The House of Holmwood

Coat of Arms

A leafless white tree emblazoned with a black rose upon the trunk upon a purple and white quarterly.


Never Withering.



Current Head

Aethelflaed Holmwood


River's Eye


Baron of Holmwood


Albrechts of Capital City


Cedric Holmwood

The House of Holmwood (colloquially "House Holmwood") is a dying ancient and disgraced bloodline within the Kingdom of Lordaeron. Their current seat of power, Ebonvale, has been their historical home; however, the family has historically controlled much larger swathes of land before the family began to decline.

In ancient times, the sigil had golden leaves upon the tree, but due to the events of the House's ill-fated past, have since been removed in symbolism of their decline.


Members of the House of Holmwood are historically known for their pride and disastrous falls. The family has had several run-ins with the Dark Arts through its existence, leading to its current decrepit state as a lowly holder of a rundown Barony. These traits of course are not in every Holmwood, however even the most recent Baron before the current head was well known to deal with demons. Those that do know of Holmwood's illustrious past often show pity or contempt towards their ways to survive, with many living members often trying to separate themselves from their ugly past, and focus on the glory.

One trait that is most well-known of the house is their inability to be killed off, tenacity being the unofficially most well-known 'positive' trait, although to many this makes the house more a weed or pest than something to be considered worthy of pride.


Being the descendants of Cedric Holmwood, one of the early mages of Dalaran taught by the high elves, Cedric quickly rose to strike out his own land, finding promise in the early county of River's Eye. The Weeping Woods suited Cedric well, and he soon started his own family and used the wealth he amassed in Dalaran to build his keep. Over the years, Ebonvale grew in both size and complexity, becoming an eccentric keep of odd dimensions and seemingly random design. Often the state of the keep relates to the state of the House, with times of decline marked with ruining of the Keep. Today, the Keep is barely a manor surrounded by stone ruins.

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