though not particularly spectacular spellcaster.  Noteworthy for her ability to learn laws and theories, though her own experimentation was at best "safe," it rarely possessed the requisite daring to impress her primary instructor, Professor Dawnveil.

It was under Professor Dawnveil's tutelage that she first realized the depths of her potential and more importantly, her ability to excel under pressure.  When Professor Dawnveil left to partake in the Second War, Llyth waited patiently and then accompanied him upon his return to assist Archmage Antonidas in determining the ailment of the orcs.  During this time period did she first encounter fel magic in its raw form and, through her professor's insistence, did she learn of the savagery of the orcs and the strength necessary to harness such power.  She noted the change in her professor's disposition after that, but could not deny his increased power. 

As the Third War arrived, Llyth remained in Dalaran until she was called back to Quel'thalas.   Her spellcasting proved insignificant and she was recalled to Dawnwhisper Manor by Professor Dawnveil, who explained with little concern that she would be allowing him to use the manor as an academy to train blood mages in the defense of Quel'thalas.  Llyth, enamored by her professor, acquiesced and soon talented students began to flock to them.  Chief among those was her old friend Cythe, who proved one of the professor's best students.


Art by Kelzack

From this rivalry developed a lifelong bond she still favors.

Professor Dawnveil, now known as Master Dawnveil by his disciples, created a competitive world of necessity in which students routinely banded against one another to seek his favor.  Politically astute, Llyth easily bested many of her competitors and formed bonds with her compeers that she could not.  Though adequete as a blood mage, Dawnveil was certain that his student would be much better among the Magistrate struggling to recover in the wake of Quel'thalas' devestation.  Using Lord Dawnwhisper and her mother's contacts, she was given a small post as a magistrix.

Her best magic was worked from there.

Proving herself capable of humility in the face of any animosity and yet maintaing her ruthless ability to act precisely at the right moment to advance, Llyth rose among the ranks of the Magistrate.  Her meteoric rise was suddenly called into question however when it became apparent that Master Dawnveil had gone mad from his reckless studies with fel magic.  Forced to contend with the man she had believed herself once in love with, it was as she and her former teacher engaged in an increasingly dangerous duel that Master Dawnveil revealed the truth of their connection and left Llyth stunned.  Though Cythe aided her in the final moments of the battle, it became apparent that the two were incapable of overwhelming Dawnveil, who departed when both were weakened. 

Llyth commission

Art by Baenhoof

Shaken to her core, Llyth accompanied Cythe to Pandaria where they were taken into the care of a Pandaren by the name of Xuande.  His tutelage was poorly received by Cythe and it was not long before Llyth sought out Lord Dawnspear, an ambitious Blood Knight commander of some relation to Cythe's sister.  Their relationship was brief and by its end, Lord Dawnspear was no longer of the world.  Amidst controversy, Llyth and Cythe returned to Quel'thalas.

Eager to place Pandaria behind herself, Llyth requested an assignment and was granted a position on Ambassador Dawnsingers' detail in Orgrimmar.  Although she was never to take part in the fighting, in the tense months leading up to to the siege Llyth proved herself a capable defender of her people.  Ingratiating herself with the reigning Kor'kron but never committing to the point of herself breaking what morals she held, she sacrificed and schemed to ensure that the people of Quel'thalas were not treated to harsh deaths in the wake of their actions.

She secreted many members of the Horde away at this time, though did little to protect the trolls who she believed were intentionally antagonizing the warchief.  Nevertheless, by the war's end Llyth had made certain that her name was known to those in power and she was promoted among the ranks of her peers to take on her own position as an ambassador.

Far from politically unaware of the implications of her assignment, Llyth realizes that she must both recognize and deny an authority that is volatile and seemingly without any moral compass.  The risk is great for the young magistrix, but the reward is one that she will not allow to slip away from her.   For it is in the name of Quel'thalas that she serves and vengeance that she prepares for what is to come.

Party UtilityEdit

As a blood mage, Llyth is a very powerful spellcaster that requires a considerable amount of ramp up time.  Her amoral nature makes her a fair companion for most and her idealism rarely gets in the way of a mission.  She is a strong debater, but is not the most mobile combatant.

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Llyth's icon

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