The House of Pendleton

Coat of Arms

A sprawling emerald tree on a field of black wreathed in ivy.


No Regrets

Current Head

Brianna Pendleton


House of Albrecht



The house of Pendleton is a noble line of the Kingdom of Lordaeron. Their seat is Blackwood, an expansive, thick forest within the viscounty of Blackmarsh. Their house words, 'No Regrets', is telling of both their fearless loyalty to the Albrecht line and their tendency towards stern (if not emotionally driven) action.

Until recently, Blackwood has been presided over by the Crown via Helmuth II Albrecht (an infant blood cousin to Queen Madelynne I) due to the death of its predecessor Nonia Pendleton. Lady Brianna Pendleton now stands its protector and ruler.


Like many of the houses come of the blood of Blackmarsh, the Pendleton history is mired in war and is closely tied with that of the House of Albrecht. A line of capable leaders saw any competition for Blackwood's territory before them crushed; for that and their undying sense of loyalty, their liege lords saw worth in establishing a close-knit allegience that evolved into genuine camaraderie over generations of time. Their military strength assured both Blackwood's safety and relative peace and a position as one of the houses that made up Blackmarsh's defensive backbone in the viscounty's early days.

Following the crushing defeat of the combined forces of Blackmarsh at the hands of the Menethil line of Lordaeron, House Pendleton and House Albrecht fought against one another in a series of battles that would come to be colloquially called the Blackwood Uprising.  The Pendletons had suffered grievous losses at Menethil hands and had not received any of the ramification made on the behalf of the Albrechts by the Menethils to keep their prestigious position within Blackmarsh. Though the Pendletons proved an apt adversary on the field, the House of Albrecht emerged victorious and has long since established a strong centralized role within Blackmarsh as their overlords. 

Despite the rivalrous nature between the two houses, the Pendletons are and have always been one of the foremost supporters of the Albrecht line and their claim to Menethil territories and titles. House Albrecht and House Pendleton have long since been joined by marriage and enjoy a far more amicable relationship than they did in the past. Though the line has been made weaker by lives lost to war, the Pendletons still retain their prestigious position within Blackmarsh.

The Pendletons are particularly well known for producing warriors and archers of almost peerless skill and a hereditary sense of stubbornness and pride. They remain one of the most physically recognizable houses in Blackmarsh and are notable for their golden hair, blue eyes, becoming features and excellent health. Despite being previously considered incapable of wielding the Light due to their proclivities towards plainer combat, Eugine Pendleton and his daughter Brianna Pendleton have since proven that its power is not entirely out of their grasp.

Noteworthy PendletonsEdit

  • Holden Pendleton: An enormous man of staggering height and build, Holden Pendleton was heralded as 'the Bear of Blackwood' and was the chief proponent of the Blackwood Uprising.
  • Vance Pendleton: A shrewd, tactical man bent on the restoration of House Pendleton to its former glory, he brought together House Albrecht and his own line through marriage. He served with distinction during the Second War.
  • Eugine Pendleton: A stern but exceptionally skilled warrior, Eugine was the first of the Pendleton line to bear the ability to use the Light and earned much distinction throughout his military career with its grace.
  • Nonia Pendleton: A talented duelist that met her end serving Queen Madelynne I in the Second Grand Crusade. Though those of Pendleton blood remember her as 'the Dauntless', her detractors call more attention to her unbecoming looks with far less endearing epithets.
  • Brianna Pendleton: The current head of House Pendleton and a zealous follower of the Light, Brianna is one of the foremost supporters of the Queen's desire to be the Light's earthly icon. She is as known for her beauty as she is for her razor sharp tongue.