The House of Vibben

Coat of Arms

Tawny lynx coward in sable below a gold pheon, capped in gold cloth


Eyes Forever Forward


Leland's Bight

Current Head

Suzanne Vibben


Wailing March


Marquess of Wailing March


House of Foden, House of Arkwright, House of Walker, House of Malone


Leland Vibben

The House of Vibben is a noble house of Lordaeron, sworn to the kingdom during Lordaeron's expansion.

Not of an old line, but a prudent and cunning one, the Lord Leland Vibben was quick to pledge allegiance to the expanding Lordaeron in exchange for greater status and liberties. For his cooperation not only was he allowed to keep his territory of Wailing March, but it was expanded westward to include the land up to the Gilnean border (this part of the territory was lost with the appearance of the Greymane Wall and Arugal's worgen).

Wailing March, though not poor, flourished after joining Lordaeron. The kingdom brought trade and merchants, allowing the newly-titled Marquess to capitalize on what resources, few as they were, that the March possessed.

Commons settling his territory proved to be adept tradesmen; from fisherman to carpenters. This was enough to make up for the March's lack of viable farmland, and so the House enjoyed continued economic success.

The seat of the Wailing March is Dusome Garrison, chosen by the Lord Leland for its coastal location and his love for fostering a military image.

Notable MembersEdit

  • Lord Leland Vibben: First to be titled Marquess and noted for his romanticizing himself as a soldier. Despite a manipulative nature, Lord Leland was loyal to Lordaeron.
  • Lord David Vibben: Last of the true Vibbens to rule the March, he was known for his violent temper and total self-absorption. After the death of King Terenas Menethil II, he withdrew to hidden southern estates and abandoned the March to the Scourge.
  • Lady Suzanne Vibben: Current Marchioness of Wailing March, Suzanne holds a dowager title and has sworn the house to the Crown of Lordaeron.

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