Jeanette Kurnous (née Meadows) was the wife of Sir Arestes Kurnous.


Jeanette Kurnous was favored with her mother's voluptuousness and her father's refined features. A breathtaking beauty in her youth, as she matured she placed on weight but never lost a certain flare of excitement. Her hair was dark brown and her eyes a brilliant blue. She stood as tall as most men and only slightly shorter than her husband.


As the first born daughter of Beatrice and Geoffrey Meadows, certain expectations were conferred upon her from the moment she could walk. Her father, a renowned knight, wished nothing more than to spoil his daughter, whereas her mother saw her as the needed help she required for any given task. From an early age, Jeanette learned the value of hard work and just rewards.

While returning from a grocer's one day, she caught the eye of a border knight by the name of Sir Arestes. The border knight offered little in the way of prestige, but there was a hawkish charm to him that she could not deny. Despite her father's misgivings, she pursued him (or allowed him to pursue her) until finally they were wed.

Arestes was not long for the world though; after joining the failed Siege of Crestford his life was lost along with many of his comrades. Jeanette was left to raise their child Samuel, but never once complained: raising her son was the hard work, and his happiness the just reward.