Josiphette Hurst
Art by YonaRemi

Date of Birth

12 A.P.


Queen's Gilnean Legion
Silver Fist


Adrius Bradley (Husband)
Gerard Fouiller (Father)
Claudette Fouiller† (Mother)
Joseph Fouiller (Brother)
Nina Fouiller (Sister)
Simon Fouiller† (Brother)



Josiphette Hurst (born Delphine Fouiller) is a young woman ostensibly in the service of the Queen's Gilnean Legion. Having abandoned nobility and its privilege, she lives as though common and for all intents and purposes considers herself such. Currently, she operates as an agent of the Silver Fist, but few individuals are privy to this information.  

Appearance Edit

Tall and long of limbs, Josiphette boasts a svelte, sensual silhouette. By no means built with a high tolerance for abuse, she nevertheless possesses an appearance of agility and is capable of outrunning most but a true, hardy triathlete. While not equipped with a generous bosom or overtly enticing hips, there is something almost wicked in the mirth of her dark eyes that begs for closer investigation. 

Her hair is cropped short but maintains a generous degree of style, fair locks fastidiously kept free from splittage or damage relatively common for an adventurer. Cosmetic appeal seats itself as bold yet uniform kohl atop her eyelids and rouge to lips that always seem to be playing at a smirk. No matter what it might cost her, she seems to always uphold a sense of fashion that borders between the crispness of a professional and distinction of gothic flair. 

History Edit

Early Life Edit


Art by naizou

Born in Gilneas as Delphine, she was the youngest child of Gerard and Claudette Fouiller. A girl of a precocious yet quiet temperament, she sought to amuse herself and bond with her siblings by adhering to their interests rather than take pains to cultivate her own. It was not until they had developed lifelong ambitions that she discovered a passion for reading and writing.

With an heir established, the spare in place, and two daughters to secure good esteem with his peerage, Gerard arranged for her to choose from a number of suitors that she might marry. She was seventeen when she became enamored with Adrius Bradley, whose words she hung upon and charming grin she adored. They were wed when she was of age - however, instead of the matrimonial bliss she expected thereafter, his silver tongue turned venomous and barbed, and his manner violent. She felt that she could calm his ire with time and the duties a wife was expected to fulfill for her husband, but was unsuccessful.

Enraged at feeling cheated out of her perceived happiness, Delphine considered killing her husband. However, the impeccable timing of the worgen curse and subsequent fall of Gilneas relieved her the burden of dirtying her hands. Awaiting the most opportune moment, she faked her death and left Adrius and her house to what fates would greet them. 

She abandoned the name Delphine, adopting a portmanteau of her mother and eldest brother's names. 

After the Fall Edit

Seeking refuge in Stormwind, alone, Josiphette sold what valuables had been on her person and secured a room above a bordello. Saving every coin she managed to earn, she aspired to purchase a ride from the harbor where she might live in contentment somewhere far away. Serendipitously, she found an acquaintance in Lucille Marsh who, empathizing deeply with a woman who was forced to sell her possessions and body to eat and sleep comfortably, conspired with Alistair Crowley to spirit Josiphette into Blackmarsh. 

It was not quite the future she mapped out for herself, but she wished not to fear what awaited her with every glance over her shoulder. 

Introduction to BlackmarshEdit

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Art by Mircha

After arriving in the Grasp, Lucille offered Josiphette asylum in the Rose of Virtue, a brothel she owned. Assured that she would no longer need to worry for the manner in which she could keep her lodging, she was nevertheless encouraged to enlist in the Queen's Gilnean Legion as a means to express her appreciation. 

A new recruit, she was not particularly valuable as a combatant but proved herself fleet of foot and capable of retaining information. It was not long before she learned how to wield a blade to some effect, but the strings of loyalty she might have felt for her fellow soldiers were split come her first campaign. Stationed in Northwold, a region of Gilneas proper, old anxieties began to surface. Recklessness driven by her paranoia unsurprisingly saw her to injury at the hands of those beneath Garston Susan 's command, but fate would later place them alongside one another. 

While the rest of the Legion mobilized to lay siege upon Maiden's Cross, Josiphette deigned to remain within along with likes of Rhosmera Evethier and Gerhardt Barker. There did they gain the trust of the people of the Middling-at-the-Mire, it seemed, but the preparations they'd helped raise were effectively leveled by a secondary sweep of Legion soldiers. Though she and the others defending the Cross readied themselves to fight against those they once called allies, the battle forced the opposing sides to cooperate when a Forsaken dreadnaught took command of the skies. 

A narrow and costly victory, those involved split up. Josiphette retreated along with the Silver Fist, and once out of danger was tasked to bring it down by Tiffa Hengstdottir. With aid from Manfred Marsh, a new recruit to the order, she was successful and found much esteem from those that had been sharply decried in the realm she'd come to know. Expressing uncertainty in returning to the service of a group that had committed acts of despicable cruelty, she decided to follow the suggestion of Rutger Molyneux, for whom she had developed a fondness, to work for the Fist as an undercover informant.