Kauthryn Roland
Commander of the Dawnguard
Kauthryn 2


Captain of the First Lance
Commander of the Dawnguard


Arval Lichter


Avenger [Elite]

Date of Birth

08 A.P.


Lordaeron Peerage




†Charlton Roland (Father)
†Mary Roland (Mother)
Charlie Roland (Brother)

Kauthryn Roland is the commander of the Dawnguard and a member of the House of Roland.  She is the daughter of {Charlton Roland} and {Mary Agnes}, as well as the sister of Charlie Roland.   Considered a paragon of chivalry by her peers, she is known to be both firm and fair and rarely offers an unkind word to another.


Kauthryn is often considered a comely maiden by many of her compeers, noted for her fair hair and bright blue eyes. Though normally wearing her hair shorter than others, as she has grown older she has allowed it to grow past her shoulders.  She is a woman of average height and fairly athletic in appearance.  Surprisingly, for all of her favors, it is the healthy though fair hue of her skin that received the most recognition from admirers.  

In battle she is often found in a golden suit of armor, lined in silver.  This armor, like all worn by the Dawnguard, reacts strongly when introduced to the shadows, indicating it is likely lightforged. Not one for wearing helmets, that she presents an unblemished face indicates a prowess with sword and shield above the norm.


Trained from an early age to aspire for greatness, Kauthryn has remained surprisingly humble despite the great expectations placed upon her.  Her father, a commander of the Dawnguard, saw no reason to spare his daughter the rigors of a strong martial background and saw her trained in riding, fencing, jousting, and archery.  To little surprise, the young Kauthryn Roland was exceptional and naturally inclined toward these martial arts.  Her father and mother, both devout followers of the Light, instilled upon her a great deal of religious importance that she carries forth into the modern day.


As a peer of Arval Lichter, Leonie Thorne, and Yorick Heartvale, Kauthryn was considered a promising squire and assigned to her distant cousin, Heinrich Lichter, to learn the ways of the chevalier.  Where Sir Arval was renowned for his perfoamnce with sword, Dame Leonie her charisma, and Sir Yorick his stalwart defense, Kauthryn's ability with the lance was considered otherworldly.   Under Lord Heinrich's tutelage though, she was kept from arrogance and often reminded that it as through humility that one improved.  A dutiful squire and kept close as a result, she may have missed some of her developments as a woman but never those that would make her a great knight.

Of those that knew her from childhood, it has greatly been agreed upon that Kauthryn was a quiet and focused girl, far more oriented upon objective than her compeers. When asked what she wished to be when she was old, she stated with no hubris: remembered as a woman loved by the Light.  This distinction, an aspiration for piety over glory, separated her from many.  Thoroughly certain of her path, she never yielded in her pursuit to be worthy the Light's love.

It was during the Battle of Stonewold that she was knighted, where Eleanor Bayne and her Coven of Seven joined with the Dawnguard, Falconguard, and Grave Lords in hopes of preventing the Scourge from penetrating deeper into Blackmarsh.  The ensuing battle was a costly one for all involved, claiming the lives of Eleanor Bayne and her companions, as well as a goodly number of Grave Lords, but through the fighting Kauthryn did not yield and as a result both she and Arval were knighted.  She was sixteen when she took her vows to Light and Lordaeron.

Knight of the DawnguardEdit


Art by Diermina

Although the Dawnguard was traditionally kept within the Dawn, Madelynne I saw fit to utilize her personal guard as an auxiliary force for larger cavalry units.  This was first attempted at the Battle of Wolfsfall, where she was placed under the command of Danyl Graves.  Although the two clashed greatly over matters pertaining to the appropriate usage of force (Danyl allowed the novice commander of the garrison to rush forth unassisted, whereas Kauthryn felt it was a shameful display), they worked together fairly well and the Dawnguard broke the Forsaken line before being assisted by others.

Noted for her unyielding chivalry, Kauthryn was commended for her expertise but reminded that realism was required in the field. Despite this, she had her own personal doubts and continued to aspire to her goal of being as godly as possible.  When the Royal Army sailed for Pandaria, the Kauthryn was stationed in Dawnholde with the majority of the Dawnguard.  Shortly after, the Dread Rebellion began and Kauthryn committed herself entirely to fending off the ancestral enemies of the Dawn's vanguard soldiers.

Until the Showdown at Dawnholde, the Dawnguard took considerable damage but held firm against their enemies.  While the Royal Army fought toward Dawnhaven, Kauthryn followed her father's commands and endlessly engaged the Shadowborn and their masters. 

Prior to the Showdown at Dawnholde, Dame Kauthryn was given the Horn of Roland by her father to take into battle.  Sir Charlton was later killed in a skirmish with Creed Forces, making Kauthryn the defacto leader.  She swore that if the battle looked hopeless, she would blow the Horn of Roland and lead a final, valiant charge against their enemy.

During the battle, Kauthryn's moment to act came when Quinton Ridgewell engaged Sir Velenor Lightmane.  Acting as his second, she witnessed the decimation of all those beneath her command and prepared to blow the horn.  But Sir Velenor called for a retreat and despite her vow, she followed orders with the memory of Sir Heinrich's lesson guiding her.  Shortly thereafter, Sir Malak Dawnfire engaged Quinton Ridgewell and was saved by Aldaim Ward, Lord-Commander of the Royal Guard.

The arrival of the Royal Army greatly relieved the Dawnguard, but Dame Kauthryn volunteered to lead her men as shocktroopers against Dreadholme personally.  As Jeremaes Edrickton and Nikephoros Coldsorrow defeated Rance Creed in the field, Kauthryn led her soldiers to open the castle for the queen's champions.

Commander of the DawnguardEdit

Kauthryn was promoted by Queen Madelynne I after the Siege of Dreadholme at the age of eighteen.  Far from the most versed in command, she committed herself to studying the lessons of the past and began to restructure the Dawnguard to account for the changing times.  One of her first acts was to permit non-traditional bloodlines into the unit, as well as teaching the queen's champions what skills she might.  

She was ordered into the Grasp during the Dove Uprising where her orders were to put down any rebels that she might encounter.  Working alonside Theodore Varill, Highlord of the Silverhand, she and her soldiers were kept at bay and as a result spared having to cut down the peasants before them.  She was present at death of Ashana Creed and fought Rhoen Stormshend to prevent him from executing Delan Aiden.  Though she lost the duel, the knight's life was spared.

Kauthryn's relationship with Queen Madelynne became strained when it was made aware to her that the queen had encouraged the rebellions so that she might break the will of her enemies once and for all.  Coming from the Dawn as well she could understand the need to be rid of Creed and Vine loyalists, but the cost had been great and many had died as a result.  Nevertheless, she rode admirably in the name of her queen during a jousting tournament and took top honors, not once being defeated.

With the election of a king-consort, Kauthryn backed her old mentor Heinrich Lichter.  He did not succeed and became surprisingly bitter, for reasons she was not informed of.  She was named a noble by the queen, an initiative to increase the number of sympathetic nobles of the Dawn in the face of growing factions outside of it. 

Invasion of MyrwoodEdit

Kauthryn and the Dawnguard were deployed to Myrwood, a province east of Highpass.  She was one of the first to encounter the scourge there during the Scourge Invasion and defeated Malakar Bone in single combat.  Shortly after, the Dawnguard was overwhelmed and she and Lord Heinrich fought for survival.  

Initially having taken leave of her senses, it was eventually revealed that Kauthryn was mind-controlled by Scalla and forced to kill her lord, Heinrich.  After being encouraged by the Royal Army to recover her wits, she set forth to give final rites to her men that had been killed during the retreat from Shattered Stone.  There, they encountered Lady Scour performing a fell ritual.  In the fighting that followed, Quinn Corvidane ignored her orders and slew several of the Dawnguard spirits.

Kauthryn went missing for some time after that, but returned during the Battle for Starkholme when Archaemian and his companion were close to defeating the champions.  She gave an impassioned speech, stating that the heroes of Lordaeron had forced her to see through her sorrow.  In the following clash, she for a split second, became one with the Light and exhausted her energy into defeating the lich-lord.

As a result, she has lost her connection to the Light.

Departure from the DawnguardEdit

Without the ability to command the Light, Kauthryn resigned her post and saw it awarded to Sir Arval Lichter.   She fell into depression, but was recruited by Theodore Varill to accompany him to Ravenwood as a companion.  Doubtful though she may be, she has agreed and even offered him the tabard of her fallen mentor as a sign of her devotion to his cause.

Ascension CampaignEdit


Kauthryn by Kelzack

With war with the Argent Crusade a fast approaching reality, Kauthryn returned from Ravenwood to assist the Dawn.  After making a deal with King Prestor for the safety of Theodore Varill after accusations of treason were brought against him, she was commanded to support his claim to the throne as well as rejoin the Dawnguard so that they might be brought closer to accepting the actions of the crown absent the queen.  Although she normally would have denied these plans, she nevertheless agreed for the sake of her friends and the families she knew would be harmed if rebellion resulted.

Although still without the Light, Kauthryn was reinstated by Sir Arval Lichter and dispatched to Myrwood, where she would assist Paul Beauregard against the Argent forces led by Calder Rothary.  Leading three lances, she and her men arrived at the Battle of Weeping Forest where the craftiness of Argent commanders proved devastating.

Wishing to demoralize the Royal Army, when Kauthryn surrendered the Argents staged a mock execution, substituing her for a deserter of their own ranks and hanging her before the eyes of those that remained.  This action, partially motivated by the death of Braxton Hughes at the hands of Viktor Romel, was meant to prevent further wartime executions.  

Ultimately, Kauthryn was able to free herself from captivity with the aid of William Glendover.  She later went on to break the siege at White Haven and was returned to her position as Commander of the Dawnguard. 

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