Jakob Stokeswood was a Lord of Silverstone. He was the first one of his line to not have the title Warden of Everbright, as a consequence of the Treaty of Bridgebarrow. His actions during and post the war made him a rather prestigious lord. He had two aliases: the Shrewd, in the north of Everbright, while the people of the south knew him as the Cruel.

Early life and PersonalityEdit

Jakob had always been a dedicated student, taking to his lessons very easily. Fond of art and technology, he often urged his father, without success, to bring cultural advances to Everbright.

His childhood was one of much happiness, despite his House's clear decline in power. The boy was constantly embarassed by the way Willhelm , his liege, acted. Always reckless and impatient, Jakob inconsciously became the antithesis of his lord-father: cold, calculating and polite.

Like all members of his House, he was trained in the art of swordmanship, strategy and politics. After a request to his father, Jakob received in-depth lessons of mathematics, natural sciences, geography and poetry. 

The war with House of ClatterEdit

For more information: Everbright Civil War

Jakob played an important role in the conflict against the southern lords. It was the first time he commanded troops into war, but he quickly achieved a decisive victory in Azlac, against the forces of Renault Clatter, Vincent's brother, in the first significant battle of the civil war.

He was later ordered to set ablaze the complex of cities that surrounded Norveau's Plateau. The heir to Silverstone fulfilled that task masterfully and went beyond, capturing Rhandyl and Daniel Clatter, sons of Vincent. 

When his father died, Jakob took on the responsability to lead his House against the Clatters. Through some rather questionable acts, the new Lord of Silverstone forced Vincent Clatter to stand down from his conquest.


As part of the Treaty of Bridgebarrow, Jakob Stokeswood married Joana Clatter. This pact sealed the peace between the two sides definitely. 

While Jakob had murdered her brother, the marriage was not a difficult one. Joana was taught to be a lady and that to provide heirs was her duty. She understood her role in the grand scheme of things and, while never forgiving her husband for his actions, was capable of showing affection and respect towards him.

The reformsEdit

After the war, Jakob focused on bringing change and cultural evolution to his lands. He was no longer the Warden of Everbright, thus limiting his efforts to the northern part of the country.

He opened up trade with the rising nations of the future Alliance of Lordaeron: Gilneas, Alterac, Stromgarde, Kul'Tiras, Dalaran, Stormwind and Lordaeron itself. Additionally, the Lord of Silverstone promoted the education of children in magic by the Kirin Tor.

Finally, he brought many technicians who brought a whole new set of technologies to warfare, agriculture and industry.

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