Kalvive Marshal




Sir Tormine Powers (Father), Manfred Powers (Brother), {Annette Powers} (Mother), {Braxton Hughes} (Ex-Husband) Wyllard Marshal (Husband), William Marshal (Son), Yda Marshal (Daughter), Marie Marshal (Daughter)

Date of Birth

8 A.P.

Character Class

Mage (Warmage, Battlemage), Warrior (previous)


Dryda, Council of Ebonloch (Former), Lianna (Former), Queen's Gilnean Legion (Former), Kingdom of Gilneas, Alliance



Kalvive Marshal (née Powers) is a mage hailing from Gilneas, formerly sworn to House LaVette, previously serving on the Council of Ebonloch as a warmage. Previously she served as a shield wielding warrior in the Dread Rebellion and the Second Grand Crusade, before losing her left hand in the latter.

Following the Massacre of Gryphongate, Kalvive was compelled to testify to the Argent Crusade and later became the wife of Braxton Hughes

Personality and AppearanceEdit

Kalvive is a woman of fairly average weight for her height, with features that could most adequately be described as "balanced."  Years of martial training have made her fit, though in recent times her muscle mass has begun to decay due to a greater focus on magic. Easily her most distinctive feature is her missing left hand.  Sometimes covered by the loose sleeve of a long robe, it is much more common to see a steel three-pronged claw in place of the missing part.  The prongs of the claw are dulled rather than sharpened, for practical safety reasons. In terms of facial appearance, she is rarely made up, with the exception of social events where significantly greater attempts to look her best are evident.  She possesses blue eyes, a soft chin and a short nose. Her hair is long and chestnut, styled into layers that fall past her shoulders.  Typically there is a loose strand or two, though otherwise it is well cared for.

Kalvive is loyal to those she serves and is willing to put aside her own morality in order to see their will done, accepting that she is not in a position to be the judge of the actions of those above her.  To this end, she has few qualms working with the likes of warlocks and death knights, so long as that is what has been ordered.  Aside from this, though no longer a plate clad juggernaut while in worgen form, she still views herself as a defender, willing to put herself in the line of fire in order to protect her comrades.

Outside of battle, she attempts to remain respectful, though her frank manner of speech in regards to the roles of herself and others often comes off as nihilistic, which is not far from the truth.  Regardless, given the opportunity, she tends to lean towards doing good, or what she views as doing good, and avoiding unneccessary suffering for those around her.


Before the FallEdit

Kalvive was born the daughter and first child of Sir Tormine Powers, a landed knight who served in the Second War against the orcs, and bitterly remained in Gilneas as the Wall went up.  When he had the time, Tormine trained her as a knight, due to her both being his first born, and her eagerness to take up the blade when compared to her more indolent and selfish younger brother.  After years of training, she became a knight herself in Gilneas around the age of 18, having chosen the sword and shield as her primary weapons.

Worgen InvasionEdit

Years prior to the worgen invasion of Gilneas, Kalvive's mother passed away from alcohol poisoning.  Meanwhile, her brother had managed to escape the country as part of Jaina Proudoore's forces that went West to Kalimdor.  This left Kalvive and her father the only two remaining members of the Powers family alive in Gilneas, when the bestial worgen


Kalvive in the earlier part of her knighthood. (By Rhosmera)

began infecting the populace with their curse.  Tormine seemingly sacrificed his life for Kalvive as they defended their property, being snatched away by the creatures while the Powers were defending their home.  Kalvive herself managed to hold out until help arrived, though she sustained a bite during the fighting, and fled into the wilds before her wounds could be investigated.

While she has no recollection of what happened during her time in the wilderness, Kalvive was eventually captured and rehabilited in a manner much the same as many other Gilnean worgen.

Against the ForsakenEdit

Monstrous, but rehabilited, Kalvive took up the old sword and board once again and had her first experience battling the Foraken and the Horde.  Throughout the course of the campaign, she assisted in many battles against the undead, faring well in spite of little experience against this sort of foe.  Ultimately upon leaving her homeland, Kalvive opted to return to the Eastern Kingdoms and return to fighting the Forsaken threat, rather than remain in Kalimdor with the Kal'dorei as many others of her kind had.  She spent several years traveling between the Kingdom of Stormwind, Khaz Modan, and Lordaeron as sellsword, taking jobs to combat bandits, ogres, and undead that remained after the Fall of the Lich King.

Dame Kalvive of the QGLEdit

After spending some time in this line of work, Kalvive eventually caught wind of a group of individuals doing battle with the Forsaken with much more fervor and tenacity than the rest of the Alliance at large.  Seeing this as the most expedient path to reclaiming her father's lands, she set out to join this group.  After meeting with Clegane Marsh, Kalvive was inducted into the Queen's Gilnean Legion.

The Dread RebellionEdit

Not very long after joining, Kalvive was called off to put down Rance Creed's uprising in The Dread Rebellion.  In the battle of Brunshire, she was forced into retreating after the militiamen she was leading failed to stand up to the overwhelming force brought forth by the houses of the Rebellion.

After retreating to Thorn's Hill, she kept watch for rebels as fortifications were being prepared, helping to drive back some of the rebels' scouts and early advances.  However, when the time for battle came, she followed the Lord Chancellor's order to retreat when the Dreadborn appeared for the first time without hesitation, though several others chose to remain behind and allow themselves to be captured.  

Prior to the battle at Dawnholde, and opportunity to free those prisoners arose, which Kalvive participated in.  During this mission, she demonstrated herself to be unusually skilled, or at least very lucky, with throwing knives, and eventually after doing battle with the jailor the prisoners were freed.  Also in the time between battles was an attempt on the life of Azmerlane Hopesfire, in which the young Dame proved a stalwart defender, fending off a multitude of attacks from the shadowy assassins. Due to the injuries of others, and Viktor (then going by Velgim) Romel's sharing of the Lord Chancellor's duties for the time being with Lord Coldsorrow, Kalvive was temporarily the acting leader of the Queen's Gilnean Legion, helping to man and coordinate the chain guns in the battle of Dawnholde.  Over the course of the battle, just when all had seemed lost, the vanguard of the Royal Army appeared and drove the Dreadborn away.

During the Invasion of Dreadholme, Kalvive was among those facing the risen Eshkandar Anushirvan and Lady Mathylda Vine.  Though she managed to survive combat against Eshkandar, serving to shield others from his harsh blows at times, she found herself no longer able to stand once Lady Vine began her onslaught.  She awoke to find that her allies had been victorious, and she had lived to fight another day.

The Second Grand CrusadeEdit

During the Second Grand Crusade, Kalvive assisted in all of the battles leading up to the final assault on the Undercity.  However, in spite of a successful retreated, Kalvive had lost her shield hand.  Initially burned down to the bone by the spell of an undead mage, it was hacked off when shortly after she found it ensnared by the chain of an abomination.  Though the removal of the hand was her own doing, the last thing she recalls feeling with it was the horrible burning, and as such Kalvive occasionally has memories of the sensation where the hand once was.

The ReturnEdit

In the months following the Grand Crusade, Kalvive took to the study of magic, both as a way to replace her shield hand, and as a defense from the flames.  Taking to frost magic surprisingly quickly, she eventually deemed herself fit to reenter service to the Queen.  Meeting with then Father Chester Grott, she was reinstated into the Queen's Gilnean Legion, now fighting with a shield of frost instead of a shield of steel.

River's Eye Edit

Almost immediately after reentering service she was sent south to deal with the reclamation of River's Eye, which had come into the hands of Forsaken forces. After playing a role in opening the gates, in which her affinity for cold magic over fire first manifested, she participated in the final assault.


Kalvive in her new attire, more suited to a mage. (By Diermina)

Scourge Invasion of Myrwood Edit

During the Battle of Shattered Stone, Dame Kalvive initially moved closely with the Queen's Gilnean Legion, which proved to be folly, as she and several others were immediately taken down by artillery mounted on Nerubian crypt lords. After the battle, she requested to serve as part of Ebonloch for the remainder of the deployment.

In other battles her role was largely to analyze the enemy's attributes to help plan counterattacks, but arguably the area in which she had the most impact was in reaching out to Dryda, the drider host of the army in the time it was stationed at Tulloch. Feeling kinship with the being led to extended interaction, and eventually some revelations on the Scourge forces in the area which were put to use. To this day she remains the primary source of contact between the drider and the rest of Blackmarsh.

Cleansing of Myrwood and Massacre at Gryphongate Edit

After Archaemian was forced into retreat, Kalvive chose to remain behind and deal with the Scourge still within the region. Under the direction of Terrien Ashmoor, undead were used to fight the remaining Scourge. After a battle with a large undead, the party found a hidden passage, leading to a necromancer and numerous skeletal mages. Rather than fight, the party recruited the necromancer into Sir Terrien's service.

According to intelligence, the next group of Scourge was lead by a more warlike undead, but by the time its area of operations was reached only a charred battlefield remained. After announcing his presence with a flare, Sir Leonus rode forth, demanding the undead be destroyed and all those present surrender themselves to custody of the Argent Crusade. After a failed attempt to convince the crusader to negotiate at a later time, a battle broke out, with Sir Leonus ultimately falling and being brought to Terrien alive.

The remainder of the Argent forces were stationed in the town of Gryphongate. Upon hearing of civilians having been brought along, Kalvive said they were to be left alone, though Terrien implied that that might not be the final case. After the combatants were dealt with, the recruited necromancer, Xanven, appeared alongside the death knight and a construct powered by the soul of Sir Leonus. After the remaining crusaders could not be convinced to keep quiet about the battle, and after several other brutal actions, the remaining civilians were wiped out, with only those victorious able to spread the word of what happened.

Largely, the incident was covered up. However, her part in it weighed heavily on the warmage, and she fell into a deep depression.

Consequences Edit

When the Crusade sent inspectors to determine the nature of the events in Myrwood, Kalvive was mostly kept away. However, after the assassination of Aeloria Sunblossom, she chose to attend the meeting with Garston Susan in order to see that a similar incident did not occur. She was singled out for questioning, and between an inability to deceive and the guilt she carried with her, she ultimately confessed to her part in the massacre and returned with Sir Garston to Hearthglen.

It was while there that she encountered Sir Braxton Hughes, a knight who had once fought in the Dread Rebellion in opposition to the Queen. Once Kalvive had given her account of what had happened in Myrwood, he took to torturing and beating her, as well as attempting to coerce her into other actions, before she was taken from him by the timely intervention of Garston Susan.

After recovering for a few days, under the watch of the Dawnguard who were present for the time, she was once again put into the custody of Braxton Hughes. Though no longer openly violent, he used threats both implicit and explicit to control her behavior, and quickly named her his wife.

When the Argent Invasion began, and Braxton left for River's Eye, Jonas Mitchell stole her away. She was briefly used as a messenger, before being broken out of the illusion which Mitchell had been maintaining for those in Cynessa.


A depiction of Kalvive during her exile. (By Kelzack)

Afterwards, she went to Tulloch in order to secure Dryda's aid for the Crown and to assist in ending the war on that front. In the final battle, she managed to freeze more than half of Captain Calder Rohary's cannon and archers before the battle was won by the arrival of Duke White Haven and Lady Kauthryn.

From that point on, she largely remained in Tulloch until she was called to face judgment for her crimes. She was ultimately exiled from the Queen's lands, with a price on her head should she set foot on their soil. As a result, she returned to Tulloch, where she would remain for some time.

End of Exile and Second Marriage Edit

After only a fraction of her sentence was served, it was lifted under strange circumstances by royal decree. Among the first things she did after being freed was reuniting with Wyllard Marshal. Some months later, he proposed, and they were wed. Soon after, they had their first child, William Marshal.


Marriage to Wyllard Marshal (By Dancinfox)

Meanwhile, Kalvive serves as the main point of contact between the spiders of Tulloch and the outside world, having negotiated trade between them and the rest of Myrwood, and representing their interests in court on occasion.




  • Though she is one handed, she is still a fairly accurate knife thrower, and remains capable of juggling.
  • Despite being somewhat mousey in appearance, she has amazing boobs.


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The Dread Rebellion

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