Sir Kelmith Bone

Of the House of Bone

Art by Diermina


Fifth Rider of the Falconguard
Heir to Marrowdale


Vylar Bone

Date of Birth

06 B.P.


The Royal Army
The Falconguard
House of Bone
Fifth Wing






Vylar Bone, Father
Melryth Bone, Brother (Deceased)
Fiona Dunbar, Mother
Edrick Bone, Brother
Selryna Bone, Sister
Helmina Bone, Sister

Born the second son to Vylar Bone, who was in turn a second son, Kelmith was far removed from the line of succession. Though possessed of some skill with a blade, even from an early age it was clear his true aptitude was for marksmanship. From as early as eighteen he won competitions upon the aim of his rifle, and while he craves the honour of frontlines fighting it will never be his greatest strength. When the Scourge struck Lordaeron, both Malakar -- his uncle -- and his heirs fell in the initial engagements. A strong man of twenty six, Kelmith held Marrowdale with his father, elder brother, and a few men at arms. Though the town suffered severely, its keep and populace survived. His brother died heroically in the minor Scourge force's last push while Kelmith led the keep's archers from the walls, and he has struggled to live up to his senior's name ever since.

He was knighted by his father for his efforts in the Scourge invasion, though some called it a coming of age gift. Kelmith was accepted into the ranks of the Falconguard where he served valiantly and with distinction for over a decade -- fighting off remnants of the Scourge, bandits, and rebel lords. He was recently elevated to First Rider among the Falconguard, given command to form a new company following the utter destruction of the Fifth Wing at the battle of Shattered Stone.



Art by Rhosmera

Neither considerably tall or large of frame, Kelmith seems fairly unremarkable in many ways. Though he is lean of build, it is still obviously the body of a career soldier -- corded and muscular from head to toe. Large scars running down his right tricep and upon his left collarbone mark the locations of what were once deep gashes. He is ruggedly handsome, an etched jawline covered in a full beard that is beginning to show signs of his age. A slight greying can be seen at the temples of his long, auburn hair, which falls nearly to his shoulders, and streaks of it also adorn his facial hair. Hardened, hazel eyes peer out from beneath narrow eyebrows, their gaze harsh and judgmental.

Unlike his Falconguard brethren, who prefer the safety of heavy plate, Kelmith wears mail. Chain links protect his upper and lower body, with light plate gauntlets, shoulder guards and greaves for added protection. Strapped to his waist is a longsword of masterful make, the hilt and handguard fashioned into the likeness of a skull and crossing bones -- an ancestral sword named Spinehewer. The rifle upon his back is of a more complex make -- double barreled with an intricate gnomish mechanism that allows multiple shots without reloading. It is made of polished maple wood and black steel.

His manner is gruff and cold, far more concerned with his honour, knightly duties and legacy than simple affability.

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