Barony of LiannaEdit

A township on the River Black. Tamsyn Beauregard is baroness. It’s part of The Grasp under Duke Viktor Romel.

Map of LiannaEdit

Lianna map

General InformationEdit

  • Township with a small village; population of 50 or so.
  • Famous for breeding a type of dog called the wieselhund; the dogs run free in the day and are kennelled at night.
  • Agriculture is mostly wild rice, mushrooms, and fishing.
  • The Miasma is always visibly present, appearing as a fog or mist over the town.
  • Named after Lianna the Breathtaking, a battlemaiden of Blackmarsh with whom Tamsyn feels a strong kinship.

The TownEdit

  • Manor house.
  • A new inn, a smithy, a town square with a market.
  • Docks on the Black River; lots of fish stalls, boats, etc.
  • Some small peasant houses, mostly clustered in the town.
  • A tavern called The Missing Dwarf.
  • A banner hanging on a flagpole near the town square featuring an image of Lianna the Battlemaiden. Girls and women of the town leave flowers, tokens, and letters under the banner as tribute. (Lianna’s official shrine, however, is in the Grasp.) A story about the creation of this banner is here. An image of the banner is here.


  • Lianna is home to The Blackmarsh Circle, and as such is a haven for women who practice magic--especially young women seeking training or safety. Women with magical aptitude who need a safe home are encouraged to come to Lianna.
  • The market has been reopened in the town square. Merchants from elsewhere in Blackmarsh have been invited in to sell and trade. Because of Lianna’s placement on the River Black, Tamsyn hopes to turn Lianna into a trading center.
  • In hopes of this, several building projects are finished/in process: a larger inn, livery stables, kennels, and warehouses for the storage of goods.
  • A magical defense system surrounding the town created by Kalvive Powers. In case of attack, an arcane shield can be activated; if Tamsyn is present, it can be reinforced with the Miasma.
  • The recruitment and training of a town guard.
  • The continued breeding and sale of wieselhunds.

The PeasantryEdit

  • The smallfolk have mixed feelings about Tamsyn. On the one hand, she’s an outsider and a warlock. On the other, she’s treated them well, and now that she’s a marshmancer, some of the people are more accepting. Others hate her more, of course.
  • They perform weird marsh rituals.
  • The Holy Light isn’t very prevalent and there’s no church in Lianna. The smallfolk distrust outsiders.

The MarshEdit

One of Lianna’s defining characteristics is the Marsh that surrounds the town. It’s a pretty horrible place, full of fog and bugs and mud, yet also the source of Tamsyn’s magic. Even people born in Blackmarsh avoid it at night due to the monsters, ghosts, will-o’-the-wisps, etc.