Wardens of the Pale
145px-House Hargrave


War of the Three Hammers


In Truth, Strength

Current Head

Belemora Dagranissian-Hargrave
Harold Hargrave (de facto)




Duke of Whitereach (formerly)
Viscount of the Pale
Thane of the Pale Mountain


House of Albrecht


Robert the Trustworthy


Pure Blood

The House of Hargrave is the current ruling family of the Lordaeronian province of Whitereach, also known as Laer'Modan, or Pale Mountain, in the dwarven tongue. Considered to be generally hermitic and unsympathetic to the affairs of the world beyond their own holdings, the Hargraves of Whitereach have long been a cold seat in the courts of Lordaeron; Harold Hargrave being no exception.


The House of Hargrave was founded by Robert the Trustworthy, a human who assisted the Wildhammer and Bronzebeard dwarves against the Dark Iron Clan during the War of the Three Hammers. The House of Hargrave formally came into existence when Robert was crowned as Thane of the Pale Mountain in the aftermath of his victory over the Dark Iron dwarves of Kohl'Modan, now known as Whitereach.


The House of MacGregor

The Stonehammer Clan

The Stormcaller Clan

The Blackheart Clan

The House of Dagranissian


Historically the sigil of the House of Hargrave has been one of especially great and dear personal significance to the Hargraves, changing often as important events within the House's history unfolded. Orginally the sigil bore only two markings: a vibrant green background to represent the nigh inseperable alliance between the House and the Wildhammer dwarves, as well as the image of the Pale Mountain.

When the Hargraves pledged allegiance to the House of Menethil a blue griffon was added to the sigil to represent the family's loyalty to the House of Menethil, hence the blue, whilst maintaining its independant spirit in the form of a Wildhammer griffon.

It would not be until nearly a century after the House's installment in Whitereach that the sigil was changed to include a castle, thus representing the great Siege of the Pale; a battle whose effects on the territory can still be seen to this day. Shortly after this addition came another, that of several rays of Light coming forth from the mountain, a clear testament and example of a renewed faith in the Light that came to take hold over the mountainous land in the aftermath of the War of the Deeps.

Since the last change after the War of the Deeps, the sigil of the House of Hargrave has remained constant, suffering no changes until its most recent alteration with the formal pledging of allegiance to Queen Madelynne I from the assumidly defunct House of Menethil. Representing this change the blue griffon upon the sigil was replaced with one of dark crimson; the official color of House Albrecht.

Stripping of HonorsEdit

Shortly after pledging allegiance to Queen Madelynne I of the Kingdom of Lordaeron Restored, her Majesty ordered a great restructuring of the nobility within her kingdom. Many nobles of title found themselves elevated to higher positions whilst a select few saw themselves lowered according to the Queen's will. As a recent addition to the court of the Queen, the House of Hargrave was stripped of its ducal authority and Whitereach was reformed as a viscounty.

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