Liesel Adler
Baroness of Dreadvale
Art by


Head of House Adler


Severin Adler


Ydwyne Meadows, Temporary


The Peaceful

Date of Birth

Oct 10th 11 AP


The Kingdom of Lordaeron
House of Nobles
Lordaeron Peerage


Severin Adler, Father
Helene Adler, Mother,
Svenja Adler, Sister
Gitta Adler, Sister
Aglaja Adler, Sister
Ydwyne Meadows, Half Sister
Avrayne Adler, Daughter



Overview Edit

Often referred to in the Dreadvale as Liesel the Peaceful by her people, the young woman was a changing force in the years after the Dread Rebellion and the loss of the Baron Severin Adler due to his treasonous relationship with Rance Creed. With decisive victories made through diplomatic campaigns and eventually the outing and execution of those who still thought to fight the crown, she ascended where her father fell and brought a degree of unity to the land.

Her recent return to Court and business as a Champion of the Crown has made some strange impression on her people but many are inspired to loyalty and service: others are frightened by the memory of the callous and cruel woman who escorted her own stepmother to the Tower to be imprisoned and held until her last breath. Regardless of what they feel, Liesel has made it clear that as the Head of House Adler and the Baroness, she will suffer no treason nor endure any who would undermine the Crown and the Peerage.

Appearance Edit

In many ways there was no denying the appeal of the comely and youthful woman, with generous amounts of warmth in her smile and a voice soft nearly fairy-like. With such practiced graces her posture was absolutely sure and always carried a touch of ethereal confidence that surrounded her like a veil, worn from root of her dark chocolate hair to the pointed toes of her fitted boots or heels. Often times she moved reflexive, quick and purposefully, keeping her gaze straight ahead and allowing the piercing hazel-green eyes, lightly touched with flecks of gold, to track her movements and the path in front of her.

Being of noble blood she possessed a regal and more notable femininity and beauty, her skin fair and often touched by a glow that drew the eye. Her gently squared face possessed high cheekbones and a petite but fitting nose, full lips on her small mouth and almond shaped eyes that held thicker and darker eyelashes- a natural smokiness in them. Her jawline while sharp was often less visible as she wore her hair long and framing her face. A great number of freckles spattered across her cheeks and nose- some on her shoulders and back, even bits of arm and hand seemed to possess them.

While her face was drawing to the eye it was her slender and boyish frame that often fell uncomplimented. Lankier and more narrow of figure, there was only a modest swell on her chest and in her hips, and often she would present a certain boniness as well in her body. Yet this affected her only so much, as the woman often took to wearing form fitted decadent robes and jewelry- baubles that while some may've viewed them gaudy were entirely lovely on her.

Personality Edit

A woman of her word Liesel is stalwart in that she holds to her convictions and never betrays a promise once it's made. Known for being calm under pressure and having a vast well of patience she is regarded as being the polar opposite of her rash and impulsive father: more a reflection of her mother. Demure and somber in person she speaks in such a way that emotion is not often found in her words rather they are cold and well mannered or spoken from the premise of logic or authority. Favoring to act when the time is best or from a place that gives her the most advantage she is seen as being somewhat cutthroat in military matters (some would even say underhanded) and even in situations that require her to debate others.

History Edit

Before the Return Edit

The Baroness, Liesel Helene-Verena Adler, was born during perhaps the harshest winter of the the Dread in the year 11 AP. Her father Severin, a Baron, was away on Court duty when his wife Helene was induced into traumatic labor after falling on a stairwell where ice had unknowingly formed towards the middle. While Helene herself perished her child was saved and the Baron returned home immediately after receiving word. Named Liesel Helene-Verena after her mother and maternal grandmother she became the Heir Presumptive of Dreadvale.

Severin grieved for well over seven years and never married nor looked at another woman, leaving his daughters care to the wet nurses, nannies, and female servants who attended his wife, as well as dedicated tutors and instructors. While he rarely visited himself, due in part to how much she looked like her mother, he received daily reports of the her condition and development and continued to attend his duties both to the Court and to the Dread. After eleven years however Severin finally became betrothed to Annalise Emmerich, a woman ten years his junior with bloodlines that traced back to House Doerr.

From his marriage to Annalise three daughters were born: Svenja, Gitta, and Aglaja. Liesel’s care became a charge of Annalise who saw her as an obstacle in the way of her eldest daughters ascension as Baroness of Dreadvale. Too young to understand what machinations existed in her stepmother Liesel loved her unconditionally and saw fit to begin mimicking the style, make up and even speech that Annalise had. While her father was amused by the girl- Annalise was annoyed and furious that Severin seemed to suddenly pay more attention to his daughter than her.

In time Liesel began to understand the cruelty that Annalise exhibited and why, doing her best to stay away from the Baroness at all costs except when necessary. The three younger daughters however were ignorant of their mother’s intentions and proved to be overjoyed that they had an older sister and often snuck in to speak or play with her after lessons and during the middle of the night (where servants would find them sitting by candle telling ghost stories). Annalise tried repeatedly to garner the affections and attentions of her own daughters but Liesel proved more than a match and used simplicity to keep her sisters at her side.

Severin ultimately made a fatal mistake, electing to take up with House Creed- more specifically Rance during the Dread Rebellion, he was slain on the field during the Siege of Dreadholme alongside of his troops and thus Liesel took the seat as Baroness of Dreadvale. Her stepmother Annalise contested the ascension but when it was proven that she had also sided with Rance Creed she was ultimately placed under arrested and stripped of her titles. Rather than stay arrested however she plead for execution but was not granted this mercy and was placed in the Dread’s prison for all the days of her life for treason.

Liesel knew that her sisters were innocent of their mother’s crimes and named them as her Ladies in Waiting with Svenja serving as Mistress of the Robe. All three opted to train in combative prowess and hope to act as her personal guards when they come of age. While Liesel set about trying to quell the chaos in Dreadvale and restore order to her lands and people, she was attended by a small group of soldiers she named "The Blackwalkers". These brutal and utterly loyal men and women never took captives nor allowed for survivors and were regarded as a sort of Praetorian Guard.

Since she began almost three or four years ago she has successfully ceased any remaining chaos and brought about financial prosperity by restoring the trade routes and shipments of the lands most sought after resources: Amethysts and Vale-Touched Steel. Having never formally appeared in Court just yet many are curious at just how the Baroness has developed in these harsh years in the Dread.

In Attendance of the Court Edit

In more recent times she has joined the Crown's Champions on their various adventures in order to widen her perception of the realm as a whole. Most notably she left for a time to investigate the Dregs and visit the people to help calm the rising tensions when presence was requested by Genevieve Galawain and her coterie of adventurous ladies.

Death and Passing Edit

While trying to satisfy a promise to the Queen Liesel met and was married to Roane Vallen, a wealthy heir and distantly related noble of Blackmarsh origin. When they conceived their first child, a daughter named Avrayne, Liesel was lost in the birthing due to fading health bleeding. Many said her smaller and weaker constitution played a large part to the medical issues.

With her sisters being too young to succeed her Liesel's bastard sister Ydwyne Meadows (a former Blackwalker) was presented to act as guardian over Avrayne until she could take the Barony herself as was Liesel's will.

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