No Title


Ashes Unto Eternity


18 BP


Holden Reeve II


Templar's Vigil

 The House Reeve are landed hereditary Knights in service to House Pendleton and, by proxy, Lordaeron, situated on Blackwood's Templar's Vigil.


Through Holden Mortimer Reeve I's actions during the War of the Ebontide, the island off the cosat of Blackwood -- formerly covered entirely in forests with only a crypt and decrepid castle -- was given to the first Knight of Reeve for sake of construction. However, his wounds and age would take him shortly after enlarging and improving the crypts below, whereafter his son, Vance Reeve, had a statue of stone created to hold his body towards its gates. The castle its self had very little work done on it, and ate most of the rest of his life, although it was finally finished by the time he reached fifty. 

The UmbrawatchEdit

Formed from sons, daughters, and cousins of House Reeve, these have served as the elite of the Pendleton-sworn Knights. Rather than putting their own blood in the position of a Man at Arms, the Umbrawatch were created instead with the trade-off of gruelling, long-lasting training. Besides the protection of Blackwood and the execution of House Pendleton's will, they have also served as the Crypt's guards, which is considered the last portion of their teachings as well.


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